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Hetero Male Dominant, 45,  New York City, New York
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I am here seeking one specific thing: A younger submissive girl who wants to explore DEEP Daddy - Dom/sub ? daughter fantasies. I?m seeking to take this farther then mere dress up and age play for a weekend. But create a true bond that embodies the very special, sacred Daddy/daughter relationship. I seek to be a true masculine, paternal, protective authority in her life, and I wish for her to look up to me and be that special little girl I adore, cherish and eventually guide and train to be my pleasure toy. As well as help her grow into experiencing all the pleasures a young woman and her body should enjoy. I wish to merge the best of both worlds ? the caring and affection that exists between a Daddy and his little baby, and combine it with Dominant/submissive explorations that enhance and satisfy the Dominant in me and the submissive in her. Yes, basically, Daddy will take his precious little princess and through patient guidance, seduction, force, Domination, punishment/discipline and reward, he will basically turn her into his little slut sex slave. But all coming from the loving point of departure of the Daddy/daughter dynamic. This is not just about perverted sex for me. It is a true balance and love I need to experience, and I want a baby girl that means the world to me. The Daddy in me can't deny that any longer. You should be between 18-25. And though you can be a normal girl in all other respects, enjoying all the things a girl your age does, you are a different kind of girl that has always secretly harbored fantasies of having an older, sexy mature, Dominant Daddy in your life. I am open and very much into your ?regression? to a younger age when it comes to behavior, talk, dress up, actions and thoughts. I want you to be turned on by the idea that you are learning about sexual pleasures all over again, but it?s Daddy that is teaching you. Though practical life will always intervene in common sense ways, I would want the focus kept on this as much as possible. Have it be as real a vibe and energy as possible. And when we need to be discreet publicly for practical purposes, we can. I don?t wear it on my sleeve per se, but I?m a highly experienced Dominant, and have explored deeply all kinds of various BDSM activities. But I?ve done some deep soul searching and I?ve come to the conclusion that being single and no children, my paternal instincts have blossomed into full bloom and need to be expressed erotically, personally and sensually. I seek to move away from the more S/M aspects to a more erotic, sensual, taboo experience, while still enjoying and exploring aspects of Dom/sub fantasies and desires. Where Daddy/daughter affections and pleasures leave off and more Dom/sub, Master/slave experiences begin will be determined. But for the right little girl, I fully believe both needs and desires of the spectrum can be explored and enjoyed. I want to develop the connection and relationship over time, not just have you dress up right away and play. I want to build the tension through affection and desire, until we come to that deliciously taboo place where we can no longer deny our feelings, and we cross a point of no return, and we don?t care what ?society thinks?. Thers is no going back, only forward. And I proceed to teach my little girl all the dark, decadent ways of desire when it comes to Dominant/submissive plesaures. While stlll maintaing the deep loving and caring bond that exists between us. Being the YouTube interenet age, I do not care to post pics here. I will gladly trade pics if/when private contact is made. For now, 50, single, youthful but rugged look for my age, dark handsome features, full head of dark hair, touches of grey, very nice, deep, soothing Daddy voice, 5-10, strong, masculine build, work out and in very good muscular shape, moderate body hair and no back hair, a broad chest with just enough hair for you to cuddle your precious face in, endowed thick, cut, durable and pleasing. All very suitable Daddy/Dom attributes for the right submissive little Daddy?s girl. Very experienced, naturally talented lover who will bring his little baby?s body a lot of lasting pleasure, as well as fulfill her need to please her Daddy, and be the best submissive little girl sex toy for him that she can be. In ways we BOTH find utterly exciting, satisfying and fulfilling. Sincere and serious only. You don?t have to have experience, just the proper mindest. If the mind, body and desire are there, the rest will fall into place for us. I look forward to hearing from you and possibly becoming the true Daddy/Dom you?ve always longed for.










Last Online:


 Dominant Male

 New York City 

 New York

 5' 10"






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

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