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Lesbian Female Submissive, 34,  Hicksville, New York
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Last Updated Aug 23 2021

FYI Im fully vaccinated, but also still weary of COVID.

Apologies for the lengthy profile (and yes I found out CS has a maximum limit on characters at 8000 if youre wondering). If you dont already know punctuation is stripped from the text and these profiles can take some time to be approved. So yes I am more literate than how my profile might seem and I try to cover a lot. Some things I may touch upon in my profile may in retrospect be misread or I may find the reader could jump to some preconceived notion, which may or may not be accurate. Therefore I appreciate those who fully read through.

First Im a female. Yes Im trans, but my gender is female (well maybe a bit more genderfluid at this time) and I appreciate those that do too. I may switch this identity from time to time since there seems to be some ambiguity on CS. I dont consider myself a crossdresser, a sissy, a tranny, etc. Again, nothing against those who identify as those, I just do not. By no means am I trying to shame or insult anyone, however my identity lies with the LGBTQ community. My gender identity is not tied to some fetish or kink as it might for some others. Im not someone who gets off as a male pretending to be female and humiliated in such a way. Furthermore I dont think being female makes one submissive. Im happy and proud to be female and I embrace it. Im also not trying to debate gender and sexuality nor am I excluding anyone from the LGBTQ community. For all intents and purposes I just needed to draw a line for some people who come across my profile who might have a different attitude as to who I am or might be. Im happy to talk to anyone in the LGBTQ community about the community and Im always open to friends here as well.

Im intelligent and independent. I can be stubborn too. I try to improve myself and be a better person. I have my own opinions and ideas and I like to be creative. If youre looking for someone to control completely then we likely wont get along. I ask that you see me as my own person. You may even consider me a feminist, perhaps apparent from above. I can be strong willed and I believe in equality in all aspects of life, whether thats gender equality or equality in a relationship, and everywhere else. Ultimately I do not think my role in the relationship makes it any less of a partnership. Of course Im human too and I experience other emotions including jealousy so I am not one to date multiple people at a time. I can be open to what I call less monogamous situations, although that depends on the other people involved. The biggest thing is that everyone involved is consenting. If you have other partners I reserve the right and expect to be able to meet them and get their approval. Im not looking forward to taking advantage of anyones ignorance and I try to be open and honest and I ask that others are as well.

I enjoy multiple vanilla activities as well, more than I can list. If its something new to me, or even something I generally dont enjoy Im always interested in learning more.

Im not into cyber and only really interested in people nearby. Im just outside of NYC and Im perfectly fine with last minute plans just as long as you dont expect me to be there within the next 30 minutes lol. I like to get to know someone for a while first online then when Im fully comfortable with them meeting someplace public a restaurant, for coffee or a drink, maybe an afternoon walk through the park. I do drink on occasion, usually socially and Im also marijuana friendly although I use less frequently. I quit tobacco use and I have a strong preference for non-smokers. I wont go about scolding smokers, but if you are a heavy smoker or if things you own smell like smoke then we likely arent compatible.

Ill occasionally browse profiles outside my region because I just like browsing the site at times. Im happy to chat with anyone from anywhere, but please understand it will be a platonic friendship (unless youre going to relocate to my area and no I wont relocate you). I do love NYC and Im currently not looking to relocate. There are some places around the world I would consider moving to, but only if the conditions and circumstances are right.

I value my privacy so you wont see many photos of me here. I understand those who value their privacy too and wish not to be so public, however please include a relatively recent photo within the first few correspondences if you havent already. A PG rated photo with your face partially obscured if necessary is perfectly acceptable but Id like to get a general idea of who Im talking to looks like. Ive also only posted one because my gender and body dysphoria can sometimes be triggering. Ive been told by others that Im a good looking person. Im out to most people that matter in my life. Of course this all doesnt mean I expect to be hidden behind closed doors. I expect to go out and be taken on dates - movies, dinners, shows, gatherings with friends.

I am inexperienced in the lifestyle and I feel Im probably a lot more vanilla than some might hope if Im being honest. It probably seems odd for me to have joined this site, but I thought Id give it a shot. Thats not to say that Im not open to things, but if you are looking for someone with a lot of experience then Im likely not the right person for you. Would I like to explore some aspects though? I sure would!

I apologize if it seems that I come with a bunch of conditions. Im just trying to convey as much as I can initially. I like to be upfront about things when I can, and sometimes I can be too honest. I dont know if youd consider that as topping from the bottom. Maybe I am? Ill leave that for others to decide.

Okay, Ill try to wrap this up. So what else am I looking for? Well its probably not what this site is for, but I much prefer relationships. Im definitely not looking for quick hook ups or one night stands, although I may make the occasional exception for other females. Id really like to find someone to do all the vanilla activities with (romantic or platonic too!), with the possibility of a bit of some kink on the side.

My sexuality leans much more to feminine people and I consider myself primarily a lesbian. For those who identify as male, well you can try but you have to be pretty special. I prefer someone taller than me less necessary for females but more so for males. I have no interest in submissive men, sorry. Maybe one day, but that day is not now.

If you made it to the end then have yourself a cookie! Thank you for reading and I hope I didnt scare you off. If you still want feel free to say hi, but please include more than that. I get breaking the ice but please bring along some conversation too. Good luck and happy searching!












 Submissive Female


 New York

 Willing to Relocate

 5' 8"






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