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Pan Transgender Submissive, 40,  Washington
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CindiSubTV - photo 1

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TV sub slut, dressed to tease, eager to please! Looking for a guy like A in the story. Thought i had met him but it didnt work out :(










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 Submissive Transgender


 5' 5"

 140 lbs






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Dominant Male

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 Obedience Training




 Role Playing

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Journal Entries:
11/8/2011 1:35:33 PM

Thank you guys for all the hot messages.   It is very exciting to hear how much you like the story and i love your ideas for sequels and prequels :)

10/31/2011 10:31:18 AM

The first thing A said to me was as I was about to sit next to him on the couch. He stopped me and made me sit on the floor in front of him instead. "Your place is on you knees, in front of my cock" he said. I was a little taken aback by the abruptness of it but just a little bit turned on by the humiliation & just nodded. Then he said "You're my bitch. Your the kind of girl who will do what I tell you to, how I tell you to & when I tell you to. You are going to beg me to fuck your face, have you rim me, make you gag on my cock.  When I'm ready, I'm going to cum on your face. And you're going to walk around with it on your face all day, until I tell you to wipe it off."



"Now, before we start, you have to remember these words -
 I am your property.

 I am your bitch, your cumslut, your whore, fuck me however you want.
 I exist solely to please you."

All I could say was a meek "Yes, Sir". He then picked up my camera and said "Good girl, look straight at the camera and say it".

What was the moment it hit me, this was really happening. Looking at the camera was very intimidating & I couldnt speak for a few seconds. He seemed to be enjoying my discomfort though & didnt interrupt. When I finally spoke, the words hardly came out: " I am your __".


"I am your property.
 I am your bitch, your cumslut, your whore, fuck me however you want.

 I exist solely to please you."

"Now, kiss my feet". I complied, feeling totally humiliated. I kissed the top part of his feet and sucked each toe individually. I even tried taking his entire foot in my mouth but it wouldnt fit. He lifted his feet and put them on each shoulder and pulled my face up softly by my chin and said "Stand up, turn around, bend over and spread your legs".

I was standing one leg on either side of him, bent over with only my thin lacy panties covering my waiting asshole. He smacked my ass a few times and chuckled as it jiggled. I could feel it getting hot and red. 

He then pulled my panties down, pulled my ass cheeks apart and waited. I couldnt tell what he was doing but the anticipation was killing me. Then suddenly, he put a finger up my asshole. I almost jumped when he did but I now understood why he'd told me to lube up before he got there. He told me to relax and as I did, it started to feel good. As I moaned, my cock and he noticed. "You like that dont you?" 

"Yes, Sir!" 

I closed my eyes and was beginning to enjoy it when he stopped and said "You look ready for your photo session now". 

He made me pose in very humiliating poses, the only commanility was that my face and my semi erect cock in its chastity device were in all of them. He had me stroke my cock and then kneel on all fours so that my cock was hanging as low as it could and then made me turn my face towards the camera as he took humiliating photo after humiliating photo. He had me lie down on my back with my legs thrown over my head so my cock was hanging over my face and had me pull my asshole open as wide as I could. He said that was his favorite. He put the camera aside and started fingering my asshole again. I dont know what he was doing back there but there was this one spot that he'd fixated on that made me feel really good.  Then he had me stroke my cock and beg him for permission to cum. 

He filmed me begging for quite a while and finally laughed and told me he would let me take off my chastity device.  He filmed it all and then had me stroke myself again.  I didnt last long, he sensed I was close and used his strong hands to make sure I came entirely on my own face. As I was cuming he said "Say it!!". 

"I am your property.
 I am your bitch, your cumslut, your whore, fuck me however you want.

 I exist solely to please you." 

It had been weeks since my last orgasm so I cant remember the last time I had cum so much. My face was covered, some of it was in my hair and on my bra. He told me to hold my legs in place as he went for his camera. He told me to open my eyes and smile as he took the most degrading photos of me. 

He told me to stand. He said I looked beautiful covered in cum.

 He told me to turn around and look at the mirror. "This is who you are now" he said. "This is your reality. This is how you will look whenever we meet. You are my cumslut". 

I couldnt look away. 

He smiled and patted me on the side of my hair. "This is just the start baby, this is just the start".


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