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UPDATING: Once more I am looking I dont know if I will ever find my one thought I did but I gu
Hetero Male Dominant, 54,  Iowa
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UPDATING: Once more I am looking I dont know if I will ever find my one thought I did but I guess I was wrong.

What I dont seek is drama queens,people so jealous they cant see straight just because I am watching tv doesnt mean I want them,people who only want kinky sex,or want to be just a weekend thing,bore wifes or girlfriends,fakes or posers, people that want to be rescuse from a bad marriage.or those looking for a sugar daddy (say get a real job) for I have one.

What I seek is real time  someone that will be commited to me in and out of this lifestyle  and that willing to build a long term relationship with me they will be my friend my lover my submissived  for they have build that trust and honest with me they are loyal to me and are willing to talk things out when things are tough  with me .

I am looking for someone that is real that is truely ready to submit and explore understands they are submissive in every aspect and knows why they are built the way they were not looking for players or people just wantimg play on computer I have many yrs of experience just havent found that one yet she will be reasonable healthly have a job am tried of all these people without id's I expect the following ,email exchanges,im chats,phone then if things are ok then real time meeting to see if it will be going futher if you are interested wink or email me I repeat what I am seeking is someone for long term someone for real time meaning real life only I see that mental connection I am moving to OKL in the spring so if your in OKL I will be more then happy to talk with you.I seek serious person she will belive that the woman role is of the 40's-50's times they are to support the man decidsion with input but understand that the man is the head of the house and runs the house.

My Ideal Person:
Am looking for female slave person who know who they are and believe in total power exchange. and they want 24/7 and will do the nessary things to get it .They will understand what bdsm is and the role of the slave in it.They will be able to talk to me about anything and are open and honest about it they will be commited to me as well and understand the meaning of a collar.I seek one that will give up all there life to me from asking to enter to what they wear and eat .it will extend in to everthing they do from the bedroom to outside the home to those that are standard members that maybe interested just send me a wink to let me know if your interested and I will reply back in an email to you and you will then be able to contact me we can see where we are compatable enough to to take it futher you can contact me on alt messager if you want to talk

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Journal Entries:
11/30/2009 11:33:42 AM
working on my goal to relocate filling out app that I pick up with luck may get hired part time

11/22/2009 8:49:41 PM
well some of what I belive in  1) a female is not the head of the house but is there to help support the head of house decidsons he makes she is to give input and her input is to be taken unders consideration but in the end the head of the house makes all the finial decidson in the matter,the female is to help carry out the plan in place.she to obey the male of the house there can only be one leader in a house and that is me.he is there to help and direct things while head of the house is gone.she is not to be mouthy or disrespectfull. this was her punishment for disobeying in the gardern 

11/22/2009 7:37:27 PM
today is better putting the past behind and moving forward so many mess up a good thing they had going without realizing it until to late

11/18/2009 5:45:18 PM
today was my birthday boy was it ever fuck up the ex-girlfriend call to wish me a happy birthday message was all mess up  but got to hear happy birthday  call the number back  to leave a message thank you  but she pick up the phone told me she love me  and that things were not perfect  and he scare her last night  and told me she made a mistake of marrying the ex again I told her that I agree with her how I felt about the whole mess I told her cant have anything with her until she fix her current sitituation. that she needed to be with her oldest daughter who need her more I told her you know of my plans you know where I will be in spring or summer of 2010 if she got her situation correct then maybe we can have something then ..she ask me to call her in the morning and said I will....just have to wait and see just couldnt talk to her long today because I was on break and had to get back to the floor. told a few co works talk to her this morning and wanted to know how she was doing  some are a bit piss at her for what she has done but despite everything  she has done I still care and love her very much just been the happies time I had with her in my life

11/16/2009 9:57:37 PM
talk to a few friends tonight about what happen feel sad,anger,numb  a friend tells me that I act like I am in shock I dont know everything is just a bur now hating tomorrow just dont want to listen to the insincerity of people spend 2 hrs with another friend they were just listening  we debated relgion for I feel this was the cause of it all it all sucks trust is all but gone what worse is my belief in what the next possible sub  comes in trying desire=belief=trust  all by shatter why will never know why so got to trying to firgure it out it will just drive me crazy haved to move on now forget her she gone will she be the same but will most likely will treat her as the same

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