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Hetero Female Dominant, 40,  Ohio
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Cincinnati Mistress Considering...
I have had a few ads here, have been overwhelmed by responses, waded through a few, met a couple nice people, played a time or two, and find myself open and looking.
So before I say anything else, let me just state that I'm not looking for a husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, to join your family, be your number one lover, best friend, confidante, pal for beer and jokes. None of that.
I'm a Dominatrix. I don't know what YOU mean by that but here's what I mean. I mean that I like others to serve me, worship me, provide me pleasure, give me their pain. Devote themselves to me for the duration of a scene, do your best, give your most, suffer the whip, the spanking, the whatever I wish to give you and be grateful for it.
It would help is you knew what you wanted up front. So before you write to me, make sure you've read all of the above, think about it, be respectful, response with more than one word, explain yourself, and I'll seriously consider playing with the best responders.








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