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Hetero Female Submissive, 45,  Massachusetts
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Divorced, No Baggage, I have had some experience in D/s relationships , I would like to build on that, and feed the cravings that were aroused by those experiences.. I am more Bi Curious than Bi, not into the leather /mirrored sunglass Dom's , drawn more to confidence than props..( although knowing how to use a good square knot helps.!!!)
Not a door mat, or a punching bag..Nor am I a "lil one".. a "Darling" or looking for a "Daddy" or a Dom of a tender age...(meaning I am not a Cougar, Puma,Panther,or Lynx... !)










 Submissive Female


 5' 8"






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Dominant Male

Switch Women

Domme/Dom Couples

 Lives For:

 Hair Pulling (Expert)

 Massage (Getting)

 Mental Bondage

 Stockings (Expert)






 Massage (Giving)

 Pantyhose Fetish (Expert)


 Wax play



 Body Worship

 Breast Play




 Obedience Training

 Orgasm Denial (Beginner)

 Outdoor Bondage (Expert)





 Cages (Beginner)

 Canes and Crops

 Corner Time

 Eye Contact Restrictions


 Housework Service


 Serving as a Maid

 Plastic Wrap



 Uniforms (Beginner)

 Curious About:


 Masks (On Partner)



 Speech Restrictions




 Fire Play

 Foot Worship

 Gas Masks

 Knife Play

 Needle Play

 Pony/Puppy Roleplay

 Hard Limits:

 Medical Play


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Journal Entries:
10/19/2010 8:58:28 AM

And the hits just keep on comming..... today's beauty is:
"what do you think about this task for your training show me a pic of you naked on knees hands behind the head with my name written on your belly."
Yeah sure uh huh,

8/23/2010 10:15:22 AM
The Manifesto is NOT MINE>>> sheeesh...

3/14/2010 11:45:48 AM
For a while there it looked like I had nothing new to post,,, That is until I recieved this Manifesto ...............................

A woman must be continuously physically dominated. A man should be unafraid to use his biologically given superior strength to assert his ownership over a woman's body at any and all times. Of course, physical domination comes in several forms --- it comes in the form of reprimanding a woman when she misbehaves (slapping her, pulling her hair, twisting her arm, beating her ass or cunt, torturing her tits); it also comes in the form of using a woman sexually (fucking her throat, ass, and cunt whenever the mood strikes a man).

Second, a woman must be continuously mentally dominated. A man should constantly be reminding a woman of her proper place --- reminding her that she was born to serve a man, to be property, to be owned and used. The more a woman hears the truth, the better she is able to come to terms with it and fully embrace it.

Lastly, a woman must be practically dominated. By this, I mean that steps must be taken to practically limit her ability to free herself from ownership.

8/20/2009 9:34:07 AM

COLLAR ME  where the hits just keep on comming!'s a keeper from the message box...

i woke up this morning with a big,strong erection.from all indications it's pointing in your direction.i wanna touch you and i wanna fuck you and if you's a good girl,i might even suck you.basically,strictly hard-cor4e banging with both your legs's awake from it's slumber and it's getting stronger.i'm gonna make it rain and strike your ass like thunder.....wanna play?


4/20/2009 6:52:53 AM

sigh,,,,I couldn't stop myself from sharing this one,,,   "I like your face and want you to respond quickly. I am, as my name implies, a full bull male with all the appropriate characteristics. Submit to me and I will dominate your sexuality and bring you to an entirely new place. Age is not an issue and you will not bring it up either. I want you and that's all that matters, so respond quickly or it will hurt more when I get inside deep inside of you."

12/23/2008 8:03:11 AM
Again it seems that my postings have taunted the fragile egos of some out there,,.  Sooo Thank you for all the criticisms, corrections and emails of angst (look it up if you have to.!..) at my Un-subly like behavior.. 
to those who laughed or smiled,,,... I'm glad.. there's far to little these days to smile about,, to those who didn't,,, well.. I hope you find your perfect lil automotron. ( another look up word!!..) of your dreams....  

2/14/2008 11:42:56 AM
After a lull  and some intelligent knew it just had to's this weeks winner!

"hey how ya doin? so what are you into? do you like being called dirty names? how rough do you like it? do you suck cock when you're told? are you a good little slut?"

1/31/2008 10:55:31 AM

I was sent this song/mp3.. took a bit to find the lyrics,,, its a hoot so I thought I'd share!

Hog Wild & Hog Tied (Judeen Chalk  ©1993)


Well I’m a God fearin’ woman ain’t got a hatin’ bone

But the Church has done rebuked me cause I got a lovin’ jones

Oh I tried the straight and narrow but it don’t turn out right

Cuz although I seem straight laced by day I’m strictly black lace by night


I go hog wild when you hog tie me up

Slather me with barbeque and lick me like a pup

A latex suit and steel tip boots makes the slut in me erupt

I go hog wild when you tie me up


 No one was suspecting  while singing in the choir

That the minister of music and me how we’d conspire

At first it started simple  whips and manacles would do

But before I knew what hit me we’s usin’ farm equipment too


I go hog wild when you hog tie me up

Poke me with a cattle prod and turn the voltage up

And I never dreamed a milking machine could make me feel so dang corrupt

I go hog wild when you tie me up


When our secret was discovered I’s there tethered to a pew

So when the deacon walked in us there was nothin’ I could do

Oh he swore I’d be tormented all the rest of my born days

So I just looked real deep into his eyes moanin’ ”let me count the ways”


Cuz I go hog wild when you hog tie me up

You know I like the rodeo so baby saddle up

And a good sharp spur is somethin’ I prefer so jab me hard and ride me rough

I go hog wild when you tie me up

(She goes hog wild when you tie her up)

I go hog wild when you hog tie me up

1/28/2008 12:21:07 PM
Seems  I'm getting a lot of "lectures" on my email response (or " lack of") etiquette ... I don't understand why,, I don't talk to everybody on the Green Line on my commute... nor do I dial up a random phone number in an a area code across the country just to chat.... guess I'm funny that way,,,,!

12/30/2007 8:49:30 AM
Todays winner, from the Oh Please Sir may I have another file..
You are very beautiful but before I can begin speaking with you, I must ask you to complete for me a task. I offer you this opportunity to prove yourself to me. I am 29 years old, dominant and highly intelligent. Your first task is to contact me on AIM. My screen name is ************ You will check your AIM buddy list often for my name, as often as it takes until you see that I am online. You will keep a rubber band on your wrist and every time you check AIM and I am not online, you will snap the band onto the underside of your wrist 25 times without taking a rest. When you finally make contact with me you will have completed your first task.

12/29/2007 11:52:18 AM
It did take a while.. but yes! we do have a  winner,.,,

hi sweety my name is *********** from united state,i saw

your profile and i luv it so much i will be happy to know

much better than this,i will be happy to hear from u as

soon as so much interested in what u have

just write i  ur profile looking for someone like you


11/15/2007 10:07:48 AM

Im my best southern belle voice..fanning myself... I dooo Declare! over todays winning posting.... (has Bob Guccioni's "letters to" email crossed with mine?)

You lay completely spent on the bed.Your mind is reeling from the pleasure you have received,your body is stiff and sore, yet you feel at peace.Your ass still shows the lash marks and the wax has dried all over your body.You sense me laying near you but can't see with the blindfold.You feel me rubbing lotion onto the welts and slowly kissing your body from your nipples down to your sore but eager clit."you were so good my pet" I murmer as my hands continue to massage your body.Slowly releasing the binds that hold you i gather you in my arms pleased that finally my sub can rest well for she is a precious treasure who has  so incredibly satisfying.I eagerly await our next session but for now will give her the massage she deserves for being so fucking good

11/7/2007 10:10:42 AM
Todays Post of mention...."It would be an honor to discuss and interview & inspection with you at your convenience.   I will be in....... at ........ and available after 5Pm if you are brave enough to meet?
Please advise of your intentions, experience level if any and how obedient you can be.
You can sent Master a photo to pique his interest also.
I am the mature one on the left my dear."

Gosh the offer was sooo tempting,,,, I couldn't find my car keys... and then I missed the bus.. it was raining and its hell to catch a cab... I do hope he didn't wait all night!! especially in that section of town.... sheesh again with the "Dear"

10/17/2007 11:25:02 AM

And for todays posting we turn back the wayback machine to the 70's  and the disco inferno...."love to top you baby "

9/13/2007 12:14:14 PM
The radio played a sixties moment of zen today,.,, an old song,, but the lyrics seemed soo fitting to many of the messages I seem to be getting to be a beta gamma sigma sub,,,,,

"And when you're old and grey
You will remember what they said
That two girls are too many,
Three's a crowd and four you're dead"

9/12/2007 10:04:54 AM
Today's Message Winner.....  " I like my subs  naked ,collared  and in shackles.. kept  in a small windowless cell... "

hmmmm decisions.... decisions...?

9/10/2007 5:49:59 AM
Todays message gem...  the only line was..     " do you give good head.."

Sooooo many sweet talking men...

9/3/2007 8:19:35 AM
a message from this morning..       Good morning littleone! I hope your weekend is going well! 

8/28/2007 10:55:01 AM
Sigh... Im not a dear...a lil one... or a darling... nor am I seeking a daddy , a dog or a ...



8/11/2007 8:48:35 PM
Soooo many young boys.. some young men,very few young gentlemen... I am flatered by the attention but if your under 35.. .

8/10/2007 7:30:27 AM
So many welcomes and messages! thank you!

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