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Hetero Male Dominant, 59,  Colorado
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Looking for a young female slave (18-28?) who wants to be permanently owned property, totally controlled, mind and body. Strict long-term bondage, maid duties, three-hole availability, punishment as needed and mind control to make the situation permanent and inescapable.Must be slenderfitpetiteathletic and very attractive (I love small fs, around or under 5, 100 lbs.).

What do I require of you? Only that you meet my age preference and I feel physical chemistry with you. Your personality and demeanor are immaterial, because after I access your subconscious mind, you will be remade into anyone I desire. Therefore, you just need to submit verified pics to me, and be willing to travel to my location (on your own dime) to begin your lifetime of slavery.

Tags hypnosis, mind control, relyfe programming, neuro-linguistic programming, NLP, Monarch program











 Dominant Male


 6' 0"

 185 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

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Journal Entries:
2/7/2017 10:18:38 PM
Note: This is one of my blog entries from my profile on (different username).

Celebrities and BDSM, pt. 2

Okay, so who knew? Who knew that I would bump into not one famous young hot Hollywood actress with a profile on a BDSM site, but two?

Regarding the first actress I wrote about in my previous blog entry, the single twentysomething household name with an estimated net worth of 70 to 100 million dollars, it's time for an update. If you recall, she had posted a profile that stated she was a "well-known actress" looking for "discreet humiliation and slavery". By analyzing the details of the profile, I was able to determine that it was real, and was able to decipher who she was by doing such things as checking to see the birth date on her profile matched this actress' real birthday, and doing reverse image searches that showed the full picture of her that she had cropped to show only her legs, and then later another pic where she obscured her face in the image, only to show clearly who she was when a reverse image search showed the complete, unobscured photo of her.

So when I told her I knew her identity, and how I determined that, she responded, saying that I was "very smart" to have figured it out, and that she was interested. She first gave me her Yahoo IM ID, and later her email address. However, it proved difficult to get her to respond to my emails with any consistency, so I was really not able to gain any traction with her. As she said, "my schedule is completely crazy, and I get tons of emails". No doubt.

So later I happened to notice that her profile status had changed from "looking for discreet humiliation and slavery" to "want to be totally controlled, forced, blackmailed". Perfect. Now these things are right up my alley, part of my skill set. What an exquisite scenario, blackmailing a filthy rich beautiful young actress, while totally controlling her through hypno-programming and screwing her brains out daily. So I tried contacting her again to proceed with this scenario, but I couldn't get her to respond, even after I mentioned alerting TMZ about her secret life if she didn't obey me. After all, that is what she was seeking, right? And I took a screenshot of her profile where she states wanting these things, which would be an affirmative defense in a court of law if the situation ever arose.

Now she doesn't check her profile very often, no doubt due to her "crazy schedule" shooting some movie in some godforsaken locale, but I happened to notice she had once again changed her status to "ruin me", which is still posted. Ultimately I decided that these things are her fantasies, but she doesn't have the guts to actually go through with them, even though on one of her rare Collarspace profiles (which she deletes after every time she uses it), she had implied that she had met people through this site when she was in New York (staying in her $14 million apartment). I still don't believe she would actually take the risk of meeting a total stranger, with all she has to lose. Would she have a bodyguard present at this meeting? If so, it would kinda kill the atmosphere, yes?

Speaking of Collarspace, where I have a profile (with a different username), one night I was running searches and I noticed a profile with a photo of an attractive young blonde woman wearing a massive "facial". There was so much cum on this chick's face I figured it had to come from more than one male. Now I had seen this profile many times before, where she states that she is looking to be controlled by an older man but allowed to continue with her acting career. Because I couldn't recognize her (true, I'm no movie buff), and the fact she was living in LA, I figured she was probably a porn actress.

Anyway, I must of been bored that night, so I sent her a message mentioning my communications with the other actress (in order to build rapport, NLP-style), and asking for her film credits. She wrote back and said, "well, this is me" followed by a Wikipedia url. So when I went to the Wikipedia page, I almost fell out of my chair. There was a long list of both TV and movie appearances, and she was the younger sister of a very famous child actress, who is much more famous than she is, who is now in her 20s, and once co-starred with Tom Cruise in a movie. By the way, the younger sister is much hotter than the older one, and had just turned 18, so she was now legal.

So I wanted to make sure the person who posted this profile was actually this young actress, and not some poseur. This was easy to do by doing reverse image searches of the numerous photos of herself posted on her profile. They were photos of this actress, but they did not appear anywhere else on the Internet, so I knew she was who she said she was. And of course there was also the unique facial pic.

By the time I finished reading her Wikipedia page, I found that she had already left for the evening. So I sent her a message, part of which asked her if having such a provocative photograph posted on her account could cause her problems as far as her public image and reputation. She did not respond to the message, but the next time I saw her profile up (she shuts it down whenever she leaves Collarspace), she had removed the "facial" pic that had been posted on her account as the main photo for at least six weeks or so. Bottom line, this girl did not continue communicating with me, but she was apparently being influenced by my words and acting accordingly, which means I have some level of power over her, but not the kind of power I would like.

The other night I saw her profile up again (minus the facial pic, of course) and I sent her a message, addressing her by her real name. I told her that I could provide everything she was looking for, that I would totally control her through hypno-programming and yet never interfere with her acting career, because having a slave bring in a significant income stream would be ideal in such a relationship. She is listed as having an estimated net worth of $5 million (at 16), paltry in comparison to the other actress, but not bad for an 18-year-old. No response.

Once again, these two actresses are probably natural subs/slaves and these are their ultimate fantasies, but I believe they are too scared to actually go through with it, which is why their profiles are not taken down. I am surprised that they are not able to find guys into BDSM in their own social circles/parties, but who knows?

One of these days, when I don't have a thousand things on my schedule, I may just show up at a known location of this young actress, approach her and covertly hypnotize her. After that she will be my property. For life. 

Update: 3/25/17

OK, you're probably not gonna believe this... but then again, who knows? So I bumped into my third famous young Hollywood actress into BDSM who put a profile up on Collarspace, looking for an older experienced Dom. She came right out in her profile stating she was 17, and didn't care if her profile would eventually be deleted. She used her real first name in her username and had numerous pics that showed clearly her face and identity. She is most well-known for playing a daughter in 64 different episodes on a famous and highly acclaimed cable series.

So I sent her a message and told her she was the third famous actress I had found with a profile on CS. I told her to read my blog about celebrities and BDSM. She wrote back and told me that from reading the blog she could tell who the second (younger) actress was, because she knew her personally and knew she was into BDSM. Regarding the first actress, the older one, I gave her a subtle clue and she wrote back and said, "is it so-and-so?", And I replied that yes it was, and how did she know that? She replied that someone else on CS had mentioned that she had a profile, and she had heard rumors that the actress was into BDSM. I asked her if BDSM was big in Hollywood, and she said, "yes it is".

Now I don't get involved with underaged girls, so that was pretty much that (she doesn't turn 18 until November), but of the three different actresses, she was by far the nicest and most polite, which made me like her immediately. The other two actresses, even the 18-year-old, were too "Hollywood", meaning they were jaded and had attention spans of about three seconds. This girl actually seemed normal, if by normal you mean someone who is smart, polite and well mannered (I guess that isn't very normal these days).

And now for an update on the other two. They both had gotten much more bold in their profiles, the older one openly showing her face in her pics so anyone would realize who she was, and had her real first name in her username. This was the first time she made no attempt to hide her identity. The younger actress put the "facial" pic back on her profile, and also had a pic of her smiling, naked from the waist up. And there was another pic where she had just serviced some (not so big) black cock, and had cum dripping off her face. Also, she was now no longer specifying a man as her prospective Dominant. Like I said earlier, these two actresses no longer interest me because they are just too jaded, seen it all, done it all, so what's left?

7/1/2016 7:02:55 PM

What is real control in BDSM? What is real slavery?

The typical relationship or encounter resulting from this site is essentially what I would define as little more than "roleplay". In fact, the sub or "slave" is really the one controlling the terms of the encounter or relationship. The sub/slave states what her limits are and just exactly what she is expecting from this encounter or relationship.

From what I am told, if a female in her teens to early 30s creates a profile here with a pic of a reasonably attractive girl (whether or not it is actually of her), she will get 100 responses from guys in the first 20 minutes, and around 500 total for the day. Therefore, she is the one that actually has the control from the very beginning. She is the one that determines what messages she will even bother to read, much less respond to. Whether she wants this situation or not, she is the one in the dominant position. And even if she signs a "slave contract", it would be worth little more than paper it is written on. If there was a violation of the agreement (e.g., the "slave" gets bored and decides to leave), exactly what court of law would the "Master" use to uphold the terms of the "contract"? None of this seems like real submission or slavery to me.

What follows is an example of true slavery, true ownership. The girl, who was not even submissive in nature (according to her), was hypno-programmed and had her subconscious mind restructured so that she was my slave and property for approximately a year, completely unable to escape (although later she admitted she liked the idea of not being able to escape). Note that this relationship happened a long time ago, in the early years of the Internet. You could never find this kind of innocence anymore online. Even the method used (IRC chat) is essentially dead in today's Internet.

I met "Kendall" in a chat room when she contacted me after seeing "Hypno" in my nickname. She had never been hypnotized before, but she told me that in moments where she felt very embarrassed, she found herself slipping into a trance state. I found this comment to be highly significant, because a person who slips into such trance states that easily indicates that they have a "dissociative" personality, where there is essentially a "wall" between their conscious and subconscious minds. These individuals are extremely rare, go into deep trances and are prime candidates for being completely mind-controlled through hypnosis.

Kendall was a sexually pristine teen (yes, she had reached the legal age of consent) who had been raised in a typical strict Mormon upbringing. The Mormons are total freaks when it comes to any sexual activity outside of marriage. In fact, they don't even allow masturbation and program their kids that it is a "sin". Thus, not only was Kendall a virgin, but she hadn't actually ever masturbated, only experiencing orgasms through "wet dreams".

Kendall was a beautiful, slender, blue-eyed blonde, straight "A" student who was a varsity cheerleader and star tennis player. Apparently quite popular, she said, "I rule in school". She was hardly a natural born submissive. In fact, she was mouthy, insolent and disrespectful, essentially the opposite of my preferred female personality, which would be sweet, innocent and respectful. Once I asked her if she was submissive. Her response, "Nobody seems to think so!!!"

I hypnotized her easily and installed the necessary trigger phrases that allowed me to control her long-term. Since these trigger phrases must be constantly reinforced, this was done by sending her communications that were only visible to her subconscious mind. She had no conscious knowledge of receiving these communications, and thus no ability to break off the control. She was programmed to remain a virgin, and to only be able to have an orgasm when I gave her the appropriate trigger phrase. These orgasms were programmed to be 20 times more powerful than normal. She described them as "waves" moving through her body. I also kept her horny about being my slave 24/7. She once described this feeling as a "constant tingling" in her twat.

Apparently this programming to like being my slave was having the effect of changing her personality over time. Her parents remarked that they couldn't believe how mellow she was becoming. She said, "You are good for me". I agreed. I also programmed her to understand that the slavery was permanent. She once asked me if our relationship was "for long-term". I said, "For life". Her response was, "OK". This greatly surprised me. She had fully accepted the fact that she couldn't escape and that her slavery was for life. I used to ask her if she liked being my slave. Her response always was, "Do I have a choice?".

To actually completely own another person is an absolutely exquisite feeling, unlike any other, because by giving their mind to you, they have given everything they have, the most intensely personal aspects of their being. I once saw a comment that said, "If you capture a girl's body, you get sex. If you capture her heart, you get love and loyalty. If you capture her mind, you get THE GIRL". Well said. When you are talking to a person's subconscious mind, there are no secrets in the relationship, because the subconscious mind will not lie, except in very specific circumstances. Once, after I had not seen Kendall online for quite a while (she was being punished), I asked her subconscious mind if she missed me, to which it replied, "Yes". Kendall would never have consciously admitted that to me.

I was very protective of Kendall, as I am with any of my property. I could have easily made her jump on top of her desk in her homeroom and do a striptease until she was completely naked, but that would have caused her lots of problems, and I didn't want that. There was one time, as punishment, I made her go to school in her shortest skirt, with nothing on underneath, and gave her the command that she would not be consciously aware of this until she actually got to school. This might seem rather tame, but trust me, for someone with her sheltered upbringing, it was quite a shock.

Eventually I got lazy and careless, and did not send the reinforcing communication properly, and lost my control of Kendall. At the time I had several other slaves and therefore was not properly motivated to keep her under my control. About nine months later, I saw her online again and knew that the reason she was back was because she missed the control, which is extremely addictive, and wanted it back again. However, we ended up getting in a big fight because I had caught her in a major deception, and so she was backed into a corner, unable to justify her behavior. I never saw her again after that.

So there you have it, an example of what real control, real slavery is all about. I captured an unsuspecting girl that was not naturally submissive and turned her into a slave, unable to escape, liking the fact that she was unable to escape, and accepting of the fact that her slavery was for the rest of her life.  I see lots of profiles on here where the girl is looking for exactly this kind of situation: to be owned by a Master, to have no choices, to be molded by her Master as he desires, to have no ability to escape. However, these girls apparently get cold feet and can't go through with it. Can you?





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