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Hetero Female Submissive, 41,  Akron, Ohio
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I have been in the lifestyle for four years and have learned about my inner self, my heart's desire and my need to serve. I recently asked the Master that I love for release after a very long and difficult decision. We are still friends and I am taking one day at a time to heal and grow. I have also been married for a long time to a man who does not understand the lifestyle and is not involved. I do not expect everyone to accept that, but do not judge me. Life is too short for anger and blame. I am not able to be online as often as I would like, but really miss the friendships of like minded individuals. I am not looking for short term play but rather the deeper levels of friendship and a genuine care.










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 Submissive Female



 5' 5"






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Dominant Male

Friends Only

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Journal Entries:
2/22/2013 3:48:03 AM

I miss serving a Master of Virtue. One who strives to get to know all of me. He wants to be my friend, partner in crime, lover and Master. He fiercely yet delicately opens my fragile heart again to release the submissiveness inside.

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