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Im hoping to have better luck for someone like me here. Primarily looking for friends to get a
Bisexual Transgender Submissive, 31,  Hicksville, New York
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Im hoping to have better luck for someone like me here. Primarily looking for friends to get acquainted and comfortable with. We can see what happens from there ) My profile might be a bit long, and I apologize, but I appreciate those that read through. I feel it is the best way to be as upfront as possible. It is not comprehensive and I invite anyone to contact me and ask questions to get to know me. Things change, I change. Phases come and go.

I have gender dysphoria and consider myself bigender under the trans* umbrella. However, I currently live day to day as male. This means that throughout the day I can feel male or female. I am not out, therefore I value my privacy. It would be nice to find a friend that understands how complicated things can be and help and encourage me to explore myself.

Im always open to making new friends and chatting. Quite honestly, at this point I prefer the more vanilla topics. I feel that for me to open myself up to another person is a very intimate thing and I dont plan on doing that right away, which is why its best for me to befriend someone first. Im not looking for hook ups or anything casual, so if you are thats cool, I am not however.

As part of my gender dysphoria seems to also manifest in my sexuality and role and possibly with my partners. In past relationships Ive had a more activedominant role. Im foremost attracted to women. My male self is cisgender-heterosexual, i.e., Im a guy into girls. I can be a switch male in this case although Id like to explore a more submissive side. My female self is lesbian-oriented, straight-curious, i.e., Im still into girls but would consider some type of relationship with a male. However, when it comes to men I can be very picky and if you think you might want to befriend me know that anything more than being friends would take a very long time. I would probably be more of a submissive mtf transgender in this case, although I could likely switch for for females. Sometimes I do change my gender identity, sexuality and orientation on this site to reflect how Im feeling.

I usually have all groups checked for the chance of meeting new people and making friends I might not have found before. This doesnt necessarily mean that that is what Im currently looking for more than friendship. Id also consider myself demisexual and sapiosexual, so getting to know people and intelligence are strong influences on my attraction. I am open to couples - but I may be particular in how that relationship manifests. It is hard to describe, but I think a strong emotionally intimate relationship would have to be developed with both the individuals and the couple simultaneously.

Im not experienced in BDSM and Im probably not the perfect person for this type of community. I try to be open about things and Im sure have some limits. As I said, this comes with intimacy for me. Im also a bit of an independent minded person so to be completely beholden to someone doesnt really sit well with me. An ideal relationship with someone would include a more vanilla appearance but I would be more submissive in the bedroom as I like to please my partner.

In case it wasnt obvious this profile is not for a couple.

This profile was updated on 3262018. CS takes a very long time to approve profiles and sometimes things change by then. Always best to send me a message, even if its just to say Hello. I try to be friendly (as long as youre not a jerk and show some level of respect and actually try to have a conversation).

Thanks for reading!

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