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Pan Female Submissive, 43,  Georgia
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"I have been found by a True Master,A True God has crossed my path. I am being cleansed Mentally,Emotionally,and Spiritually by him. He has taken control."











 Submissive Female


 5' 6"

 155 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Male

Friends Only

 Lives For:






 Anal Play

 Bondage (Beginner)

 Hair Pulling


 Obedience Training (Beginner)

 Orgasm Denial



 Curious About:

 Fire Play


 Gas Masks

 Needle Play

 Hard Limits:



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Journal Entries:
1/16/2014 7:00:25 PM
I recently had the honor and privilege of meeting the most wonderful Dominant. I spent a week with him and grew so much as a submissive and came to the realization that with the right Dominant , I shall be a great submissive. His aura captivated me, and encompassed my soul. He allowed me to be the person I knew I am, yet always had people telling me was wrong. He lifted my heart to heights I never knew possible. He helped me soar with eagles, and it ignited a fire in my soul. I shared so many first experiences with him, he shall always hold a special place in my heart. For the greatest gift he bestowed upon me was acceptance and encouragement. He reaffirmed my belief in who I am, showed me through his actions my submission is appreciated by a true Dominant. Thank you for being such a wonderful Dominant, and a beautiful man. You have set the standard, and I will never settle for less. I would love to see you and I develop, over the coming months. Again thank you.

10/19/2013 11:16:01 AM
ONE OF MY MANY WRITINGS.... A fantasy of sorts....hope you enjoy.     You had taken me to a get together... My first and my first with you Master ,  you were telling who everyone was and speaking with friends. I had on a corset and a little flared skirt, sexy heels and was looking sexy as hell... We mingled for a little while when you lead me to a rather quiet corner.  Once there you instructed me to kneel. As you sat in a chair... I kneeled before you and you began to unlace my corset... I flinched with nervous and slightly scared emotions... When you began.   You sensed this and gently stroked my head with one hand as you untied me with the other... Soon the corset fell around my body and to the floor between my body and my kneeled legs.... You caressed my skin as you ran your fingers up and down my spine... Your friends noticed and began to gravitate over to the corner you had selected... Which in turn heightened your senses and excitement...and brought fear, yet excitement to me.... As a kneel between your legs you instruct me to lean forward as to position my ass in the air in easy reach... I comply immediately and you stroke my my ass and pat it in approval.... You then reach into your pocket and pull out a scarf that you show me, you ask do I trust you completely and I respond "yes Master " instantly... You take the scarf and blindfold me with it... So now I am in a strange environment with no sight , kneeled before my Master half naked... My emotions are running wild... You notice my breathing has increased and my body has tensed a little. You gently rub my head and remind me I am yours and you will never let anything or anyone harm me.  I hear one of the many men gathered around suggest you should hike my skirt up to bare my naked ass below the little skirt.  After a few minutes of you caressing and stroking me to ease my fears you reach around , grab my skirt, pull it over my ass... I do not move for I do not want to disappoint you :yet inside a voice says pull away. I remain firm in my position and you reward me for his by a gentle nip on my shoulder bone.  Inside I feel tingles through my body and a sense of pride, for your reward means I am pleasing you...You ask me again do I trust you completely and I immediately respond "yes Master"  and you stroke my head..You  ask me what is my greatest desire and I respond instantly "to please you Master .  You gently pat my ass and say "we will see"... I can feel you smiling as you said those words... Again anticipation builds and I begin to tremble before you... You say to me as my Master it is your duty to put my safety above all else   , but also push my limits.... You stoke my mostly naked body as you say to me tonight you will push me to my limit and probably a little past there... You ask again do I trust you completely and again I respond "yes Master".... I can hear the soft mumbles of the people gathered around yet they seem so distant, for I am focused on the sound of my Masters voice and movements.... Suddenly I hear the snap of a crop against a near by table.... My whole body tenses, yet on the inside I begin to long to feel you  use my flesh.... Again you lean to me and this time you ask... Am I ready to feel you, I respond to you "it would honor me to feel you if it pleases you Master"..   You stroke my back as you again snap the crop against the table.... Building both fear and desire, anticipation and longing in me... I simply remain still and say to you "Master please use me to fulfill your desires".Almost instantly I feel the sting as you allow me your humble slave  to feel your body twitches as I was not expecting you to swat me at that moment ... You instruct me if I do so again you will not allow me your pleasure...I respond in a gentle voice "Master please don't refuse me your pleasure.... "And again I feel the sting that burns much more this time.  I remain steadfast and thank you for allowing me to feel you... For what seems hours you tease me with your toy.... Then with one final snap you send chills throughout my body... You instruct me to lay flat now and present you my front side... Gracefully I lay down and roll over for you, flat on my stinging back, knees bent and my feet firmly pulled between my legs as to open them and expose your pussy... You lean over me and stroke my stomach and slap your pussy hard, I gasp and smile up at you...You ask me do I still trust you completely... I respond instantly " yes Master".  Am I sure... I again respond "yes Master yes I trust you completely, and with my life". You simple say to me "good girl"...Still blindfolded and laying exposed to the whole room except the tiny skirt still pushed around my waist you stroke me and I hear sounds of moving furniture.  You  instruct me to rise, and I do so immediately. Jokingly you pat my ass as you circle me and ask have I reached my limit...  My response is simple, "Master that is your decision".... I can sense the thrill in you rising As you lead me to the edge of a hard surface I can only assume is a coffee table... You again instruct me to lay down and present myself to you.... I do so by laying flat on my back knees bent feet between my thighs, and my hands holding your pussy open for you to enjoy... Again I am rewarded by your gentle stroke and a firm slap to your exposed pussy... I feel a hand that is not familiar on my wrist and try to pull away.. Your stern voice says "do not fight your desire".  Another hand grabs my other  wrist... I begin to tremble with fear , yet remain still except the trembles... You caress my body as the hands that held my wrists pull my arms above my head and attach cuffs to both wrists and the table... My body trembles  visibly now and your calm voice instructs me to remember your duty is to protect me from all harm and you are my Master... Given a minute to adjust to the new feeling you stroke me gently... Then once more I feel hands on me that I know are not those of my Master.. This time they grab my ankles.. My inner thought is to pull away and at that exact , precise moment you softly whisper in my ear , "please me my beautiful baby" I respond "yes Master" and allow he hands to move my ankles to the proper position for you... They are restrained by leather straps ran around my thighs and a small strap between the ankle and thigh... For this allows you easy access and assures I won't move in the wrong way as to cause harm .... My emotions are at their highest I think,  and again the noise of the people around me becomes  noticeable.  You continue to praise me for pleasing you and I continue to beg to be allowed to please you... From the sound of your voice I am aware you are now positioned between my legs and I am burning with desire for you... You stroke your pussy as you speak to me in a gentle voice telling me you love that I am so willing to please you... You slide a finger inside your pussy and ask if I am yours.... I respond "yes Master" ... You slide another in and ask my deepest desire... I respond "to please you Master."... You slide the third  in and I moan softly as you ask me am I willing to submit to you completely at  this very moment.. I respond "I am completely yours to be used for your pleasure".. You slide all four fingers in and I moan louder.. You instruct me to be silent and think on you as you do what you are about to do,   Fear begins to rise for I know that my first experience with your hand completely inside me is about to take place.... I blush and you gently giggle as you know I am feeling embarrassed .... You instruct me to not make a sound and internally  focus on your power, your authority.... As you begin to work your thumb inside me my breathing becomes shallow and short... You instruct me to calm down and relax for what I am about to experience is a bonding experience... You instruct me to relax  my muscles and feel you enter me... And seal our union as one,  My legs relax in the restraints and my breathing slows as you speak to me... The noise of onlookers fades and I concentrate on my willingness to please you.. For several minutes you work your hand inside me and instantly , as your hand slides in your pussy I explode inside... Never have I felt so connected to anyone , I lay there in pure ecstasy and  know deep inside my soul I am yours, my heart, my mind, my body, my very soul belongs to you , in that instant you become my sole reason for living... For willingly giving myself completely to you , for your pleasure, has in fact freed me... And for this most precious gift I will serve you all the remaining days of my life.... In this moment I know the true meaning of submission, the true meaning of love... 

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