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Hetero Male Dominant, 26,  Columbia, Pennsylvania
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Are you an AB/DL searching for a Daddy? Tired of men that seem to type with their dicks instead of their head? Hope to find a man that spends less time discussing your fetish and more time getting to know you? Well then, keep on reading and send me a message if my profile strikes your fancy. :) The standard process of getting to know someone...
It's important that I start this profile off with a request many people seem to constantly ignore. Please be honest about yourself and what you seek. You don't need to impress me with fake pictures or fake profiles, because that's not going to get you any closer to what you seek. I'd rather you be real and upfront with what you want and who you are. If you heed this request, I'm sure you'll find that I'm not going to judge you one way or the other.
Please note that I'm prepared to prove that I'm real, I ask that you be too. I usually start with picture proof, meaning you'll need one picture of yourself and a camera to take a comparison photo. I will tell you to do something random in the second photo such as hold up a fork to make sure both pictures match. Soon after, we'll move onto an instant messenger such as Yahoo or Skype. This process of getting to know each other will then progress through texting, phone calls, cam, and finally a meeting.
Of course I'm not asking you to do any of this overnight, and there will be plenty of conversation in between the various stages. After all, it's important that both you and I take the necessary precautions when meeting someone over the internet. However, don't think that for one second you can somehow get around my way of doing things. Rule #1 of the internet is you have to assume everyone is fake unless they can prove themselves using the above process. Sorry that's just how it goes. Terminology and ideaology...
Adult Baby (AB) - Individuals who enjoy living the lifestyle of a baby. This includes but is not limited to wearing diapers, drinking from bottles, sleeping in cribs, etc... Essentially they seek the most authentic experience possible, and sometimes that means their caregiver must pay attention to each and every detail.
Diaper Lover (DL) - Individuals who enjoy wearing diapers, but often times choose to avoid everything else associated with AB's as listed above. DL's may still sometimes use certain things an AB uses such as a pacifier, bottle, etc... However, these things are typically kept to a minimum depending on the person.
Regression - The process of temporarily reversing the effects of aging both mentally and emotionally. Both the Dominant and the submissive in this case discuss a "target age" for the submissive, and it then becomes the Dominants responsibility to ensure the submissive reaches that goal. Not only to the point where the submissive acts like his/her target age, but until they actually start to believe it themselves. Chastity and sexual abstinence are typically of great importance during regression therapy, due to the fact that the bond both individuals are trying to recreate stems much deeper than being intimate with each other. In other words, the Dominant needs to be able to put aside his/her self interest, and the submissive needs to feel comfortable so they can slip into subspace. This will allow both participants to naturally accept their role in the relationship, and the feelings associated with it will eventually become mutual. In this case, the Dominant gains a sense of "purpose" as he feels the need to protect and care for the submissive, while the submissive starts to feel like a treasured part of the family. Subspace - The state of being in which one person feels that he/she can be entirely codependent on another person without fear or question. It often fills the submissive with a feeling of euphoria because it temporarily liberates them from reality. In order to achieve this heightened sense of self, the Dominant must provide an atmosphere based on trust and honesty until the submissive feels the need to let go. Why would someone choose to be an AB/DL?
That's a good question, but unfortunately as with most fetishes, being an AB/DL isn't a choice. There are some people who are introduced to it and choose to become either an AB or a DL, but the vast majority of AB/DL's develop this mindset very early in life. In fact, most AB/DL's will often times tell you that they don't know the origin of it all.
That doesn't mean there isn't any speculation as to how people develop such an interest. Personally, I feel it has to do with one of two things. The first implies that the individual went through some type of traumatic experience early in life. Maybe a divorce, abuse, neglect, etc... The second implies that the individual simply seeks to escape the hassles of their normal everyday adult life. Regression has been proven to be very effective in helping people deal with traumatic experiences, and it can certainly provide an outlet for an overworked or frustrated adult. What I'm looking for...
In short, I'm searching for an open minded woman that can give me her honest opinion about what I offer. If you're worried about your age, weight, appearance, etc.. please stop. None of that matters to me, as I'm not here to solicit you for any type of sexual favors. The relationship I offer is strictly non-sexual and unconditional. After all, I envision that this relationship will be based on a Daddy/Daughter dynamic as opposed to the normal Boyfriend/Girlfriend routine. Of course this means I would want you to wear diapers, but we can discuss the details of that privately. I understand there are some women who define themselves as a "little girl", yet they avoid all things related to the AB/DL lifestyle because it's not their thing. If that's you, I'm sure we can come to some sort of compromise together. I'm just not going to go into too much detail here, because it's really not of great importance to me. Either you enjoy wearing them or your don't, I will still accept your limits regardless. The structure and guidance I offer you will all depend upon your target age, but my ideal girl would be an adult baby at heart. This means she would have her own nursery that we will both decorate together, as well as the best care I can possibly provide. However, privacy might become a concern for her as there will always be a baby monitor nearby. If you don't trust me hearing and seeing everything that goes on, please let me know and we can talk about establishing some privileges regarding privacy. Why I want to be a Daddy... Most women are always curious as to why I would want to be a Daddy in the first place. Some doubt my sincerity, while others are convinced I have a hidden sexual agenda. I assure you it's neither of those two things, and my desire to have this kind of control simply stems from a need to micromanage every aspect of a girls life. In other words, I want to be in charge of your most basic needs such as changing you, dressing you, bathing you, feeding you, etc...
Besides that, I think it's also my natural paternal instincts rising to the surface, as I haven't yet had any children of my own. In fact, I've abstained from sex because I've always been afraid of not being able to provide for a real child. I guess you could consider this desire of mine to have an adult baby girl a test to see if I can actually handle parenthood. However, I intend to treat it just as seriously as I would if she was my own daughter. How I intend to make this fantasy a reality...
If I find a girl that's serious about a relationship like this, I would have no problem relocating with her. I would prefer we pick a state neither of us live in so we can both start living our lifestyle around new people, but I wouldn't mind relocating closer to her or me if need be. Also, if you need help with relocating costs and such, please tell me so upfront. I don't mind sharing or covering the costs if you're sincere about what you want. After we relocate, she might have to get a part time job to help with the cost of living together, but I will try my best to keep her at home. It's just a little impractical to make it on your own sometimes, so it's important we keep the fantasy rooted in reality. I mean the cost for living alone is bad enough, but when you tack on the extra costs of caring for an adult baby it's a bit much. The ultimate goal here is for me to eventually find a good career so she doesn't have to work, and perhaps even one where I can afford to hire a babysitter for her.













 Dominant Male



 Willing to Relocate

 5' 8"

 130 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive female


 Lives For:

 Diapers (Expert)




 Corner Time




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