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Gay Male Dominant, 45,  Spokane, Washington
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I am actively searching for boy. Not a child, but a man who yearns to be made a boy again just as much as I yearn make him little boy. He wishes he never grew up: he has been there, done that, won't do it again. A boy who is looking for love, safety, and nurturing but willing to work toward deserving that goal. He should long for submission but do what it takes to earn the attention of a dominate. He will be looking for direction, guidance, and companionship but knows that it is earned, not freely given.

Titles, labels, and categorizations are vague and have many definitions. Age play, infantalism, humiliation, and submission are some of the terms that may transmit to you what I seek. MY boy will enthusiastically devote himself to me yet be brave enough to share his dreams. In return, I will pursue his dreams with the same enthusiasm.

If interested, get in touch with me. Don't be shy, scared, or insecure. Just do it. Also, if you assume I will look at your profile because you looked at mine, you'd be wrong. Don't wait to be contacted, the boys who interest me will always reach for what he wants and not wait for it to come to him.

I am open to many things so I haven't said much about myself, my profile is all you have to go one until you contact me. Prefer men and bois into diapers, watersports, and humiliation. Under tall and thin gets my attention (BMI under 25, Google it!).


All Friend request will be denied if you don't message me first.

Single sentence messages will ignored, deleted, and may result in blocking you.

Stupidity or raw disrespect simply will result in blocking you

I am not interested in online relationships, cyber adventures, or textaholics.












 Dominant Male



 5' 8"

 155 lbs






 Lives For:

 Diapers (Expert)





 Corner Time


 Plastic Wrap

 Pony/Puppy Roleplay

 Role Playing


 Anal Play


 Body Worship





 Medical Play

 Mental Bondage

 Rubber Fetish





 Public Play


 Canes and Crops

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Journal Entries:
1/22/2014 6:25:50 PM

Sigh......Why bother writing?......Blocked their ID.  

Received the following message from some one I have never talked to in the past: 

cyber flake-PHONEY WANNA-BEE :-( ps - how about some REAL SEXUAL SPECIFICS what yur into instead of the usual meaningless B-S :(- bye Mr. cyber flake


2/9/2013 7:27:00 AM
If you aren't going to read the profile, don't bother writing. One line messages will be ignored. Also, please don't add me as a friend without messaging, always seems rude to reject it, but that's what I will do.

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