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Hetero Female Submissive, 19,  Waco, Texas
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I am very into bondage.
  • Before I meet up with anyone I would like a good amount of online discourse first.
  • I don't think I'd feel comfortable with someone if there is more than a 10 year age difference, but proximity is a more important factor.
  • Please don't message me with stuff staying what'd you'd like to do to me. I just want to talk first, you know?
  • Privacy is important to me so I'd like to talk a bit first before sharing any photos.
  • I would want to be comfortable with someone if things take a sexually physical direction so before that we'd have to meet up in person twice or more. That's why proximity is important. I just want to be able to go for coffee a few times. So getting to physical stuff will take a lot of work and its totally cool if you don't think its worth the effort. (This applies to casual sex as well as a d/s relationship.)
  • I'm not into online dirty talk (or dirty talk in general to be honest).
  • Thanks for respecting me and this list!
Note: I go to bed pretty early so if I don't message back, that could be why.










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 Submissive Female



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Dominant Male

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