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Hetero Male Slave, 47,  Portland, Maine
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I am now the personal slave in training to my Goddess and Higher Power. I never actually thought Female Dominance would find me, but it did. It's like I won the Slave Lottery. And I am so profoundly grateful to Her for allowing me the privilege to serve Her comfort, Her amusement, Her fulfillment, and Her pleasure. Of course I still have, as the poet Robert Frost wrote, "Miles to go before I sleep." But now those miles are miles of submission, and I travel them with a smile on my face. I'm still very much hoping to find a submissive friend or two, especially in the Portland, Maine area. I think it would be great to have a submissive friend - male or female - to share stories, experiences, advice, concerns, and thoughts. We could be friends online or eventually even in person. Maybe we could get together for a beer or coffee and discuss our submissive tendencies, or talk about the daily vanilla grind. Wouldn't you like to have a friend with whom you could share your submission openly? I know I would. If you want to be friends simply message me. I'm polite, respectful, and easy-going. I tend to be a little quiet and shy in groups but I'm pretty open and communicative in one on one conversations. I enjoy reading history, biography and fiction. I recently read "The Hobbit". "The Fellowship of the Ring," and "The Butler's Guide to Running the Home and Other Graces." I enjoy theater as well as mainstream movies and art house films. I love to explore new restaurants and coffee shops. I like old bookshops and flea markets. I enjoy seafood, Japanese food, tea and red wine. I bicycle daily. I'm a fan of the PBS series, "Downton Abbey". I especially like the devotion to service and the humble pride in that service exhibited by the servants on the show. My hero is the head butler, Carson, and I wish to serve with the same level of selfless dedication. I'm a born romantic, and I view submission as being the highest form of romance. Whether that involves bringing Her flowers, opening doors for Her, serving Her tea, polishing Her shoes, running errands, waking Her from a nap or fetching Her slippers. For me submission isn't simply about having my fetishes catered to or even achieving a meaningless male orgasm. It's about serving Her in the ways that I can be most useful and enjoyable to Her. It's about serving strictly in the manner She determines most fitting. Kink and fetishes can certainly have their place in our relationship but I would gratefully cater to Her kink and Her fetishes, not the other way around. My greatest reward is the pleasure on Her face at my service or the amusement in Her voice at my submission. The highest praise She could ever give me would be to say that I am "exceptionally obedient."












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 Male Slave



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 5' 8"

 175 lbs






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