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Dom/Switch Couple, 52/39,  Albany/SYR/NY-CT, New York
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HE: A resourceful super-straight white professional male who enjoys the and takes pride in treating his darling sexy mixed race (black/white... Latina in appearance only) submissive like a princess. Height/weight proportional, in great physical shape, youthful and energetic, fashionable and in touch with contemporary culture, a hard-working gent who's well-read and well-traveled, leads an upscale life style but remains as down-to-earth as can be.

A Daddy-like Dom who sees to it that his precious sub has the very best in return for her fullest surrender. He keeps his sweetheart always impeccably groomed, shaven smooth, freshly pedi'd/mani'd, and adores putting her in the sweetest little dresses and skirts, smashing stilettos and perfect little undergarments for whirlwind nights on the town and for their heightened mutual pleasures behind closed doors.

SHE: Submits fully to her Daddy Dom with a heartfelt and fleshfelt appreciation for, plus an emotional and psychological attachment to, all he brings to her life by expanding her sexual and cultural horizons, and satisfying her tremendous sexual appetite. Only with his express permission and participation is she permitted to explore her passion for deriving pure sexual pleasure from dominating and/or making love to a submissive bi-sexual women, who, like herself, is exceptionally feminine, youthful and fashionable --or-- shows the potential for being shaped into a similar soul.

She will submit only to her Dom. But her bi-sexual needs range from the sweetest love-making to playful or more intense domination of a kindred womanly spirit who, like herself, relishes higher forms of sexual gratification from serving both men and women.

This lovely lady takes pride in her gifts, as does her Dom. Nothing pleases her more than receiving his gift of Domination while, at the very same time, having a submissive woman catering to both his and her needs.

WE: Are both hard-working and healthy, keen on staying in shape and looking and feeling younger than our years, and both lead active vanilla social and professional lives. Our shared passion for D/s play is hugely sexual, upscale and private.

That explains why we have not posted pictures and we will not accept friend requests. We will not publish the screen names of any submissive under consideration or those we take under our wings.

We'd like to think of ourselves as Jason Statham and Jennifer Lopez but we're both hugely realistic about our appearance, stardom, and finances. No, we not that upscale. But we both earn good livings and do light up a room, draw attention, and seem to get preferential treatment wherever we go, whatever we do, owing to our genuine kindness and engaging presence.

We are looking to weave the right woman into our lives in public and behind closed doors. That someone must be comfortable as one in a pair of princesses, one of two on her Daddy Dom's arm in public at restaurants and nightclubs and social events where us three will always give the appearance of a vanilla trio. That is, a resourceful gent who is simply gifted with two lovely fashionable women who fawn all over him.

The picture changes behind closed doors where both women cater to their bi-sexual needs under the guidance of their Dom, both gift him their surrender, and "She" is permitted to derive pleasure from taking command of the new pet found in our new partner.

YOU: Must be a feminine bi-sexual submissive female who is genuinely available, willing and able to meet, who either lives in or is capable of traveling to either in the Albany/Capital district, Central NY, or downstate/Westchester area. We are not here to make online-only friends, engage in lengthy email exchanges, counsel confused or curious souls from a distance, or attend play parties/munches/special events.

If you are a switch, you must leave your dominant desires behind. We do not care to hear about them, nor do we care to sense them rising to the surface.

You must be focused on giving and receiving sexual pleasure rather than simply having your bottom reddened in an afternoon play session and then marching off to return to your everyday life.

While we both prefer weight/height proportional submissives, we do welcome fuller-figured women who are in touch with their femininity and keep themselves well-groomed and fashionable --or-- are willing and ready to be transformed into a more feminine soul under our tutelage.

You must be comfortable in heels and dresses, lingerie and stockings, finer things that showcase your flesh and your femininity. And while we don't necessarily seek a Victoria Secret model type, try to see yourself as such surrendering to two caring souls who are ready to cater to your needs, respect you for your gift of submission, and adore the finer nuances of your flesh.

If you are new to or curious about bi-sexuality and submission, this might be the perfect opportunity for you to sample the both waters with our softer approach to both. We are not all about dungeon play, devices and equipment, role-playing. No torture or humiliation here. Just words of encouragement, thoughtful touches, occasional pleasurable pains in the joys of king-size bed, a deluxe hotel room, lounging about in front of a fire, or roaming a remote beach.

Know that we also seek an intellectual and romantic connection and friendship too.

Summertime opens a wide range of fun opportunities for our sharing D/s and vanilla rewards in a wider range of settings in New York City, picturesque Saratoga, the Adirondacks and the Finger Lakes region, and our favorite stretches of Atlantic shoreline.

All this, if like getting all dolled up, if you're ready from upscale fun, if you've keyed in on your sexual and submissive needs and have come to the heartfelt realization that both require both a man's and a woman's touch.

YOU: If you feel that us three can fulfill our shared hopes and dreams, you must be prepared to send us a very specific photo with specific requirements to prove your sexuality and your sincerity (either a vanilla smile, faceless x-rated photo, or -if you prefer- a specific full-face x-rated image) before we will reply in detail to your inquiry.

Simply have a digital camera or cell camera on hand and daily access to this website when writing us, "Dear Daddy Dom/Latina Switch: I think I might be just what you're looking for and I am sincerely interested in submitting to both of you. Please send me photo requirements. I will email you a photo within 24 hours."

That's it! Simply cut and paste that into the very top of your email and we will reply with the specifics within 48 hours.

This is our way of keeping out the riff-raff. If you don't read this profile in it's entirety, if you're not willing to invest 10 minutes of your time to read it in full, if don't have another 10 minutes to invest in taking a specific photo just for us, you are not the kind of dedicated, literate, intelligent and motivated bi-sexual sub we are seeking.

We're sincere and available, upscale and motivated and bright, hugely sexual and sensual. You be the same or willing to aspire to the same. Kissing and loving, travel and excitement, and receiving just rewards in return for your submission to two very gifted dear friends and passionate lovers, your Dom and your Domme.






Last Online:




 New York




Gender Identity:









 185 lbs




Gender Identity:










 5' 7"

 130 lbs



Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Switch Women


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