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Pan Female Switch, 42,  New BasementTapes, Kansas
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I checked all the boxes, which indicates I am seeking everything.? Everything and nothing together.? I'm here again, in typical fashion, hunting, prowling, browsing.? If I'm lucky, getting chased.? Though, at 42, do i dare even hope for that... lol ? I'll try something different here - the crown of a sonnet redouble I began, months ago, for someone special.? Something fun I learned about, for him, since he expressed affection for Shakespearean English.?? ? Let's see what shakes loose and who gets scared away... ? Recalling there be more of which to tell Of import mighty. ?Seeming discord yet ?Tis in the contrast sooth of life doth dwell. Of brutal face did first appear the net Withal beguile of violence; o blood Divine, what had this flesh astir in lust Upon a deeper look, ?twas seen this bud Was borne of tend?rest seed of hope and trust. Thus force belied a heart of dulcet sort: As thorns dissemble petals of soft rose, So did strong hand here hide a sweeter court.
Cross knot to solve, perhaps by verse or prose. ? Iwis is joy defined by suff?ring strife; In fear of death is known the pith of life. ? @copyrights inherent - don't none of you mofos steal my shit










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 Female Switch

 New BasementTapes 


 5' 3"






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Journal Entries:
2/24/2018 5:45:15 PM
girl: Daddy, am i pretty? Daddy: Not very, but we'll buy you boobs and makeup and you will be. girl: Daddy, do you like me? Daddy: Surprisingly, yes. And I'll like you even more after I completely change you.

2/19/2018 1:58:50 PM
Okay, I think I'm in.

To all - I really cannot write you back if your message is insubstantial - either in quantity or quality - this includes those copy and paste types of great length as well as inane one-liners.

2/18/2018 7:52:10 AM
72 hours for profile approval - so even if you write me, i might not be able to respond yet.

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