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Pan Male Submissive, 60,  Deland, Florida
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Seeking to serve men and women I like giving oral receiving anal humiliation exhibitionism. I like mild BDSM being spanked by a man cross dressing forcedbi. verbal abuse.












 Submissive Male



 5' 7"

 167 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Dominant male

Domme/Dom Couples

 Lives For:

 Being humiliated by you (Expert)

 Biology (Expert)

 Cuck Options



 Meditation (Expert)


 Singing (Expert)

 Chemistry (Expert)

 Liberal Politics

 Writing (Expert)





 Seventies Music







 Board Games


 Cooking for you

 Archaeology (Beginner)

 Blue Grass

 Country Music

 Folk Music

 New Age Music

 New Wave

 Punk Rock Music



 Heavy Metal Music


 Hard Limits:

 Needle Play

 Soap Making




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Journal Entries:
1/24/2016 10:19:47 AM
I had my little cam session with a domme she exposed me and made me confess to being a whore in front of about 10 of her girl friends, i begged to be hurt, and begged for cock, The ladies enjoyed watching me be stripped of  my manhood and forced to do a little strip tease and dance around with my clitty hanging out and ass spread wide for the cam

1/18/2016 1:12:57 PM
Too cold today to wear my little skirt. I plan to meet a domme and get some pics taken outside in a semi public area showing everything underneath as I will not have on panties. This is the first time we will meet so it is very embarrassing to present myself to her like that. Pics will be made public.

8/26/2015 7:40:09 AM
Him: "With you licking my ass properly, there would be no reason to punish you by  squeezing yours balls - plus, positioning for doing that is difficult".

Slut: "True, you should be sitting directly over my face so I can lick everything good."

8/24/2015 12:03:09 PM
Wow some awesome local Dom women have contacted me!! And one an attractive 70 year old and the other an attractive 22 year old! Both very nice and serious about abusing me, its been worth the wait!!!!

8/21/2015 9:05:58 AM
Need a woman to make me take cock up the ass, need this so bad today

1/17/2015 10:40:15 AM
1/17/2015 1:24:48 PM: Twelve ways to tell a fake Domme

She messages you out of the blue from 1000 miles away
She is 25
She has a perfect striking photo...but only one
She adds you as an admirer without any contact
She is a princess and needs to be treated like one
She demands a gift immediately
She is into FINDOM
She has a weblog or website you must visit
She will only communicate through Yahoo
She will not verify herself
She has multiple profiles
She is part of a couple but only the man will communicate

And BTW don't send money to persons you have never met and don't know

1/15/2015 4:45:03 PM
Need a woman willing to take the time to get into my head so she can emasculate me and turn me into a cock sucking whore

1/9/2015 8:10:16 AM
Would love to find a woman to make me reveal all personal info and use it to control me

12/29/2014 4:25:35 PM
Incredible! I found a local Lady with a trained Dog!

12/29/2014 4:24:46 PM
Daddy wrote:

Since you like writing, you  may enjoy the fantasy your pic, comments and all brought to mind.  Most briefly, you on your back on a bed, head over the edge.  A  cam recording you taking my lim cock into your throat, a,, the way to my pubes.  Then as you suck, my member hardening, till one can see it swell out against the walls of your throat, leaving its outline, immediately below your Adam's apple.  Having those close ups of the outline of my cock going in and out.  Thanks for the pleasant thoughts.

12/29/2014 8:21:50 AM
That is a pic of me on my knees. A young black Domme is making me suck her slave in a hotel room in Coca Beach. He came in my mouth and I swallowed it. She beat me hard and took a lot of pics. Her young black girl friend was in the room and later was sending pics via cell phone to her friends. They later fingered each other.

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