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Hetero Female Mistress, 28,  Brighton, United Kingdom
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NOT LOOKING SKYPE @diamonddutchessmo twitter@thedutchessmo









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Journal Entries:
6/19/2015 2:54:56 AM

i get so tired of getting the same questions all the time . what can i expect ? what experience do you have ? have you ever done this or that ? 

in my world all these questions do not make a difference to the sub  in the end of the day you should allow your mistress to think for you and you should just follow orders.

1000 x the same conversation and i am bored and tired of them, what is so wrong with being surprised or using common sense and expect suffering and abuse how i like it . if you cant accept this then your clearly not a sub for my needs. 

4/30/2015 3:40:56 AM
i added some cbt spanking and canning  video clips on twitter , check them out... i think the are pretty fun. @thedutchessmo

4/6/2015 1:18:52 AM
so who is going to let me destroy their butt with my new whip ? i am in Hastings so please don't email me saying i wish i was closer  because that goes on my nerves.

it will be fun so don't be a chicken !!!

3/24/2015 7:18:28 AM
it was a fun filled weekend at casa la dutchess.

 had a lovely lad coming over from the south of whales .  it was lovely to have a fresh pair of balls to abuse.

now as most people know by now is that kicing is my favorite and i was not disappointed , my foot landed with full force in between his legs and it was amazing !!!

we had a few hours of intense ball kicking and slapping leaving me tow wonder more thn ones how much this guy could take !!!  this alone gave me more inspiration to carry on and to add more force to every kick .

i added a few videos on my twitter if you wanna check them out , i think they are rather good hehe  @thedutchessmo. xx 

3/13/2015 2:10:06 PM
If you are wondering tonight to tribute to anyone and you are not sure about is if you're making a right call! Make the right call and donate to red nose day. I've done it and so should YOU!! we should all do it !! please do it xx

3/2/2015 8:55:39 AM
not looking at the moment , to busy with course work and other commitments to cater to everybody's casual play fantasies because that how its starting to feel. people speak to me like i am here to provide them with a service ! my pro days are over but i could happely bring them back !!!!

everybody complains about the amount of pro's on here but no wonder. most messages i receive are not about submission to a powerful mistress. its mostly people who want to have there kink in the way they want it with out having to go true the parts where you prove your worthy to kneel down and touch me feet, or that your worthy of being pissed on by me!

crawl before you can walk comes to mind. 

so here is the deal, unless your willing to bring a chastity device to our first meeting with a  brand new sealed lock that i can and will keep the key of if you cant do this i expect you to make it worth it my while  ........ and i do not mean your "submission" !!


2/18/2015 4:50:12 AM
got a day off on Sunday and i want to spend it bossing a sub around . who is up for it ? 

cbt , spanking , canning , domestic servitude and what ever  i fancy  really lol . 

okay the rules , please dont a be fat .... to ugly to look at , have experience and dont be on the other side of the country as i cant take that very serious . 

add a pic to your message and try to make it stand out .

so let have some fun !!!

2/7/2015 11:52:43 AM
had a fun sessions today. these are the ball victims words on fetlife .. 

Well I am just in my way home from my first meet up from fet life, very happy and with very sore balls!

A few weeks ago I messaged Diamond Dutchess after she had posed here looking for a ballbusting victim. Her profile looked very interesting and after proving to her I was genuine and not a time waster and we agreed to meet up. She lives about 4 hours travel from me so had to be a weekend. We agreed a date but due to both our busy lives it ended up being 3 weeks away. Like many subs I was curious about what would happen and had many questions, but the Dutchess told me not to worry and to trust her. We kept in touch over the weeks and made sure we could both still make the date agreed.

Then the big day came. The Dutchess had told me her friend may join us and indeed she did. When j arrived I was welcomed with the hug and we had a quick chat to break the ice. After about 5 minutes the Dutchess said 'down to business strip!' she was eager! I did as I was told and stripped and stood before her. she had a great paid of heels on and proceeded to kick away, no warm up, straight in! before long she took the heels off and was kicking barefoot. I went down quite a few times, always followed by the Dutchess and her friend laughing at me. her friend also gave me a few kicks, first time for her, she had some. killer shoes on that hurt so much! I was given the occasional break in which time we chatted about everything from bdsm to what was on the TV later. she is a lovely normal girl who just happens to love kicking guys in the balls. after about an hour my resistance was breaking, I was spending longer on the floor and flinching a lot more. This seemed to send her more into dom mode as she would kick me laugh and then click her fingers and demand I get up. my flinching stared to be met with slaps to the face until I learnt my lesson. we tried to use her trample board at one point but by now my balls were to swollen to fit through the hole! after about another half hour I was done! we had originally planned to do 5 hours (her idea!) but I doubt anyone can last that with her. I agreed to take 10 final kicks but the 4th one finished me off. I was down and out for about 15 minutes and my voice went to a pitch I've not heard since it broke when I was 13. I think she was disappointed she couldn't kick me anymore but happy to have broken me!!

To sum up, the Dutchess is a wonderful girl who loves ballbusting! she does it for her not for you. If you have very specific requests go and pay a pro domme. If you want the experience of being in the hands of a real girl who will just enjoy herself at the expense of your balls go and see the Dutchess! I've done both and she beats the pro dommes hands down as seeing the enjoyment she gets makes it 10x better. I can't thank her enough for a great experience.

I realise I've gone on and on already so will stop here but happy to answer any questions about the experience.

2/1/2015 6:24:32 AM
had to start a new twitter and snap hat add me : twitter @thedutchessmo ?snapchat: diamonddutchesm?

2/1/2015 5:03:01 AM
happy weekend to you all .

been a slow week in dutchess land to be honest . been very ill and still needed to do a lot of course work . it suck but i think i will survive it . 

next weekend i have a ball crush fanatic coming round . i must say i cant wait. its been a long time coming that there was somebody who seemed able to take what i have to give. 
 he could still turn out to be a pansy like most of them but he seems very confident and is traveling hours to get to me so i have a good feeling.

another thing i like to share with you is that i used to say hello to everyone as i think thats polite.  now i have reached this point where i accept that there is no point in doing it.
 Now i wont anymore . If your first message does not speak to me , you have no picture on your profile or at least two attached to your message and a place name where you live on your profile .... well then dont expect to hear from me !  


1/20/2015 8:46:05 AM
I live in the real world. All you cam subs and sluts i suggest you come and join me ! Lol

1/3/2015 4:09:04 PM
why do all the subs want to pic shoes for you ?
what i have learned 90%of the subs have horrible taste and cant seem to get it right . from ugly color or something you nan would wear . 

when i tell a sub to get me shoes its because i would like to wear them not just to fill up the closet . i have a foot sub who now is insisting on choosing so i told him he could give some suggestions but i get the last call and still he seem sure that he will get it right .

if i was him i would just listen to me and not be so stubborn and  trying to make out like he would know something about my taste better then me by basically defying orders.

i already stopped caring about the choice of shoes , i am more interested in the punishment he will receive  :)) i think i will send him out in shoes i picked for him . red bright hight heels and make him walk around tesco hahahah


1/2/2015 7:35:44 AM
hello everyone and a happy new year . 

i hope you all ad a good time over xmas al though i am sure santa was not to busy as you lot are all soooo naughty . 

for the new year i have one resolution and that is to be more patiente . my worst trade as i do not posses any lol.

looking forward to next weekend . new sub reporting for duty hehe this should be fun . will let you all know how it goes 


12/27/2014 2:24:08 AM
I'm not into pussy or ass worship . People come out like I clean your ass in the first message . Way to put me off you for life . In a vanilla relationship I would not stick my butt in he air and let them adore it on the first date ! Even if you make it sounds like your doing me a favour . I like domestic service, eye contact restrictions, keeping you on your toes , making you feel so on edge you think your head will explode . After beating you and standing on your dick while you cry and beg me to stop like s little bitch does not make my pussy wet in my pants for you to enjoy , YOUR A PATHETIC LOSER. Lol So I let you dream about it while you do the ironing and the cooking ...... KNOW YOUR PLACE !!!!

12/20/2014 1:15:33 PM
i like a sub to be single . is this so abnormal ? i didn't think so but i just been called narrow minded for telling a sub that i find it even rude he giving me the impression  that he was not . i have spoken to married people on here and as they where honest with so was i with them it was not my cup of tea .

my ex cheated on me and it is awfull . just because i am dominant does not mean i have no morals, what i dont have though is patience so when some one after a to long of a time tells me they are in a relationship i will call you a idiot because that what i think you are . 

secondly i like a sub to be dedicated to me so i in return i can be dedicated to them . its only fair .

12/20/2014 12:55:14 PM

12/15/2014 11:55:11 PM
I should start running a school for newbies . I simply don't enjoy playing with newbies as I have very little patience and I know this about my self so I avoid them . Some how this seems to be "out o order " and "mean " to some new subs . Well thanks for that .... Just proves how inexperienced you are and how little sub tendency you posses LISTEN UP , I is your own problem to solve . I don't feel responsible to teach you when you only sit wanking on the Internet all day . If there would have been one sub who said I wanna go to a party and meet people but I am nervous on my own could you help I would not have to share this journal. Having said that I never seen this message in the 4 years here ever . You have no experience ..... Well that will stay that way unless you go to some munches or parties !!!! Trust me on this one ..... GO OUT IN TO THE WORLD AND THEN COME BACK TO ME .

11/19/2014 6:34:00 AM
This winter has tested my health so much already , cold and flue are driving me crazy . Need a hot male nurse to come and look after me .... I imagine muscles and six pack to forget to flue and big hands for a massage ..... Yes sure that make me feel better hehehe xx mo

11/13/2014 12:58:33 AM
I forgot all about this page and profile lol . I am Back ish now . Message me :??

5/20/2014 4:47:32 AM
Hey hey , just need to let the people who I chatted with on what's app that my phone die ( rip ) and that I lost all my numbers so re add me on what's app . I also added a few new pics ...... Need to do a shoot soon . Maybe some outside bondage would be fun :))

5/11/2014 2:41:55 AM
Happy Sunday . Hope your all having a nice and relaxing day . I am still looking for my butler style sub . So if you thought girls have it easier on here...... Your wrong ! Lol One big problem is that people don't read the profile , yes I know my boobs are right there but try and peel your eyes of them and READ the profile . The amount of times I get asked to ruin some ones life on TEAM VIEWER .... So irritating . And blackmail ........ Never would burn my self on that . the amount of stories I heard of people that don't really enjoy the outcome of blackmail and then start going back on the fantasy when it's so late ...... No thanks . So while you read the profile I am going to have a pedicure and manicure . Hehe XxDD

5/2/2014 6:58:54 AM
Happy friday all of you ! Finally weekend ..... Lol . Looks like a grey day out there so can help but look for holidays .... Where should we go ? Some where hot I think with white sand to tickle inbetween my toes ! Xx DD

4/19/2014 2:06:23 AM
Good morning . I had to adjust the bulk mail setting today .I get so many nIce messages and Even if I like to try and say hello to every one it's near impossible and then when you get a message from out of space if they can serve you makes me think how dumb people can be . I find Birmingham already far away ! Lol y would I want a slave in Bangalore ! It's kinda funny when you think about it . I like it that people filled in there profile, that your from uk and the uk is not helpful ...... It's just lazy and I'm not going to look at your profile to find out if you mention where your house lives And finally I need this of my chest ....... No one believes you when you say you don't have a picture or that you can't upload a picture .. It's 2014 I seen a baby take a selfie and upload it. Dohhh lol get it sorted man hehehhe Tonight I meeting a fun guy from collar me . Hopefully we click so we can putt him in to chastity hehehe Xx DD

4/16/2014 9:01:38 AM
Hi people . Hope you all been enjoying your day . I know there are so many people on this site who lose faith and get down by the" fake" people on this site so I had to share with you the fun afternoon I had . So time goes by and you get of each others radar ...these thing happen ..few days ago by chance there is a mail .....blast from the past ! A few years ago I got chatting with a nice guy one site who was in to chastity but never experienced it . I can Hardly say I was very experienced in that department at that moment in time to be honest . But it's one of my favourite things He was not not a sub , not a slave just a guy normal guy with fantasy and desire to try it . we met up and after putting down the ground rules I locked up his cock and kept the key until the time arrived for him to be unlocked. We had such a laugh a giggle untill now it's still one if my best bdsm experienced I had because of the fun I had Well today we met for a lunch like the old days. it was like no time had gone by at all , I laughed so much Relaxed fun and easy going stuff . .......brilliant . Real people are out there. Remember that ! Xx DD Ps: I though there was a option to add a pic to the journal but I can't find it and early weekend is kicking in so it be uploaded soon xx

4/13/2014 11:27:16 AM
Hello kinkster . It's been a while that I was on collar me and wanted to say thanks for all your sweet messages . I'm on the look out for a room in the london area on a part time base . If you have a room or even better a extension of the sort let me know and see if we can arrange something . Xxx DIAMONDDUTCHESS

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