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hail... whats up people... im a grounded TOP-DOM/switch who loves to play... always safe and s
Bisexual Male Switch, 25,  Salt lake city, Utah
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 Male Switch

 Salt lake city 


 6' 4"

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hail... whats up people... im a grounded TOP-DOM/switch who loves to play... always safe and sane- and always unforgetable. not looking for 24/7. I usally play with guys- but girls are welcome as well. i am partnered with another male- hes a SUB-switch. love just about everything.. have a few definite favorites. i am into pushing emotional/psychispiritual limits, approaching fears, cane, s/t, mumm, bondy and more. i have professional education in anatomy and physiology in addition to formal dungeon training. i am formally trained and concurrently being trained. have been a very good bottom and trained as such which makes me a very good top.very spiritually motivated and energetically sensitive. i am not looking for 24/7 slaves or bottoms. i am looking for people who are interested in this lifestyle, would like some training, would like to get involved with the most respected training discipline in the country and would like to explore with me. drop me a line =)

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Journal Entries:
3/26/2005 1:41:44 AM
can i take that last entry back? where are the credentials, style explanations and the like- have most people read a book and been converted into an experienced dom? how many doms here have ever served? bleh!

1/31/2005 10:04:51 PM

hail... let me just put this out there right now- and try to not sound like an ass... if youre completely closeted, to the point you cant even chat here about what you want... im probably not interested. if you are in utah and would like some information about a safe,sane and confidential group of amazing players... with the ability to train, teach and facilitate some amazing growth in SM.. please contact me.. all sexes, roles and orientations are very welcome. thanks for understanding... -J

1/20/2005 11:33:16 PM
some great ppl here... glad i found you guys... will update my main profile with more information soon.. as always- you are welcome to contact me.. will try to check mail daily. take care all. -J-

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