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I am an 'Old Guard' property Owner, total ownership. servitude, service control. power pain hu
Hetero Male Dominant, 59,  New York, New York
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Last Online:


 Dominant Male

 New York 

 New York

 6' 0"

 202 lbs





Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female


 Gourmet Cook

 Investing Professional

 Professional Chef

 Woodworking Expert

I am an "Old Guard" property Owner, total ownership. servitude, service control. power pain humiliation oriented OWNER This is not only about sex, I only seek and require a 24/7, live-in, permanent arrangement ultimately, with you as total, domestic, household, sexual, service slave



I'm seeking someone to explore. Totally push the envelope.

I am an intense dominant . I want to make you weak-kneed and slack-jawed and utterly overwhelmed; aroused, and awed, and caught off guard.




Submission is bliss. Hands tied. Mouth gagged. Body marked, Following orders. Blindfolded and waiting to hear Master's voice or feel the sweet sting of his whip. On your knees. On your belly. The reward of having your lips parted and filled with something hot and hard. Such joy

You have an insatiable desire to find out exactly how far you can go, and you're looking for someone who wants to push you further and further towards wherever the edge may be. You have a very high tolerance for pain but you need me to force you to tolerate even more intense amounts of it. You look forward to seeing the marks I leave the following day. you love the thrill of anticipation and fear that ripples through your body as you await the next blow and the longing that wells up inside you as you strain to hear my whispered words of praise. Essentially, you like pain and you want me to like that you like it; You think that the exchange of pain and power in a sexual context is one of the most deeply emotional connections you can make with someone...and I'm looking for someone who wants to feel that passion and desire with me.

It has been months since my last D/s encounter by choice. I believe in rituals, ceremony, formality But not to put to much in this I am athletic, dynamic, sensual, intelligent, domineering, self aware, assertive powerhouse looking for that miracle of a woman. I like a strong woman dying to submit and surrender. talk to me. I can captivate and enthrall, feed you, see if we dance well together, then bind you to me I will be perfection for you. strong, yielding, intelligent, passionate, sharp and love strong women. I want monogamy. I want devotion. I detest stagnation and mediocrity.I need the rush and someone to share it, over and over, recreating, destroying, flowing in to you like an empty vessel.I need that spark of life, that unbearable nakedness, that control over a wild and passionate thing. objectify you. be proud of what you are. display you adore you. touch you.. tease you.. hurt you.. fuck you.. tame you. control you. never let you. take dominance. never ever let you. lose respect for me.. strip you. bare then heal you..

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Journal Entries:
1/7/2017 2:00:18 PM
back after 4 year, boy there are so many scammers, players and just plain fake profiles out here now

 What I am looking for, in no order

1)You are already happy inside, but need a strong DOM MALE to enforce and maintain structure and discipline to feel complete and fulfilled.
 2)You need the comfort that only being tightly bound and gagged can provide.Through bondage you feel totally controlled and free.
 3)You need the closeness and submission that only OTK(over the knee) can accomplish. 
 4)You need a Dom who is capable of exploring your mind, body, and soul and controlling it. You embrace and need the total power exchange that only mental and physical domination can achieve.  
 5)You need a Dom who you will never be able to "top from the bottom"!
 6)You understand the dynamic that a DOM MALE LEADS and you MUST FOLLOW. Decisions are made for you not by you. 
 7)You have time for this to develop as I am very picky and know what I need totally from you and am willing to wait to find a true match for my life.
 8)You are looking to become part of a very structured life, managed by a Dom who has knowledge on what does and does not work in this lifestyle (I am not perfect I have made my mistakes and have learned from them).
 10)You understand that I say the above from years of experience and constant learning with face to face slaves/property. This is no roleplay or fantasy for you.
 11)You must make me feel comfortable in any environment.  
 12)You understand 24/7/365, in this lifestyle is not all whips and chains and bondage, as it is in weekend play, parties or videos. The BDSM life provides a very controlled and structured foundation, sometimes in the forefront,sometimes not, but always there in your soul and mind.
 13)You understand that initial training is just that, do not get caught up in it. It is the smallest part of a life long relationship. Learning and expanding your abilities and limits will be life long however.
 14)YOU KNOW YOUR PLACE AND EXPECT TO BE TREATED AS SUCH, you are a slave and need to be treated that way always. This is something that you simply can't turn on or off, nor can I. You live to serve and obey.   
 15)IF you have got this far, your most vital trait is, YOU NEED A DOM WHO IS IN CONTROL OF HIMSELF FIRST,otherwise how can he ever control YOU!

8/9/2012 3:44:01 PM

Manners do count

Courtesy is never wasted

Familiarity breeds contempt

Anything can become pleasurable through repetition



1/30/2011 8:18:02 PM

Be intelligent, be spirited BE STRONG, that is the only sub/slave/slut worth having and keeping

7/29/2010 7:42:15 AM

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage, I feel your hunger, will taste your desire.

8/14/2009 12:34:12 PM
Hello there,
The city is making you hungry and lonely and restless. And life is short. And shorter here, it seems......... So, here you are.............................. About are a "thinking Dom's sub".

In fact, very few men inspire submission in you ... really. it's a dilemma. you are smart. you are instinctual. you are kind. you are petulant. you are confident. you are insecure. you are capable. you are sensual.

you are noticed when you walk into a room.

you are beautiful.)

Really. you are intuitive. you are cute. you are sexy. you are imperfect. you have a good sense of style.

you are creative.

you are honest. you are genuine.

Sometimes you like kissing girls.

you are usually restless. you try hard. you procrastinate.

you make a good living.

you are lucky. you would giggle if you were made to call someone, "my Lord".

you are all for "Sir".

you are well read.

you watch too much TV.

you have good manners

and perfect penmanship

you love the "edge' you are willing. you are grinning right now.

you are nasty and graceful.

And ready to look into what else you may be.

I think it's safe to say most Doms would not be disappointed.......... A little about Me. .................................................. I am brilliant

I have that Alpha thing going. I am honest. I am intuitive. I am funny. I am focused. I am strong. Very strong. I am genuine. I have integrity. And strength of character. And talent. I am good at this. I know how to handle you. I will know when you are trying to control the situation and I won't allow it. I am smarter than you am.(intended) More intuitive than you are. you won't know what to expect next. you won't be able to write the script. I know a woman's body well. I know "Gor" is a make believe place. I don't write "W/we". I am tall. I am charismatic. I am irreverent. I don't wear cheap things. I am in control. I am perceptive. I am creative. I am sexy. I am stern. I am gentle. I know the difference between "your" and "you're". I love what I do for a living. I am single. i have passion. I enjoy a woman giving herself over to me in a very deep way. It's my nature. .............................................. What you and I want the stillness and quiet mind that comes when you give up. I want the pleasure that comes when you please. you want me to know it is no "gift" you give. you are doing what you need to. It is no "gift". you want easy silence. And we want easy laughter. you want the loss of control. you want to go past or over or beyond what you imagine the edge to be. you want to feel safe with someone taking you there. you want to trust that someone will bring you back. you want to learn. you want to be pushed. you want to be challenged. you want to be wanted. you want the freedom that comes with complete surrender and submission. you want your submission and surrender to be absolutely genuine and real. you want to respect me. I will make you nervous. Few do. you want to be played with. you want to be used. you want to be bound. you want to give what I want. Or you want me to take it if that's what I want. you want to be completely uninhibited and you want to feel what that's like. you want to be accepted after that. you want that small smile to cross your lips the next day when you think of what happened the night before. you want that heat that comes from your passion and surrender and my passion and control. you want to be devoured and ripped apart. And seen. And then you want to want to stay. And you want to stay looking at the person who did it. Then you might want pancakes. you want the chemistry And you want the real deal. And you want the truth

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