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Pan Male Dominant, 59,  Ohio
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Dominant daddy looking for�subs to control online.� Ideal for college coed or CEO's.� I'm not your caring, loving daddy but more like your Step Daddy.� Want to be taught about life, led, and to have someone you are answerable to?� Someone to control the way you do things, how you behave, and what you do?� Want to learn the skills and attitude to be a good slave?� Want to be required to do those slutty things you can only think about or do you want to be made to be more chaste?� Want to learn about your spirituality while someone else takes care of those pesky decisions in life?� Open minded.� Use of email and chat and web cam.� Must be 18 or over.� Can be contacted on ya hoo where I am Master4control1956. Also looking for intelligent subs for homework, writing assignments, research, lines, corner time, tribute, and other tasks. Can deal with pet training, chastity, filth, and other fetishes as well.
Will consider slaves who want to move here and live nearby. Become available on an on call basis.








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Journal Entries:
6/16/2012 5:50:27 AM
If you are seeking real time see my couples profile Master4control.

11/26/2008 9:29:36 PM

For me, it seems a daddy's boy or girl, would be someone who is looking to be led into life no matter what their true age is.  Told what to do, when to do it, and to be taught how to do it.  Every sub looks to it's daddy to control it's life and to lay down the rules it must follow.  Discipline must naturally follow.  It is up to the daddy to learn the sub's strengths, weaknesses, and personality, and determine it's path in life.  A boy or girl who needs a daddy can be assumed to be destined to be a servant, a submissive, or a slave, and it is up to daddy to prepare it for that life.  I can't think how to do this as a game or with less than tpe, but I do know it can be started online so long as everyone is honest and the daddy/sub relationship is real.

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