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Gay Male Master, 60,  Davenport, Iowa
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Last Online:


 Dominant Male



 Willing to Relocate

 6' 1"

 150 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Male


 Begging (Expert)

 Blindfolds (Expert)

 Body Worship (Expert)


 Breast Binding/Play (Expert)


 Collars (Expert)


 Humiliation (Expert)

 Obedience Training (Expert)

 Public Play  (Expert)

 Sensory Deprivation (Expert)

 Whips (Expert)


 Anal Play (Expert)

 Canes and Crops


 Hair Pulling

 Leashes (Expert)


 Spanking (Expert)



 Electrical Play






 Needle Play

*********** IMMEDIATELY RELOCATABLE! *********** *********** NO cyber-phone-cam 'pretend' sex!! ... NONE!! ... {:o\ ... *********** ⇒ While I have a cam, it's just to take new pics of myself; I'm NOT here to 'put on a show'! ... {:o\ ... I'm ONLY interested in 'meating' sub cocksluts in person for 'real' fun! ... And, hopefully, in lieu of your LTR 'enslavement'! ... {:o) ⇒ I can only respond to 2 msgs per day so don't be surprised if I don't respond to your compliments. Instead, accept my appreciation here and now: "Thanks, boy! Glad you like." ... {:oD ...
⇒ While I'm a mature DOM Top ISO a younger, submissive bottom boy, ....... I'm NOT a "Daddy", let alone a "Sugar Daddy"! ... I'm a gay DOMINANT 'Master' seeking a younger cockslut who's ready for 'more' than just a 'Daddy';  a cockslut who craves the use & abuse of a "Master"!  ...  {:o)  ... 
 ⇒ Except for the restraints pic, my pics are all of Me and are as recent as 2014. ... {:o) .I'm a thoroughbred August Leo located in the Iowa-Illinois Quad Cities on the 'Mrs. Skippi' River w/ a fetish 4 sexy pecs (& furry butts)! ... {:oD ... I'm seeking a Defined (Toned-to-Buff), HIV neg., Masculine but submissive, Tough & Masochistic & VERY Oral 21 - 50 y.o. cockslut (Caucasian w/ furry legs & ass a plus!) who craves being enslaved & controlled and used & abused by a well-HUNG, moderately rough & sadistic DOM Master Real Time and indefinitely Long Term (w/ his own employment). ... {:o) In time, I'd like to take on '2' slaveboys; perhaps 1 with sexy pecs, & 1 with a furry butt! ... {:o) ... I'd enjoy playing them off of each other and making them 'compete' for my COCK!! ... {:oD I happen to be currently IMMEDIATELY relocatable for a suitable slaveboy somewhere 'south' of I-80 and 'east' of Denver. ... {:o) ... and using & abusing 'his' finances to pay for it, of course! ... {:oD Yes, I have a BIG nose, AND big feet, AND large hands (I can reach a 9th on a piano!). ... {:oD  ...  I'm 6'1, 160#, 40"c/32"w, lt brn/blu, stache or goatee or jawline beard, lean-firm-smth, 12.5 shoe, w/ a studCOCK that's 8.25" cut-thick! ... {:o) ... and I've been told that the scent of my sweat is a real turn-on!! ... {:oD My COCK & I enjoy a Menu of Master-slave DOMINATION & submission, humiliation, discipline, financial abuse & control, verbal abuse, interrogations, some bondage & 'moderate' S&M (ie. roughing up, strap whipping, forced workouts, some CBT & WS, ...), sweatty pits, spit, kissing, 3-ways, rimming, oral-anal bareback, facials, boot-licking, blindfold, gags, collar-leash, ..... and other 'harmless' fantasies by request. ... {:o) NOT that I don't enjoy "vanilla" romance & passion; ....... It's great for 'Dessert', but 'not' what I want for the "Main Course". ... {:oD ... There IS no such thing as "Love at first sight", only 'lust' at first sight. "Love" comes from endearment, and that comes from having 'built' a relationship of trust, lust, and great memories! ... {:o) I'm NOT into scat, blood, needles, permanent marks, electro, snuff, body mods or castration, caging, animals, women-kids, feminization-TS-CD-etc., diapers, mummification or anything else that's TOO kinky-gross-painful-dangerous. I'm into 'rough abuse', not senseless 'torture'. I'm "kinky", but "sane"! ... {:o) Altho' I may, at times, treat my slave like a 'dog', I'm 'not' looking for a 'pet'.  I'm seeking a servant-slave who labors to 'my' benefit day & night! ... {:oD 1. A pic of your 'physique' is " required ". ... DON'T show me a pic of your dick. ... I don't care if you even 'have' a dick! ... And I don't care about being "mooned" by a pic of your butt, either (unless it's 'furry'). ... {:oD ... To get MY cock's attention, show me a pic of your Toned-to-Buff 'physique'! ... {:o) ... I enjoy "forced workouts" and 'workout sex'. ... {:oD 2. ..... "Defined (Toned-to-Buff )" is REQUIRED since that (and firm 'n furry butts) is what turns me on! ... {:o) ... If you don't have a physique that you like to show off, then we're probably not a good match. ... I like a boy who can 'make me' want it! ... {:oD 3. Some 'Moderate' BDSM is REQUIRED, unless you're a "painpig" who likes to 'beg' for more!! ... {:oD 4. I'm interested in your 'COCK' fetish, not your ' foot ' fetish. ... {:o\ 5. Yes, I'm 'honest' about my age! ... I'm ........ 'forty-eighteen' ... {:oD ... Unless you 'like' older men, and then I'm 58! ... {:oD ... seeking "21 - 50" ONLY. ... {:o) 6. You MUST be a financial 'asset', not a liability! I'm NOT a 'Daddy', much less a "Sugar Daddy". A "slave" labors to the (financial) benefit of his "Master", not the other way around, and I want a boy whom I can use & abuse in 'every' way! ... {:oD 7. Voluntary entrapped 'enslavement' is Real Time, Full Time, and Long Term, ... {:o) ... altho ........ 8. Mere "hookups" are "Available upon Request" !! ... {:oD     MasterDriller@HOTMALE dot CUM
Byte me, boys! ... {:o)

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