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Hetero Male Dominant, 55,  Carbondale, Illinois
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I'm a many years Divorced White Male who has Zero contact with my ex; I haven't had for 20 years. What I'm looking for are a few subs/slaves; who would be interested in being part of a poly household whose main focus is in the production of film and video. These flicks won't necessarily be of the X rated variety. I was thinking more along the lines of horror, comedy, and space adventure, with some skin thrown in the mix. You know, the proverbial T&A film. I have a BFA in cinematography. But, because of life's twists and turns, I was unable to practice my craft/art for many years. Now that I have my business sold, I wish to pursue my passion. I have no delusions that this will be an easy road, but it sure will be a fun one. So, as I've stated; I'm looking for my troop of merry thespians and technicians to follow me on this wondrous adventure. Any experience in the visual arts would be a plus, but not necessary; as I will teach you. I'm currently working to get up to speed with Lightwave 11.6. So, any experience with that platform, or any Lightwave software, would be a big plus. Also, computer programming skills wouldn't hurt a thing. However, these skills aren't necessary to become part of the family. We all know that a household is made of numerous and varied skill sets, and what you know isn't as important as what you are. Now, I think I should explain the circumstances here; where I live, and my views on the BDSM lifestyle. I live on two acres of ground in southern Illinois. I have a spacious home with a large outbuilding, which will serve as the studio. Some work will need to be done on both structures so they can handle the proposed poly family. However, "Many hands make light work" seems to be the appropriate quote in this circumstance. If I had to classify myself, I would say that I'm a nurturing sadist with a penchant for control. By that I mean; I desire my subs/slaves to become the best that they can be. To that end, I will never withhold any information, training, etc. that would assist your development. That being said, the sadist in me does require a certain amount of pain being administered. Even though I have 25 years experience, the sights and sounds of a properly administered flogging, whipping, and spanking still excite me. More to come.











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 Dominant Male



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 180 lbs






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Submissive Female

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