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Hetero Male Dominant, 50,  Tampa, Florida
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There is already a girl in the household, which means if this profile piques your interest, you must be able to share and play nice. But if your needs and desires are in the shape of a little girl/daddy dynamic, then there is a place for you. In this house, it is not merely a game or a prelude to sex—it can indeed be completely non-sexual—but it is about assuaging feelings that are as deep and all-consuming as life itself.

It is not the kind of desire that appeals to most people, nor would these needs even be listed within the realm of possibilities for most women. But for those who have deep feelings to be guided and controlled, to be disciplined and given strict instruction, it can be a lonely debilitating feeling because the world tends to shun this modality and and places values on independence and strength, equating them with intelligence and self-sufficiency. But what if your strength is to give up? What if you are intelligent enough to seek a solution? And what if the world then sees you as strong and smart without ever realizing that you got there by following your feelings that led you to be molded, guided, shaped and disciplined?

If you are able to share, if your needs are still not being adequately met because you have yet to find someone who understands and nurtures these desires instead of seeing these very real needs as a cute and kinky path to sex, if you want discipline and structure on a part-time or full-time basis, then send a note and see what can happen. You are welcome to move in and fully become part of the household, or to get the things you need on a more occassional basis. Either way, there is room enough for a little girl to find her way back.

In this little girl/daddy modality, there can be copious amounts of spanking, corner time, disciplinary discussions along with measures of structure and guidance designed to mold and shape your behavior to make you the best little girl possible. And this is not to forget or minimize love and affection. Yes, the best part of a spanking is the warm glow of the aftermath: the soothing words, the hugs. The best part of discipline is knowing that someone cares enough to make you shine. The best part of being a little girl is having a daddy that loves you. We can’t forget that and neither should you. If you are feeling misplaced and lonely—both in the bdsm realm and/or the public realm—because you haven’t found the person who understands what rages inside, then keep looking. Whether or not it has anything to do with the words you are now reading, he’ll get here eventually and you can be happy. All little girls deserve that.

Quite obviously, if this is you, then your situation is wrapped around a real life with varied interests and pursuits, and there would be a comingling of interests and a nurturing of your desires. This is to say that I do not necessarily delineate a vanilla side from the "other" side, but that both are entertwined and that both complete the whole and make the world work better. Some people who zoom up and down this site sometimes have a difficult time with that concept, but if you are reading this with any interest, then you'll probably understand this well.

It is a fast world and getting faster, and there is an awful lot of gunk on collarme, so I don’t really know if many—or anyone—will read these notes, but if anyone does and she sees something recognizable, do feel free to write questions, comments or thoughts; or even a sincere desire to make the journey from the computer screen to a place nearby and very real.

(I know for a fact that it can have real tranforming powers, and if it worked for one than there must be others...)












 Dominant Male



 6' 0"

 210 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive female

Sub/Sub Couples


A Poly Household

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