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****** UPDATE ****** We have discussed it for a while. Honestly we dont expect much f
Dom/Sub Couple, 40/46,  Kansas
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 Dom/Sub Couple




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 6' 1"

 155 lbs



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Submissive Female


A Poly Household

****** UPDATE ******

We have discussed it for a while. Honestly we dont expect much from this site in terms of finding a girl.

We also dont generally spend much time contacting girls on this site because we dont like to compete with others for attention.

We view lots of profiles, but rarely even attempt to say hello.

On this site all the doms, masters and owners are in one giant competition for the attention of female stypes.

As such if you are interested in us, feel free to reach out to us first and ask questions.


Only girls born as girls - no exceptions.

We are homebodies very into cryptocurrency trading. Not involved in any communities and not looking to be. We are not rich but certainly not poor. We can take care of our own. We rent our home, not own.

We want a normal girl who can handle times of extremely unusual sex.

We seek someone who is young, can handle unusual types of pain (not bdsm pain), who can handle degradation in the bedroom and perhaps out of it sometimes, someone who does not need hidden from the world, someone who can handle piss and piss drinking, ass lickingcleaning, someone not into to bondage, someone who can handle extreme verbal degradation (inside bedroom), and someone who is going to be treated as an unwanted child.

247 live-in only.

Preferring petite, small, and shy girls but not an absolute requirement - young is also preferred but not a requirement. Kids or no kids does not matter. Slave mentality preferred to submissive.

Finally someone who wants to move fast, perhaps someone who just wants to escape current life. Permanent position for the right girl.

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