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The Largest BDSM Community on the Planet

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Pan Female Dominant, 31,  Pennsylvania
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Dedicated to the incorporation of alternative lifestyles and spirituality.

We combine our 'kink' with our spirituality as much as possible.

At the very least we are an open minded and open heart group.

We accept those of any sexual, kink, or spiritual persuasion so long as they are respectful and kind.

Our group has no tolerance for ego trips or flame wars.

We will have ritual, classes, outings, etc.

No degree system is order, but please respect the High Priestess(es) and Priest(s).

Topics include B D S M, D/s, S & M, paganism, witchcraft, satanism, left hand path, shadow work, etc.

Do you flog to raise energy? Carve a rune into your submissive's skin to aid them in a spell? Work fireplay on someone to burn off negative energy?

Even if you just have an interest in these things you are welcome here.

All backgrounds,knowledge levels, spiritual paths, kinks paths, etc. are welcome here so long as we all remain respectful.

Our group is centered in the South Central Pennsylvania area but our online discussion group is open to anyone in any locale. If you wish to be a Circle Kindred Member you must be able and willing to travel to attend events, classes, outings, etc.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

Our main means of communication is through our Yahoo group which we will happily povide a link for once correspondence is extablished.

Thank you.

Leave the Shadows Dancing -

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