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Hetero Male Dominant, 48,  Hanahan, South Carolina
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We, as in my spouse/sub have a joint profile here also, just ask.

I have been in CollarMe off and on a number of years. I have met a few here that I truely enjoy talking with.

I am now looking for one to join me and allow me to expand myself again. She will desire humiliation at times, bondage at others, and even torture at times. She will be straight today, lesbian tomorrow and bi next Tuesday. She will be mine in public and private. She will learn when where and how to please not only myself but any others I instruct her to.

I am married and my sub/slave is listed here at CollarMe on our joint account. She knows what I seek and supports it. Our relationship has changed over the years. Yes she still serves me but with our child still in the home we are very limited in how extreme we are.











Last Online:


 Dominant Male


 South Carolina

 6' 4"

 250 lbs



 Not Listed



Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Switch Women

Sub/Sub Couples

Friends Only

A Poly Household

 Lives For:



 Canes and Crops


 Corner Time


 Obedience Training

 Orgasm Denial

 Lifestyle BDSM



 Coffee Shops


 Anal Play


 Breast Play



 Eye Contact Restrictions



 Hair Pulling


 Massage (Getting)

 Mental Bondage


 Sensory Deprivation


 Speech Restrictions


 Wax play


 Card Games

 Historical Shows

 Horror Movies

 Puzzle Games

 Science Fiction

 True Crime

 Body Art




 1950s Lifestyle

 Old Guard



 Bar Hopping

 Flea Markets



 Renaissance Faires


 Electrical Play

 Public Play

 Board Games



 Alternative Medicine

 Goth Lifestyle

 Alternative Music

 Blue Grass

 Eighties Music

 Hip Hop Music



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Journal Entries:
4/2/2008 2:30:10 AM
Should I sit back and wait to be given what is mine or should I step in and take it. Waiting allows them to recognize that they should be before me on their own, taking teaches them what they already know. Waiting takes more from me mentally and physically, taking gets straight to the point. Waiting I think at times leads to more suffering by both parties, where taking takes away the stress of the unknown.

12/31/2007 9:51:04 PM
Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and hope that all find what they are searching for.

12/25/2007 4:12:14 AM

Happy Holidays FOlks

I Saw Mommie Spanked by Santa Claus  I saw Mommie spanked by Santa ClausOver by the Christmas tree last night.They never noticed me,As he put her cross his knee,And spanked her on her bottomTill it was no longer white.I saw Mommie spanked by Santa Claus.A very funny sight it was.Oh what fun it would beIf Daddy could only seeSanta spanking Mom just like he does!*********  Let it Snow  Oh the weather outside is frightfulBut spanking so delightfulSo as long as you spank me soLet it snow, let it snow, let it snow.And when we finally kiss good nightAfter I've been across your kneeMy butt will be glowing brightFor only you to see.And when we wake on ChristmasYour kiss is so delicious,And over your lap I go,Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.************ ***  All I Want for Christmas  All I want for ChristmasIs a good spankingA good spanking,A good spankingGee, if I could only have a good spankingThen I would feel so warm on Christmas.All I want for ChristmasIs a girl to spank,She might be a skank,Yes, a girl to spank.Gee, if I could only pull her panties down,Then she would have a Merry Christmas.All I want for ChristmasIs some bondage rope,Oh, I really hopeSanta thinks it's dope.Gee, if I could only have some bondage rope,Then I could spank you hard on Christmas.**********  (Tune: Chestnuts roasting. ..)  Paddles roasting our uncovered buttsRedness covering our cheeks.Standing in cornerWith pants at our kneesThe stinging may last for weeks.Everybody seeksSomeone for spanking play.As you know, it's very true.Although it's been done many times many waysHappy spanking. . .Happy spanking to you!

9/1/2007 2:55:19 AM
Have found one that I truely enjoy my time with. Her desire to learn and experience more surprises me each day. The only issue we have found so far is that she is not poloy so we have that limit to work around.

7/23/2007 4:36:03 AM
I wish to thank those that met up for coffee and talk while I was in Dallas. A special thanks to Leslie rae.

7/14/2007 2:25:32 AM
Will be in Dallas in the morning. Have a few folks that have offered to show me around but only one or two that I believe will actually follow through.

7/10/2007 3:10:31 AM
Yes, feeling better mentally and physically than I have all summer. Finally picked our son up from his godmother and now my partner in day to day fun is back.

6/21/2007 3:00:00 AM
Spent the last week or so speaking with an older sub. She is not into poly or married but that is ok we get along. She showes me that she is truely submissive in many different ways each day when we are together.

6/12/2007 2:56:43 AM
Last ten days have been interesting. Have been talking with a pain sub for a bit now but not sure where if anywhere it is going but have met two of her friends that seem interested in learning more about the life style. I enjoy conversing with others and helping them understand better.

Met Kat the other evening. She is the new GF to a dear friend of mine. He ended upset with me as her and I spent hours talking about the mind set of tops and bottoms. Hell I loved the conversation and am lokking forward to more.

6/2/2007 9:55:48 AM
I love it. Today I had a message informing me that I live in a dream world. That is very true and I hope I never stop. I tried to reply but the account is no longer active. Seems like a great deal of effort to try and rain on someones parade, but I was in the rain all morning so a few more drops meant little.

5/20/2007 4:07:59 AM
Mid July this year I will be in Dallas, Tx for a bit. Am looking for at the minimum good conversation while there.

8/26/2006 4:59:34 AM
I have been enjoying my time here. I had many conversations ranging from interesting to out and out crazy, but that is ok. I have an ageless one that I speak with daily that is worth the time to fight with the system to make contact with.

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