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Hetero Male Dominant, 27,  Lancaster, Pennsylvania
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Well as some of you probably would have guessed my username is a direct reference to the ABDL fetish formally known as Infantilism. This just happens to be my area of expertise seeing as how I have many years invested in this particular fetish. So if you have any questions or just want to learn more about it feel free to send me a message. I'm rather friendly and I'm always willing to chat with others who are interested, or just curious about the lifestyle.
What is Infantilism?
Basically it's a fetish in which an adult enjoys acting like a baby or young child. It's highly controversial but that's mostly because there is a lot of misconception surrounding the subject. Perhaps the most common mistake people make is confusing Infantilism with Pedophilia. However they are both completely different fetishes that share absolutely nothing in common. So please do your research before you crucify anyone for being an ABDL, or begin to question the morals and ethics of their Daddy/Mommy counterparts.

Infantilism is simply a form of role play that's often viewed as therapeutic and relaxing by the submissive. The Dominant in this type of relationship often plays the role of the Daddy/Mommy, and the submissive of course plays the role of the baby. This usually includes using diapers, bottles, pacifiers etc... to simulate the experience between a parent and a child. However there's absolutely no unwanted sexual contact between the two participants. Not to mention both participants are of legal adult age. Everything about this fetish is safe sane, and consensual.

What is ABDL?
AB and DL are common abbreviations given to the two types of people involved in this fetish. AB stands for Adult Baby which as previously mentioned is the adult that plays the role of the baby. They're typically the ones looking for the full experience when it comes to being a baby. This includes everything you can think of from being spoon fed in a high chair to being tucked into a crib at night. DL on the other hand stands for Diaper Lover. This term is used to describe the type of people that love to wear diapers yet still act like an adult. They may use certain things an AB uses like pacifiers and bottles, but these are usually kept to a minimum depending on the person.

Why Infantilism?

Well after getting to know many ABDL's I can tell you this wasn't a choice for all of them. In fact if you ask them this question they'll often tell you it's just something that's hardwired into them. However, that doesn't mean one can't speculate about other possible answers. Personally I think there are two main reasons people become an ABDL. The first implies that something traumatic happened in their early childhood such as a divorce, child abuse, neglect etc... This could cause any person to want to regress instinctively, perhaps to a time before the event took place. The second reason focuses more on the present and something happening in their life now. Regression can be a method of escape for these people as it allows them to relinquish their adult worries and responsibilities.

About Me:

People who know me will tell you I'm polite, respectful, honest, trustworthy, intelligent, charming, chivalrous, compassionate, generous, nurturing and friendly. I'm also a really good listener and always help others before helping myself. It's kind of the philosophy I live by, and sometimes I just wish others shared the same view.

Unlike most people I don't force my expectations upon others. I understand everyone has their reasons, and it's those reasons that made them who they are. I don't believe anyone should feel they have to change who they are for any reason. Doing so only makes you unhappy with yourself and leaves you with a feeling of emptiness at the end of the day.

When it comes to my interests they're usually really scattered but I can say that I have an enormous passion for music. Not just one genre either, I enjoy all kinds of music. Although I do prefer the Electronic/Industrial sound as opposed to the others. I also love writing lyrics and working with digital music programs. I may not be making money with it but at least it makes me happy.

What I'm Seeking:

I'm looking for a girl or perhaps even a sissy who is already involved in the adult baby lifestyle or just curious and willing to give it a try. If she has a genuine interest in what I offer then I'm willing to work with her regardless of how much experience she already has. Although I really do encourage any girl who is not familiar with this fetish to do some research and make sure it's something you still might be interested in first.

Everything I offer is easily negotiable except for one thing which is of course diapers. The amount of time you spend in them and if you're required to actually use them can be discussed privately. Personally I prefer that you wear them 24/7 and use them for both purposes but I understand that some people might not be into that idea.
That brings me to the next subject I want to discuss which is diaper changes. You wouldn't be expected to change yourself unless you didn't feel comfortable enough in letting me change you. I'm the type of Daddy that always respects a girls privacy especially when it comes to her body. In fact the only time I touch her down there is when I'm changing or bathing her. Even then it's only for a brief moment and never with any sexual intention behind it.

Of course I'm interested in many other areas of the adult baby lifestyle besides diapers. I love absolutely everything including catering to her every need and doing all those little things that make her smile. Things such as tucking her in at night, reading her a bedtime story, checking for monsters in her closet, and simply saying I love you. Taking care of someone is also something I just naturally enjoy because I feel it's emotionally rewarding. The ability to restore hope and self-confidence to someone who really needs it is more than enough compensation for my time.

Many girls stop looking for a Daddy because most of the time they turn out to be some creepy pervert who's only interested in using them for their own selfish purposes. I'm not one of those guys and never make so much as a sexual remark towards her. It's just common respect that I grew up with. However it also shows that I have a rather deep understanding of this fetish. Some adult babies feel the need to regress. Not only to the point where they start acting like a baby or toddler but thinking like one too. Therefore any sexual advances or comments can instantly ruin the experience for the submissive and make them lose interest altogether.

I'm seeking the type of girl that needs the care and guidance of a Daddy who's both firm yet nurturing. The type of girl who wants to slowly immerse herself into this lifestyle and perhaps even live as my baby girl 24/7. As you can see she would have the best care I can possibly give her and all her limits would be respected. If this is something you might be interested in feel free to contact me. If it turns out that we might be compatible we can start getting to know each other and move towards something beyond online interaction.













 Dominant Male



 Willing to Relocate

 5' 10"

 120 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

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