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Hetero Male Dominant, 48,  Connecticut
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Im a 49 year-old s p a n k o top seeking new friends and possible play partners. I value friendship before play, because I value the people I play with. Headspace is everything in this lifestyle. What is your headspace?

Im writing out s p a n k i n g this way because apparently the word is not allowed on here? The last three times I updated this the s p a n was edited out. Ive reached out to the websites support team and received no response, yet the problem persists. So, workaround time.

I respect all safewords. I specialize in disciplinary s p a n k i n g, stress relief s p a n k i n g, just plain fun s p a n k i n g. I am a safe and sane player who can provide references.

Now the basic vanilla stuff I like Pink Floyd, baseball and Italian food. I enjoy a round of ghost hunting from time to time and can often be found at various classic car events.










Last Online:


 Dominant Male


 6' 5"

 195 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Friends Only

 Lives For:

 Canes and Crops (Expert)

 Spanking (Expert)


 Coffee Shops

 Flea Markets

 Walking (Expert)

 Corner Time (Expert)



 Amusement Parks



 Fine Dining

 Garage Sales



 Horseback Riding

 Anal Play




 Local BDSM Community



 Art Galleries






 Hair Pulling

 Curious About:

 Antique Shows


 Martial Arts



 Scuba Diving


 Wind Surfing

 Eye Contact Restrictions



 Orgasm Denial


 Bird Watching


 Musical Theater





 Surf Boarding



 Mental Bondage





 Electrical Play


 Fire Play

 Needle Play

 Obedience Training

 Hard Limits:


 Genital Punishment

 Medical Play

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