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Hetero Male Dominant, 39,  Saint louis, Missouri
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Men....NOT INTERESTED IN GAY BI SUB MEN wtf... Ladies I have a task for you, when you go out leave collarspace in the stall in every public bathroom you go into. Maybe that will bring fresh women after all more women means more men right? Perhaps one day we can get enough real people on here to retake it from the scammers HA!












 Dominant Male

 Saint louis 


 6' 1"

 155 lbs



 African Descent



Actively Seeking:


 Lives For:



 Anal Play

 Housework Service


 Massage (Giving)

 Mental Bondage

 Obedience Training




 Arcade Games

 Board Games

 Card Games



 Comedy Shows

 Horror Movies


 Online RPGs

 Puzzle Games

 Web Surfing

 Body Art




 Lifestyle BDSM


 Amusement Parks


 Martial Arts


 Skate Boarding

 Ultimate Frisbee



 Body Worship


 Breast Play

 Cane / Crop Discipline

 Domestic Service




 Orgasm Control

 Outdoor Bondage

 Speech Restrictions

 Science Fiction






 Eighties Music

 Hip Hop Music

 Nineties Music




 Rock Music

 Seventies Music


 Bird Watching

 Coffee Shops


 Flea Markets





 Pilates (Beginner)



 Corner Time

 Foot Worship

 Hair Pulling

 Sensation Play

 Plastic Wrap Bondage

 Wax Play

 Online Chatrooms


 Alternative Medicine

 Online Auctions





 Liberal Politics



 1950s Lifestyle

 Working Out

 Alternative Music

 Pop Music

 Punk Rock Music


 Antique Shows

 Bar Hopping

 Fine Dining

 Garage Sales

 Musical Theater



 Being Massaged

 Public Play




 Classical Music

 Country Music

 Heavy Metal Music



 Curious About:

 Going to the Opera


 Renaissance Faires



 Pony/Puppy Roleplay

 Candle Making


 Soap Making





 BDSM Rituals

 Fire Play

 Masks on Partner

 Modern Primitivism


 Clothing Selection


 Vacuum Stimulation



 Art Collecting



 Cross Stitch










 Paranormal Phenomena

 Cuck Options

 Goth Lifestyle




 Victorian Lifestyle

 Blue Grass




 Horseback Riding


 Scuba Diving


 Eye Contact Restrictions

 Genital Punishment

 Gas Masks


 Masks (Wearing)

 Medical fetish play

 Pantyhose Fetish


 TV News


 Electronica / EDM

 Folk Music

 Show Tunes

 Hard Limits:





 Electrical Play

 Local BDSM Community

 Oral Service

 Role Playing


 EMO Music


 Industrial Music

 New Age Music

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Journal Entries:
4/5/2018 8:48:11 AM
milk spoil, you throw it out...meat spoil same thing you toss it. to the men out here spoiling women....bruh you ruining her next man wants a spoiled woman, as humans we dont even like spoiled children whats cute about a grown batch throwing a tantrum for not getting her way? nun

2/28/2018 7:36:26 PM
harry potter marathon, in loving memory of.

1/21/2018 10:18:01 AM

11/26/2017 8:24:15 AM
no trans-gendered thanks

11/2/2017 8:53:59 PM
a christmas horror story on me like WTF did i jus watch 0_o

11/2/2017 7:33:16 PM
4/7/2016 was my last newport....get sum gum save sum $$$ ijs new years comin u can quit before then make yo resolution to not turn back

9/27/2017 8:40:09 PM
it amuses me that people defending the traitorous confederate flag are now pretending like they give a shit about people standing during the anthem

9/26/2017 4:31:44 AM
another sleepless night , btw the new hulu sucks ass. that is all

8/4/2017 7:15:32 PM
pretty sure i prefer heart over smart, but keep in mind stupid people upset me.

7/5/2017 8:30:13 AM
nothing more fun than seeing someone local with a page I'd go for only to click for greater detail and see I live in spain or west africa....TF!!! no one wants a liar no matter the reason falsely filling out your profile will most likely get you blocked.

6/26/2017 9:36:58 PM
Dear hulu, please take your 6 episodes of dragonball in english and shove them firmly up uranus .-_- and who told you guys 4 episodes of 3stooges make a season? especially when 3 of the 4 feature shemp #luckyIaintPopNoPopcorn

6/22/2017 8:23:08 AM
lmfao...hackers are taring no prisoners out here. careful folks. that is all.

4/1/2017 7:54:34 AM
The best part of a relationship,,, when You catch your girl in a lie and she get mad at You peeping game so she flip out and break up with you. Somehow along the way making you feel like it's all your fault. Thats magic hour rite der -_-

3/4/2017 1:09:07 AM
spotify weeknd real life. current mood...

2/6/2017 3:24:53 AM

Good day my dear i am xxxxxxx. how are you doing please write me back through my email address for easly communication and i will also send you my photos. i expect an urgent respond from you soon..

Do people still fall for this?

2/3/2017 8:32:58 AM
wondergrl on 1/27/17 at 9:47 AM:if you care to chat,  on google hangouts I'm

DaddieTeach on 1/27/17 at 10:26 AM:
id love to. but the way life going for me right now id just get hacked , so i think ill have to pass. im here on and off though 

[You cannot respond to this message because the account no longer exists]
 gee did I say something wrong?  

12/29/2016 10:07:40 AM
In a world full of trust issues, why would I even bother trying if you cant even put your real age on a dating site? Perfect way to start off a relationship, with a lie .

Also ,ladies we didnt come to your page to see pictures of other women.reguardless of how hot   you think she is a picture of yourself will go alot further. No IDC if its just a reprensation of how you want to look or be treated . Say it with words or leave a link.

In other news it is nice to speak to REAL people

12/20/2016 10:32:07 PM

My Happy Birthday Wishes


4/21/2016 6:48:04 AM
If your page starts with...I am in a loving marriage But, kill yourself.

4/20/2016 12:30:38 PM
roommate wanted 1 kid max

4/7/2016 1:23:30 PM
Yesterday the world lost a tigress. My mom passed away at 60. Cancer. Get checked people stay healthy..

I cracked down and bought a newport. The relief or calming sensation they use to offer was not there so if you struggling try to stop  make it 4 months with gum and peppermints.

12/17/2015 5:23:09 AM
day 10 or 11 no newport. im startling to regret quitting. help me ya'll

9/17/2015 2:02:24 PM
woke up this morning my neighbor knocking on my door asking why i left my bike chain out with no bike. someone cut it and stole the bike.  havent been 5 hours another knock at the door telling me where my bike was last spotted. I put my escort on my waist and retrieved my stolen property.. gotta love my hood RESPECT.

8/31/2015 10:23:01 AM
If you have CLEAR internet service and are set up for automatic payments cancel NOW. There service will be shut down on the 6th and they WILL still take payment.

5/31/2015 9:52:50 AM
Long ago I realized I do not need a girl friend  nor a wife. I Need a minion. I mean sure she can take on the other two titles if she likes but first and foremost her job would be evil henchwoman ?if that's not a thing i'm making it one.

just putting that out there.

5/2/2015 7:47:18 PM
Decided to share a few songs. Will add a few to this journal post as they touch me.
Because music often shows others what we can not say ourselves.

1.Say something I'm giving up on you-Cristina Aguilera 

2.Earned it -The Weekend

3.P!nk - Just Give Me A Reason ft. Nate Ruess

4.Here- Alessia Cara

Melanie Martinez - Alphabet Boy

4/23/2015 11:48:05 AM
No chat request out of the blue, also the first conversation if all you know is being used sending nudes or dirty talk. Send it to the NEXT Dom. I am sure theres quite a few lonely guys that wouldnt mind helping you bust your lil nut and go about your day. For me how ever play is NOT interesting ,neither is phone sex . If I do not request a picture no need to send one. Way too much porn out there people .Real time only. k?  thx

4/20/2015 12:12:31 PM
HAPPY 4/20!!

4/8/2015 7:54:59 AM
Bloods crips police hell even the knights of old formed a crew of people they could trust with there lives. yes ladies that white knight you are waiting for has other knights behind him that will die to free you from that dragons keep. That makes him and all the others mentioned above Gang members..
I only mention this because I was just blocked for holding up west side in one of my pictures.  Funny  as hell at the time though now a bit insulting. What ever happened to not judging a book by its cover? I have won awards for my poetry . I have brought tears to eyes by reciting song lyrics I've wrote. 
I have... a heart. am I wrong for growing up on both sides of the fence? FYI westside is NOT a gang sign. learn a lil before you talk alot ;)

3/10/2015 1:10:54 PM
  • thinking about shaving off one eyebrow.
    i find myself looking at mf's with "The Rock " look so often I think it might save me some time.

    seriously what is wrong with people these days?

3/3/2015 11:50:09 AM
rather pay for your thoughts, than to pay for your ass, at less with your thoughts I know where your ass is trying to go in life! What's your thoughts?

2/22/2015 1:26:38 AM
She has no children. She has no desire to continue the fight.Life has become a blur and she needs to hand the wheel to someone more capable of clearing the clutter and chaos.
Ready to have a Man take care of any and every little problem that approaches her or hold her hand through any issue he can not resolve.She is not much of a party gal and would much rather spend nights in her mans lap watching tv than out drinking with the girls. She NEEDS love and she is REAL. No lies, no drama, no future without him.

If anyone out there see's her, tell her I am here.....waiting

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