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Pan Transgender Slave, 24,  Pottstown, Pennsylvania
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I’m Ciel (Chosen name - Its french for Blue -- Or Sky.) I’m 23 years old and I am an out of the closet Transgender / Crossdresser. I love wearing womens clothes. I love anime. Computers are my non-feminine passion. - Age 9 I spent a good bit of time at my aunts house as a kid and she was a fairly business-y women so she had lots of outfits. When she was down in her office and I was in her room 3 floors up watching cartoons I usually ended up trying on her clothes. All be it big on me it still felt good. I kinda got caught wearing her lipstick one day as I left kiss marks on the back of one of her pillows. Oops. I did not get in any real trouble over it thank god. It made me shy away from doing it for a while. I was 9 I actually believed my family when they gave me the old “This is right this is wrong you are a boy… Boys don’t do that…" This was the beginning. When Ciel first really started to form in my head and whisper sweet nothings in my ear. - Age 14 I am finally old enough to know what my dick is for. I used to snatch my dad’s porn when they were not home and have a good old whack at it. I also stumbled into some of my mothers Lingerie. I knicked a few pieces and went into my room one day. It was the really good quality lingerie too. It felt tight but right. I loved it. Never caught this time. - Age 20 This is when shit hit the fan. I know I’m bi because my best friend is sleeping in my bed and making out with me. That did not end well but I am still great friends with him. He gave me things to question. He gave Ciel a greater voice. I love him and hate him for that but I regret nothing. - Age 23 Here I am. I don’t know if I’m going to rock you like a hurricane or not. 23. Outed as both bi and trans. The whole management and staff at the local Victoria’s Secret loves me. I never walk out of the house less than 50% crossdressed. I love flirting with boys even though I’m not all that passable yet. This list goes on. So… Nice to meet you :3










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