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Pan Female Slave, 29,  Newcastle , Australia
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livestock UNOWNED

Animal who needs to be owned it loves being a pig slut or any other animal a Owner wishes for it to be. To any potential Owners pig know its place and has few limits (listed below). Owners might be pleased that this pig enjoys and loves to be tormented, abused (physically & mentally) and used (sexually, entertainment, to be furniture and a cleaner with tongue)!!!
Due to pig have young kids (3 - 5 years) pig is unable to do 24/7. When children or vanilla people are present, pig will ensure it behaves in appropriate manner & will take punishment if not.
What pig craves in lifestyle

    • Amusement for Owner
    • Humiliated (verbally & physically)
    • Dehumanized & Degraded (within its limits)
    • Pain (torture, abused, bruised... etc)
    • Urinal (drinking or bathing itself)
    • Cum bucket (filling any of its holes or wearing it)
    • Taking its daily medicine (licking cum off anywhere its told too.
    • Slut (having holes wet & ready to stretch to as much as its Owner would like
Limits of piggy are
    • scat play (eating & cleaning pig still loves to rim its Owner)
    • Play in any sexual form with real live animals
    • Any sexual act with minors under 18, physically or in-front (includes pigs kids aswell.)
    • Have any broken bones or permanent damage to it (MOTHER FIRST)
    • needles (Soft limit - pig tends to have reflexs to needles lol)
    • Fire
    • illegal substances (forced to take them or be around them)
New things animal has tried in last 12 months
  • Anal sex - was a virgin till April 2013
  • Rimming - April 2013
  • Serving and pleasing Male Female couple
Fantasies of pig
Gang Banged (Only after pig has build trust with its Owner & it knows it will be safe)
  • blindfolded unable to see who or what does to it
  • fucked in all holes by a group (5-10)
  • Urinal (either to drink or bath in)
  • Humiliated verbally (laughing, name calling or anything)
  • Do anything requested by all just to prove itself worth.
  • Tortured every where on it
  • Stretched in all holes with large objects, fists and feet
  • Filmed to be punished and shown after gang bang











Last Online:


 Female Slave



 5' 5"

 187 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Dominant Male

Domme/Dom Couples

Friends Only

A Poly Household

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Journal Entries:
3/1/2014 9:27:22 PM

Apologies to e/Everyone who is messaging pig and has not gpt a reply as yet. By looking at pigs inbox it may take a few weeks at the moment. This pig is from Newcastle Australia and only wants something that will lead too real life, this pig needs its cunt hole used despartely before it murders someone. Most probably due to the rain my kids have been terrors and have not had the time to get on here for long to check, read properly and reply.


This pig is sincerely sorry 

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