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I'm a Dominant Christian male. The hierarchy in my house is God first, Man second and woman third. I give direction to those in my charge on how to serve God, myself and the household.

I tend to be attracted to younger submissive women and my goal here is to find a compatible relationship. It does not matter if you identify as a sub, a slave or somewhere in between as long as you want to serve me and the household while also wanting to be shown love and affection. I'm mainly interested in being served and not into any heavy BDSM. That doesn't mean I don't have a few kinks. It just means my life does not revolve around them. Although I'm not your Dominant yet, I do have some messaging rules for those who would like to begin a conversation. 1. I'm to be the only one you communicate with on here or any other social media platform. This is to cut down on outside distractions while we are attempting to get to know each other and form a bond. 2. I want daily contact. The times of which to be worked out. 3. I don't like to be left hanging so for every message I send, I want a prompt response. 4. If you have to leave the conversation at any time, then let me know beforehand and give me a chance to respond as an abrupt departure is rude and not OK. I also want an approximate time you will be rejoining the conversation. 5. And if I say something you don't like and you want to break off contact. Make absolutely sure you know exactly what I meant to say before you make a rash decision. You could be blowing a good thing over a misunderstanding. Additionally if you don't have a photo on your profile then I will ask for at least one soon after we begin communicating. At some point I will ask for another photo that will be of a specific type. It will not be a nude and will be really easy to provide. There will most likely be more requests after we have begun communicating but as to exactly what those will be depends on how things go. If you are not willing or able to do these things then please do not contact me. And last but not least. I'm not a perfect Man, a perfect Christian or a perfect Dom and I don't have a perfect body. I'm not looking for perfection and nobody should because it's just not attainable in this world. I would also like to say, good luck in your search and I hope you find someone who although may not be perfect, is still close enough to fulfill your needs.

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12/11/2022 8:18:49 AM

I recieve no pleasure from physically or mentally abusing anyone. My pleasure is derived from being served without question.

11/16/2022 9:45:55 AM

The great deception has begun and as society rapidly spirals downward into the abyss, I've decided it's time to pull back and let go of the people around me, and from now on I will be keeping a low profile, spending a lot more time at home and devoting more time to prepping for what is to come.



11/15/2022 6:13:55 PM

I called my stockbroker and asked him what I should be buying right now and he said, "canned goods and ammunition."

10/6/2022 7:55:52 AM

 Now that hurricane Ian has passed I hope & pray that many will take to heart the need to be prepared. Whether it's having a plan and a place to evacuate to in order to avoid being caught in the path of a deadly storm. Or having adequate supplies on hand to get through any outages and untill things get back on track.

 As my screen name suggest I am a Christian and a prepper. I have always been a foreward thinker and a planner. Although I don't have a bunker and never will. I am however pretty well prepared for anything other than an EMP event or Nuclear war (without a bunker it's very difficult to be prepared for something like that). In todays wordly climate nuclear war is looking like a real possibility. I won't get into the politics of why that is happening but I suggest people do their due dilligence to prepare for all possible future events. 

10/4/2022 5:19:10 PM

Testing, Testing, is this thing on?

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