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Dom / Switch Couple, 55/66,  Rural Central, Florida
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 Dom / Switch

 Rural Central 




Primary Partner:

Gender Identity:










 5' 7"

 180 lbs



Secondary Partner:

Gender Identity:









 5' 5"



Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Sub/Sub Couples

A Poly Household

 Lives For:

 Lifestyle BDSM (Expert)

 Polyamory (Expert)


 Old Guard (Expert)


 1950s Household (Expert)

 Gorean Lifestyle

 Victorian Household (Expert)



 Curious About:

 Cuckolding (Expert)

 Hard Limits:

 Female Supremacy (Expert)

REAL LIFE ONLY NO CYBER NO ROLE PLAY  NONE OF THIS SEND ME MONEY CRAP!!!!!! tired of the players, liers, scammers and shit.

Hello and welcome to our house hold profile.

We are Domgmr and DomgmrLady a Goren lifestyle Roman couple.

Yes I said Goren not Gorean

We also happen to be the first house of Thee Goren Society.

We have been living this way of life for over thirty plus years

We only offer a real house hold a good roman based with long term structure and servitude. No bullshit No drama.We do not smoke, drink or do drugs. nor do we participate in cyber,role play,long distance anything, either you relocate to us fully engaged in real service or move along.We have owned male slaves and slave couples before so we are not afraid in the least of either of those. Just careful and cautious.

If during our initial conversations with  you,you demand money, email, phone contact information without providing bonified references, real life contact information the conversation will end abruptly and you will be blocked!!!

We have no problem what so ever with verifying ourselves owners and slaves and meeting with anyone in a public venue. We have even begun hosting private parties again!!!

I am a  55 year old owner medium build simple demeanor. Wife is a switch now days and is 66,she is the house mistress. We have been together for 23 years. I must make this very clear  we both work, I have a more flexible work schedule.

My first girl is 58 

My second girl is 46

Our third girl is 59.

My other slaves are

  a 19 year old female slave.

We have owned slaves for over 36 plus years.In addition, for many years we served as a host house for parties and for those who where in transit from one to another.Our newest slave is 44 blond she is fitting into her new life!! We do keep pets, two legged and four legged ones, so you must be compatible to living with them.

We work, live just about like any other person does, except it is structured around the central mind set of owner property.We have owned a large number of slaves at the same time and function with more then the average house hold well. I will not place a number of how many slaves I will keep or not, we base our life on the whole sum of things not on material items or a material way of life. Yeah, I know this is a oxymoron of sorts but it is what it is.

Note for male slaves in order for you to gain a offline audience with us you must posses the ability to stand out and be worth the time and effort .Most just want the fantasy and not the reality.

We own and keep slaves for life good or bad, healthy or  not, it is the roll of life, we just deal with it and move forward.Am I or Are we good owners that would depend on who you ask. We are not push overs nor do we cater to whiners, lazy people in general. We have owned slaves from every aspect of life over the years.

We live in Central Florida on a small farm currently. Just to clarify if you have ever owned property in Florida anything over a acre gets real expensive to own and keep. You are not going to buy any acreage for a few thousand dollars down here.

Old style roman poly  house 36 years living this way of life!!we live in the country and have for a decades. We are getting ready for our final relocation to a much larger property in which we plan on keeping long term.Yes this does mean we do not live in the city nor do we ever plan to again.

Shortly we will be offering a exclusive Air bnb hosting in a  few rural rustic cottages where you will be immersed in the day to day operations of a slave ranch plantation mentality.

Here is what we will not do

We will not send money

We will not hide you if you come  into the USA illegally

We will not allow you to overstay your visa.

We will not host you for a FREE vacation

We will not give out our personal information to anyone we do not know in real life.

We will not contact you on a site after one message

We will not move forward until we know who you are

We will not negotiate with potential slaves

We will only make conditions on a case by case basis

We will not tolerate  intolerance

We do not care what race, gender you are or think you are, just do not lie to us about it

We will not force you to come to us

We will not kidnap you

We will not coddle you

We will not put up with bullshit

We do what we say

No drama We do not want it like it or need it.

Update:We are closing on a new ranch property very shortly which will allow us to relocate to by years end.

If you require us to finance your life or to finance you coming to us,  just pass us by we have no intent of ever paying for so called free slaves being released by a owner nor do we play any of the other games most here do.

We live it in the real world with real vanilla issues along side bdsm with a Roman twist.Just so that we are clear.


We currently own older slaves and have owned them for decades, Yes real slaves, decades. We are always open to taking in new slaves provided they have the proper mind set. May you find what every it is you are searching for.

This is not a weekend or bedroom play but a way of life.Roman slavery preferred!!!

At any time you may find a slave hung up and being whipped  or being used.

 Our household is always looking for potential female slaves willing to be stripped of their dignity enslaved by their own will. If that sounds right for you, I would be more than happy to discuss the opportunity with you.

I will keep this as simple as one can. A slave by definition is property, real property/object /chattel.If you define yourself as a slave, then I will surely treat you as one. Our mind set is a slave is to be of service to it's owner. It does not place conditions on it's owner. Otherwise, this becomes just role play and nothing more.This is not a job,their are no days off or vacations or free time other then what a owner decides for it's property.

We offer stability.I keep slaves long term which means they must have something other then a couple of holes.You have to bring something to the table.

Strict, fair, patient, sadistic, disciplined, for those who need or require it.

Limits are realistic : Death,Kids,Drugs,Dismemberment,Severe Broken bones, Severe Blood loss ABL, We do try to keep a open mind but you know we live in a realistic manner not the fantasy hyperbole these days.


If you have children  you must have custody and have arrangements in place in writing we will not be part of a drawn out legal affair.Kids will be cared for just like any other in vanilla life, given structure guidance,discipline as required.No they will not be involved in any manner no matter how kinky you might think it is.


The following positions are now open:

House domestic slave.

Out door labor slave.

General service slave.

Kennel labor slave

As well as we are opening a kennel service

livestock,which will include pets,piggies,hu cows and ponies.

If you have a career path by all means keep it.We are a real life house hold so we do function as one. All slaves work period.Even if you are on SSI you still must perform certain non sexual tasks and live within our protocol.

 The dungeon slave position has been filled for now. However we will be adding a few other positions once we get the new dungeon up.The dungeon slave position will be back open November 1st.

I will be opening a few more livestock and field service slaves who must have adequate mechanical skills sets.



I the owner of this house maintains this  profile as well as on fet life.


I took a oath at 17 to defend the Constitution of These here United States and the last time I checked it does not have a expiration date and neither do I


I live by the Code!!!


De Opresso Libber!!!


Proud real life member of THE GOREN SOCIETY. As such as part of our oath and membership we must be able to keep slaves form to time in transition or moving along within the society.

First House of TGS

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Journal Entries:
12/14/2017 11:26:35 PM
Greetings everyone!!!! Hope you all are having a wonderful Holiday season. Lets us take a moment to thank all of our servicemen and women who are in service to our great nation.

Now for those interested, We  are still looking for a larger parcel to create my vision of paradise IE our Bed n Breakfast. I have rejected several properties for various reasons.

We currently reside on a much smaller parcel which does limit our ability to expand. It does not stop us, but does limit some activities.Life goes on!!!!!

10/13/2017 4:47:34 AM
We are very real and have been for 37 plus years way before it was the thing,  in vogue or mainstream. So we are not going any damn where.

10/13/2017 4:01:47 AM
People are getting worse and worse these days. More and more pages of just more scammers players liers.

People wonder why more and more are no longer coming online to meet others in the lifestyle or worse stop going to munches altogether due to the massive amounts of back stabbing  endless drama and baggage. What is it gonna take to get it through your thick heads harassment and thievery never works

10/8/2017 5:28:33 AM
Update some have asked why we no longer post pics on this profile, well it is a long story the short version is  some on here have this nasty habit that if they see a pic  of a particular type they then spend a enormous amount of time harassing the folks who post them. Now I am not gonna go into the type of pics we have posted in the past. However we have just grown tired of the constant barrage of crap from individuals on here as well as on a few other sites.

We can easily verify all of us  through this site. We only converse with others on other communication suites once we have been able to actually verify who they are in the real world.

As for the ranch, as most of those who know us already know, the ranch we had a contract on fell through this was  not our fault. The house we currently reside in will have to be gutted, and renovated or torn down, as a result of the flood waters and now the mold that has been growing since the hurricane. So we are now actively looking at a few properties to temporarily relocate to while we decide whether to renovate the house we live in now or find the property we actually want. We still have the barn that is separate from where we live, which is a pain in the ass for transport costs back n forth.

So for now, we will use this site as our primary correspondence for the entire house hold. I nor the house mistress does not have enough time in the day or week for that matter to waste time online just trying to keep everyone informed.

To my fellow comrades in arms we saw another week of our brothers take their last steps in freedom  defending our way of life.They will be sorely missed  for those in the 3rd SFG., we know you will continue the fight.See you on the other side at the RP.


9/22/2017 1:48:35 PM
I find it strange that adults today do not know the law or for that matter even understand how they can be charged with violation both at the federal and State level  of violating the Mann act a obscure Federal law that pretty much screws anyone who gives loans, extorts money for the purpose of relocation promising sexual favors, sexual services.  They can also be charged with various State and local charges beating around the agstination of prostitution or receiving money for services not rendered, fraud, bank and electronic wire fraud, the list goes on and on.

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