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Hetero Male Dominant, 37,  SF Bay Area, California
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Girls are fun. Especially the pretty ones. And especially the ones I possess. I'll take all of that any day. But the absolutely best ones are the ones I can hurt. Torture and humiliation is the ultimate act of possession. The girl who understands this and craves it is the real girl and is deeply my kind of girl. ? My idea of a great first date is to strip you down to the waist, have you place your hands on the wall and lean against it, move your hair out of the way to expose your back (I love long hair, by the way), and give you numerous lashes with the belt... just to see how you react and how your skin marks up. You can either be tough or not, but you definitely get points for doing this in the first place. ? Another lovely first date would be sitting you down on a chair with your wrists handcuffed behind your back. I will slap you hard, and will continue to do so repeatedly across both cheeks. I will watch you react. How long will it be until you cry? Do you want to find out? If you are my possession aren't you curious about what I'd do to you and how far I will go? I am certainly curious about what and how much you can take. A good owner always knows exactly what he owns; otherwise it's not ownership. To own is to know, and to know it is necessary to experiment and push boundaries. ? Yes, a girl can definitely have many different talents apart from simply being pretty or sweet but if you aren't any of those things then are you really a girl? Think about it, it will make sense. :) ? If we talk I will want to get to know you inside out, in great detail. So be ready to answer great many very specific questions. I will gauge our initial chemistry by how responsive you are. ?









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