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Hetero Male Switch, 45,  Florida
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I am well travelled, well learned, but still exploring. I find it much easier to be totally open and honest with myself, and I thrive when I meet others like this. For many years I predicated identity on marriage, monogamy, and celebrating the dominant role type in my work and play. In hindsight, too many doors were closed. I have since learned to reject the simple definitions. I'm coming to the realization that I am who I am...A-Z. In simple words, I'm kinky as all fuck....and I like it. I hang a shingle that says Switch. Regardless of roles, I offer respect as a starting point. A single role - based on chemistry - is offered to those who seek clarity or security in identity. In practice, creative, erotic role-play exists to explore. From time to time, one must transform. Identity and sexuality are highly plastic. Devour and be devoured. They are one and the same. Concepts of control, power, and strength are means, not an end in my fairy tales. Emotionally, I am drawn to women, to those who are different, balanced at the core, youthful in spirit, but gracefully aged in experience. My eye is obsessed with the female form and all its gifts. I seek those who like to pose, to wear costumes, to openly and willingly experiment. Divine gifts come in many shapes. Beyond the shadow, people who know themselves, actually like themselves, and reveal themselves on many levels are a turn on. Honest exposures are a necessary part of the "give-and-take" to be shared. Not drama. Chemistry, shared interests, a great kisser, and laughing are the essential currency for progress. Read carefully: This site is used increasingly to promote illegal activity. I am not here to accept or to offer MONEY TRIBUTE. I pursue a natural interest here because I love to, and I expect the same from you....not to pay the rent!! If thats your goal....move on! DDF.











 Male Switch


 6' 1"

 180 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Submissive female

 Lives For:

 Mental Bondage

 Oral Service


 Role Playing




 Horseback Riding



 Body Worship


 Masks (Wearing)

 Masks on Partner

 Massage (Giving)

 Obedience Training


 Orgasm Control



 Vacuum Stimulation


 Art Galleries

 Fine Dining



 Anal Play



 Genital Punishment



 Sensation Play

 Outdoor Bondage

 Sensory Play


 Canes and Crops

 Local BDSM Community

 Curious About:

 Electrical Play

 Modern Primitivism

 Plastic Wrap Bondage

 Rubber Fetish


 Suspension Bondage




 Hard Limits:

 Conservative Politics

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