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Hetero Male Dominant, 58,  Connecticut
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To sum things up I am looking to do the Daddy Dom thing. Heavy on the Daddy light on the Dom, and here’s why.

A while back I stumbled on this site and did a quick sign up, sometime after that things changed for me, and this writing this profile has been a long time coming.

After lurking a while and then chatting in the DaddyDoms/subgirls chat room. I found a kind of play that I was both used to and missed.

After some reflection, my marriage, which ended many years ago, was very much like a daddy daughter relationship except it was not openly expressed that way. So in some ways I have a number of years of familiarity with this. I have to say it was the most amazing time in my life…the things we shared. I can’t believe we went so many years without calling it what it was. Of course I was young and I discouraged that behavior while all the time finding it irresistible.

There are a number of things I have experienced recently and long ago (déjà vu). The more I find as I have grown up, how I enjoyed being needed and trusted that much and how I miss it. A Daddy/daughter relationship can be so personal and private. Just the two of us against the world.

So contrary to my past beliefs, I’m not just looking to fall in love again, but looking for a woman who is both needing and willing to share herself so completely (in a way that only a sweet little girl knows how). I guess falling in love again just won’t cut it, will it? I need to have the heart and trust of a sweet little girl again.

I don’t want anyone to mistake my being a nice guy as a weakness it's a strength that has come from maturity and a bit of self reflection. I can be just as hard and dominant as I have to be when needed.

Thanks for stopping by











 Dominant Male


 5' 10"

 215 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive female

Switch Women


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