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Hetero Male Dominant, 54,  New York
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Picture provided once we start talking. Daddy seeking baby girl 18 to 30 for 24/7 LTR. ? Sorry but not looking for regression to diapers. Daddy will ensure all of his baby girls needs (emotional, physical, sexual, health and financial) are seen to and of course she will see to her daddies needs. ? Daddy's girl will: Dress to daddy's liking at all times. Never smoke. If of legal age, drink alcohol only when daddy is present and only as much as daddy allows. Not do drugs. Eat healthy. Learn to cook as daddy is an excellent cook and will teach you. Be given a bath nightly unless daddy wants you to shower with him. Showers are okay in the mornings. Be clean shaven at all times. Maintain nails (finger and toe) Sleep naked when sleeping in daddy's bed. Wear a tight tank top or one of daddy's shirts and panties while sleeping in her bed or while hanging out with daddy. If working these details will need to be worked out. As past relationships have been with subs/slaves and they were not allowed to work and if I did allow they were demeaning jobs that paid minimum wage. As a daddy's girl you will be encouraged to better yourself if that is what you want. Yes, I do want to control you but not your money. If you work you will have bills. Car loan and at least 2 credit cards that you use and pay off monthly. The rest of your money you will invest in some way for your future. If in school you will: 1.Maintain a 3.5 GPA. 2.Not be late for classes or miss any school days unless daddy approves. 3.Inform daddy of class schedule so daddy can set up schedule for homework, study, playtime, funtime and chores. 4.Inform daddy as to the need for assistance such as tutors. Allow daddy to monitor all internet activity and will not visit sites daddy has made off limits. Never masturbate without daddy's permission or presence. Will not orgasm without asking and being given permission. Daddy will: Spoil his baby girl. Provide health insurance. Do all he can to ensure his baby girl is the best she can be in all areas of her life. Make time to do things his baby girl enjoys. Encourage his baby girl to do things she wants to do and ensure she has the resources to do them. Discipline his baby girl when she misbehaves. 1.Over my knee bare ass spanking with paddle or hand (this is not my prefered method) 2.Place baby girl in corner for time out. 3.Have privileges taken away such as: 3a.the use of make up. 3b.taking away of jewelery, toys, games, or stuffies. 3c.loss of privileges such as cell phone use, internet use, tv, going out to dinner with daddy, not going on fun trips planned by daddy. Just to let you know daddy can and has enjoyed being a MASTER to both subs and slaves over the years and is willing to incorporate as much or none of this into relationship.











 Dominant Male

 New York

 5' 10"

 200 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

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