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I just realized that my profile text got all fucked up some time back when I tried to post a journal entry or something. I guess it's been that way for months because … who looks at their own profile, like, ever? (And, of course, basically no one initiates conversation to random couples with profile text that just makes no sense as a profile. It's not like i go browsing around telling other domsbor switch dudes, couples or dommes, to fix their shit. So, for now I'm just leaving ths here until I have the focus to coherently describe what we're looking for as a couple (which is, mostly, what I'm looking for) as a submissive playmate cum sexual toy, because my wife is pretty much okay with any gal I'd be willing to invite into our bed, as well as happy to see me go off and have wild trysts and liaisons while she's doing her own thing (mostly playing WoW online, but also running (dungeon mastering) old paper and pencil D&D games over Zoom with her regular groups). Obviously any submissive woman ("girl") who has a thing for getting draped over the lap of an older "Daddy" for a spanking, and being sexually used, sensually abused, and likes the idea of lots of cuddling, and spooning after care, should jump right into my mailbox and ship her pretty li'l ass right here, or something like that. P.S. I don't know who needs to hear this, but "Daddy" doesn't mean YOUR father, li'l girl doesn't mean any actual daughter of mine (I've never had children, nor stepchildren) and roleplaying is about roles, not about putting on some corny, pornographic dramatic production. It's not play acting, but more about the metaphorical "daddy like" (paternal mixture of authoritarian nurturing). Also, "Daddy's belt" is symbolic. It's about evoking that feeling of being a "li'l girl" and the special kind of anxious anticipation that comes from the prospect of being punished -- but not fearful of real abuse or any injury. That's a special vibe that has nothing to do with incest nor child abuse. Not that administering a belt whipping can't be fun. But my favorite is plain, old-fashioned, over the knee (OTK) spa nking

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12/29/2012 3:05:48 AM

If you're chatting with someone from here over IM (perhaps because you got their Yahoo IM s/n from their profile here, but even if they've included it in a message to you) ... one very simple and quick way to sort out the scammers from someone you might want to talk with ... just ask "her" to read your profile and explain why "she" wants to talk with you over all the others who are responding to "her" profile.

It's simple and surprisingly effective.  For some reason the Nigerians, Ghanaians, and other scammers and spammers here seem to be incapable of doing something as simple as reading your profile and saying anything about it.


When someone hits me up on Yahoo, claiming to be from CM and asks me "where are you?" or any other a/s/l BS ... I simply tell them to go read this profile here.  Try it.

(Sure, some of they may eventually figure out that they have to put a little effort into the game ... but it'll still probably be over 95% effective for the foreseeable future).



11/6/2012 10:41:27 PM

Omo oro

I think I've learned a new phrase in Swahili today.  A certain party here, who shall of course remain nameless due to the CM ToS, was trying to scam me for a $150 "moneypak" (basic Nigerian slave scam).  I played along for a bit and when I'd toyed with "her" (it) long enough I pointed out the obvious tells (praising the technique for weeding out those mugu who aren't quite dumb and desperate enough by using a poor quality JPEG image, and a pattern of bad grammar which is characteristically foreign (and seems to be distinct to those from Northwestern Africa).

Last I heard from "her" was "omo oro."

Searching for that in Google I found some lyrics to a song, and pasting a whole line of that into Google Translate with "Language Autodetect" set I get back a plausible translation for the whole line in which the words "omo oro" apparently translate to something like "am in turmoil."

I'm guessing that, idiomatically, means something like "I'm fucked."  (In this case it as also "her" farewell.  Followed by a disconnect).
Perhaps Mitt Romney would like to learn that phrase for his concession speech. A little homage to the "Kenyan" in the White House?

(BTW: Congratulations, President Obama.  I'm glad we've prevailed against all that filthy lucre).


9/25/2012 11:36:50 PM

Another musing scammer foiled tonight.  "She" posts her phone number: 213-416-xxxx right in her profile (which, of course, I don't call, as it might be a trick to harass some poor schmuck who has never heard of CM).  When I write to "her" I get back a text message on my number from that same number.  Of course we can't talk voice (for unspecified reasons).  Calling just leads to a voice mail bot.  (I'm guessing it's a hacked or forgotten mailbox at some company somewhere ... used only for SMS/text messaging redirection or whatever).


After a little small talk "she" tells me that she's a model and wants to come visit me.  However, of course, she need to get "permission" from her "manager" (which, of course, costs some unspecified amount of money, to someone in the Phillippines).

How can anyone be ham-handed enough to fall for these?  It simply boggles the mind.

7/5/2012 2:21:34 AM

If this site were ever to add the rather obvious features (show my profile only to those who have indicated that they're looking for someone like me --- a couple in our case and show me only the profiles of people who have clicked on "Actively seeking" button(s) that match my profile ... if they set it up so that I didn't see any profiles for women who are "not interested in men" or "not interested in couples" ...


... well that would be easy.  (They're just different sides of the same coin, limiting who my profile is visible to --- gay men and dominants of any gender don't benefit from seeing my profile here --- and limiting which profiles I see (I don't need to see profiles for women who are not interested in men, not interested in couples, or just not looking for a dominant for any other reason).


It would also mean that practically no real profiles show up.  Only the scammers would show up for most men looking here.


(Of course getting rid of the spammers would also be relatively easy.  That would make about 90% of the female profiles disappear).


Sigh.  They'll never add features like those.  It would severely cut into their ad revenues.

Remember folks, you are not collarme's customers.  You are their product.  Their customers are the advertisers.  Every time one of you successfully finds what you're looking for (by way of a real-life playmate, slave, master, submissive, dominant, etc) then they lose a set of revenue generating eyeballs --- at least for a time.




6/4/2012 3:41:17 AM

I'm considering getting a toy for a naughty, needy girl:




... a "love seat" cushion designed to hold a wand (Hitachi) firmly in place.


Anyone one to offer an honest, first hand, review?



4/18/2012 11:36:09 PM

Really?  Some poor schmucks fell for this::


I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, but I have to wonder if that woman secretly craved domination and spanking and I'm pretty sure those various managers and others  just lapped up the excuse to be manipulated into these little pranks.


3/12/2012 3:55:02 AM

Oh, how cute!  Bowbiegrl has used a link through some URL shortening service to try to lure people into downloading a bit of MS Window malware.  You follow the link through some ge.tt service and it purports to be a .ZIP file but downloads as a .EXE; and unzip -t doesn't find any contents to be unzip-able.  Running "strings" (I'm a UNIX guy, so I couldn't run this directly on my system even if I were dumb enough to do so; I'd have to fire up an emulator or a VM for it) ... suggests that it was building using Borland Delphi tools and perhaps it's wrapped around some sort of FTPROOT/UntRootKit.


How quaint!


Well, everyone, remember to practice safe hex! :)



(Yes, I'm reporting the ... um ... cutie).



2/24/2012 4:15:16 AM

Mr. Popular



... professionally at least.


I've been recruited away from my current employer and will be joining a late-stage start-up.  This will keep me quite busy for the foreseeable future.


The Silicon Valley needs more nerds!


No.  Seriously, the place I'm leaving wants to hire at least a half dozen, in addition to my replacement, and the one I'm going to wants at least a few more ... and my inbox on LinkedIn is overflowing with more inquiries from places like Google, LinkedIn itself, and various other software and Internet companies.  I get at least one headhunter call every week.


So, I'll probably not be perving the profiles here very much in coming months.  However, suitable young ladies (and naughty li'l sluts) are still welcome to contact us.  We'll squeeze you in ... or squeeze into you as the case might be.




2/7/2012 4:56:40 PM

The new users pages here seem to be filled with numerous entries of the form: Hername21X (where Hername is any feminine sounding name, 21 is any two digit number starting with 2 and X is any letter, upper or lower case).  Eleven out of fourteen of the newest profiles seem to match that pattern.

Couldn't possibly be some "bot" that's out there creating bogus profiles here using a large collection of pretty (G-rated) womens' and girls' pictures.  Naw.  It couldn't be that.  This site's defenses are far too sophisticated for anyone to be able to do that.



6/20/2010 12:58:27 PM
About being "Daddy:" For me the "Daddy/girl" imagery is about a tenderly nurturing authority figure and his adoring and eager-to-please "girl." I realize that the terms are disturbing to many. In a society ravaged by child molestation the concerns are justified. I personally don't even like the terms ... I normally don't like to be called "daddy" excepting in a very few cases (like, just one at the moment). However, the connotations of "Daddy" ... when we abstract it away from notions of incest and molestation or distinct from those evoked by terms like "Master" or "Sir" (don't even get me started on "Your Imperial Highness Lord of His own Delusions of Grandeur"). I chose this name for that special girl out there for him it truly strikes a chord, deep in her soul. I would never be her father ... never replace him in any way. That girl is a woman to others and only a "girl" for me. She might never call me "daddy" but what she needs is that sense of protective and caring authority ... and sometimes that intimate playfulness ... and more often that corporeal and corporal reminder that re-affirms who she is; that which puts her "in her place" and makes her crave all that much more to be a "good girl." For those others who don't understand, of are disturbed by the imagery and who cannot divorce the term from it's unhealthy associations, my apologies.

6/19/2010 2:11:25 AM
About "Real" Names: I wrote to someone whose profile name seemed like it might be her real first and last name to suggest that it might be wiser to use some more anonymous name. These days it's pretty common for prospective employers, college admittance counselors, professional clients and such to Google for someone's name to see what pops up. Usually I wouldn't bother. Almost all the profiles with "real" sounding names are blatant and obvious fakes. However she doesn't seem to be that. She responded with something like 5 words: "It's okay by me." (or something like that). Here's my response to her: Katie, I'm gonna guess you mean that you don't care if people all over know your real first and last name and that you're submissive and kinky. Well, I think that's cool ... and I'm lucky enough and have the sorts of skills that I can be pretty open about my kinks, too. As a skilled computer nerd in the Silicon Valley it really wouldn't make too much difference to my ability to keep my job or get another even if my picture and name were splashed on the front page as a pervert who likes to spank and fuck "little girls" (so long as they're legal, of course). I wouldn't want to work for a company or organization where my polyamory, sexuality, or lack of religious affiliation were an issue ... and I'm fortunate enough that I've never had to. Maybe most of the people who do worry about that stuff are living in the dark ages and maybe as you go through life it'll never matter. I hope it's never an issue that negatively impacts your career or your life in general. Of course the reality is that she, and I, and pretty much none of us on this site, would advance anywhere in politics. We're a long way away from the day when any of this would be tolerated by the political media.

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