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Hetero Male Dominant, 51,  Canada
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I am looking for a new housegirl. Not merely a maid or household drudge, but someone who can bring ease, joy, and comfort to by life both domestically and personally. I prefer a girl who identifies as a 'slave', but can work with one who is instinctively submissive.

Such a girl will be active and attentive to situations and circumstances where she can step up to meet needs that I am neglecting to do focus on my work and research. She will be able to act without micromanagement or constant supervision and will have considerable latitude for initiative and creativity. She must be bright, skillful, and willing to learn to my exacting standards. It is not sufficient to be pretty or earnestly submissive. She must, foremost, be capable. Such service, correctly presented for the context, is expected in both private and public life.

Of course a dynamic of this sort doesn't happen overnight or out of the gate. A period of training and synchronization is a vital, and quite enjoyable, part of the process. The ultimate objective of training is to learn her mind and heart completely to best nurture and control her while, at the same time, she becomes sufficiently familiar with my mind and routine to be able to approximate that level of service sometimes thought of as 'mind reading' -- to fulfill a need before I ask and even before I am aware I have the need.

With this in mind, I am prepared to start slowly and carefully on a part-time, trial basis until deeper rapport is achieved. There is no timeline or roadmap. A lasting dynamic is grown not imposed.

My style of dominance tends towards the structured and supportive, kindly, but firm, yet I am no stranger to stronger methods as required. I enjoy rougher play as a mutual outlet when such attention is necessary, earned, or when it simply suits my mood to apply it. My interests are listed in broad strokes, but the details are quite devilish. Bear in mind that I consider the minutia and trivia of the usual BDSM tropes as tools in support of the higher goal of service.

I am in no hurry. As it stands, my solitary life is outstanding and I will alter its flow and balance only for someone whose exemplary qualities, including her desire and ability to serve, make the outcome worthy of the effort. Submission is not a 'gift' -- something which is fundamentally valuable simply by existing. It is a burden and an obligation. Her submission places a responsibility upon me. It adds work to my life, draws upon my resources, and, most importantly, takes up a considerable measure of irreplaceable time. I am eager to invest such personal treasure in a girl who has the potential to become superlative and I am prepared to dismiss without regard those who do not.

There is much more to say, but that is best done on a case basis by direct correspondence and face to face discussion.









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