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Hetero Male Submissive, 50,  Metro DC, Maryland
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Updated: 20Oct12

For your consideration:

I have no doubt of your belief in how Dominant You are. If You believe it, as well, none of what I have to say should be disconcerting to You.
If you see this lifestyle as a game to play, or a part-time venue for fun, I have nothing that will be of interest to you. If what you read below interests you as a way to enhance your existence; something you feel you could "live" with... Although I do not consider myself to be "naturally" submissive, nor anybody's carpet or pushover, I am interested in finding someone special and, let us say "Dominant" enough, to take charge of... Well... Continue reading!
Please take into consideration that, first and foremost, I am looking for a Key-Holder. Preferably (but not necessarily) a younger-than-me Woman-of-Color (Black, Brown, Red, Yellow... any color EXCEPT WHITE!), in the Metropolitan DC area (MD/DC/VA), or willing to relocate, who is interested in having a Man-of-COLOR 100% under Her control... My favorite toy; my 3-piece-set, LOCKED in a chastity device, with You holding the only KEY! To ONLY ever experience another orgasm if, and only IF You allow me the privilege. Ruined orgasms endured for Your pleasure... Prolonged or perhaps even permanent orgasm denial, if that is Your wish. To never be allowed, ever again... As you wish!

Tease - Torment - Torture ALL endured, for Your pleasure. If that is Your pleasure.

For as long as You hold the key You are, of course, ENCOURAGED to explore the boundaries and physical limits of Your sexual nature with whomever You wish, safe in the knowledge that You have a loving, caring man at home to take care of all of Your other needs. My KSA's abound outside the realm of D/s, as well.

Denial - Frustration - Humiliation ALL at your whim and/or discretion.

I will happily provide any required before- and after-care You find You want or need, for as long as You remain my Key-Holder. Whatever it takes to bring You pleasure... Help in getting ready for an evening out on a date? YES! Pamper, bathe, and cuddle with You when You return? YES! Accept Your creampie as Your special gift to me, whenever offered? ALWAYS!!!

Oral - Massages - You have only to ask..., or direct.

Ideally, this will evolve into a permanent relationship. Complete with legal-status and documentation outlining Your FREEDOMS and my RESTRICTIONS, for the duration of our time together.


Women ONLY, of course!

Please either include a photo in your email or already have one in your profile if your interest/need is genuine. All others are subject to be deleted without being read. Include an email address if you wish to speed things up a bit. Face pics of me available upon request of qualified Dommes. ~~~~~~~
Addendum updated 31Aug11:

I have NO interest in, NOR will I ever develop any desire to participate in male-to-male inter-personal interactions. Not now! Not ever! I am not Bi; I am not interested in "forced-bi," or any other male-bi-activities. I would sooner cut off my own balls with a rusty butter-knife. My focus is, and will be on taking care of YOU, and only YOU. I also have no interest in cross-dressing or feminization; forced, of otherwise. Not gonna happen. Same for Scat.
(I find it interesting that so-called "Dominant" Women are reluctant to embark upon what even the most timid of men habitually engages in, on a regular basis. That of initiating contact with someone you are interest in. In clubs; online; at the supermarket; everywhere, in fact. Men are inculcated in the demands of taking that first step. Women; even "Dominant" ones, seem to wish to remain coquettish, and demure. I have been in and out of this lifestyle for going on two decades, and this is the one thing that remains a mystery to me.)
I am NOT looking to become a mobile ATM for some lazy Princess, but I do promise to do all that I can to maximize YOUR comfort and pleasure.

Terms & conditions to be discussed and agreed upon mutually!

~Cc - The ChasteCuckold - Cc~












 Submissive Male

 Metro DC 


 5' 11"

 205 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

 Lives For:

 Being allowed to worship your body (Expert)

 You tying me up (Expert)

 You disciplining me with a cane (Expert)

 You controlling my male parts (Expert)

 You punishing my gentials (Expert)

 Being humiliated by you

 Being allowed to give you massages (Expert)

 You deciding when I'm allowed to have an orgasm

 Being allowed to service you orally

 Being spanked by you


 You cuckolding me (Beginner)

 Female Sovereignty


 Being blindfolded

 Exhibitionism (Expert)

 Being allowed to worship your feet

 You putting me on a leash

 Sensory Play

 Wax Play


 You treating me like your butler (Beginner)


 Anal Play



 Curious About:

 Electrical Play (Beginner)

 Outdoor Bondage

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Journal Entries:
6/10/2013 8:41:38 AM

Eventually, a Dominant Woman will happen across my humble profile, read and understand the potential, and decide She must have this that I freely offer.  Having reached such a conclusion, will reach out, positively, to me and a dialogue will begin.

5/28/2013 8:33:58 AM

I am a Man.  Straight.  No sissy desires or tendencies.  This I state, unequivocally.  If I turn over the keys to my favorite toy, to you, for your control and discretionary determinations; then, understandably, You hold a significant amount of leverage when it comes to what I will and will not do.  That being said, there are still lines I will not cross.  We all have our limits, after all.  If You are my Key-Holder, then, and You wish to force me across some imaginary line, it becomes a test of wills...   How *good* are You, at what it is that you do?



2/22/2013 1:55:31 PM

Here's what I don't get...  If the Man is Dominant, and He want to let a submissive woman know He is interested, He must initiate contact.


And yet;


If the Woman is Dominant...

6/15/2011 6:00:53 PM

Life is settling, finally.  Going to re-start trips up to Tha "D" to spend some time with the fam...  Maybe see in any of you Detroit-area Ladies are interested in a brunch meet&greet, while I'm at it.

1/29/2011 5:30:47 AM

To: The Young Lady mildly curious about cuckolding,


  If your curiousity ever zeniths, I look forward to hearing from you, again.  Unless, of course, someone elses' curiousity got the better of me before then.



1/22/2011 4:58:28 AM

To: All the Domme's, or whatever other high-falluten title you've bestowed yourself with...


  Please, please, PLEASE take a few moments to spell-check your profiles.  Of those on here whom you constantly complain about; the 99.999% who are game-players and various and sundry loosers, they care not that simple syntax, proper spelling, and punctuation are a sign of someone who pays attention to the details.  All of the rest of us actually care. 


  You do not want a simpering, drooling fool as your other, neither do we.

1/8/2011 9:04:09 AM

AT the risk of offending *some* of you so-called Dommes (those that aren't offended already know why they aren't offended), I think there may be some misunderstanding.  I am not: A sissy.  A punk.  A pushover.  Demure.  Weak.  Weak-Minded.

My proclivities are fairly specific, and well spelled out within my profile; as is what I seek.

I have a (well-paid) profession; two, actually.  And, I did not get to where I am personally or professionally by being ANY of the above.  Quite the contrary, truth be told.

So, if you want/need someone to bow to you, I am NOT that boy.  If, on the other hand, You want a Man, who is into being a chastised cuckold, who is also interested in catering to You and Your wants and needs...

12/2/2010 11:32:44 PM

Well, the last couple of years have been dramatic, interesting, introspective, changing...  3 family deaths.  5 different employers.  Loss of my car (an accident...  should I view this as another death? maybe...).   Things are settling down, finally.  Hopefully, they will stay settled for the foreseeable future.


I still seek that which I speak about in my profile.  That has not changed.  In the meanwhile, I am hoping to once again be able to make a once-monthly drive up to visit my family, up north.  Perhaps I can find what I'm looking for, back home, if only for regular out-of-town visits.  No losing sleep over it, however.  Too much to do to catch back up with the life I have put on hold these last two years.


If you are reading this, and I have *admired* you and your profile, rest assured there is an interest on my part.  I have been on here long enough to realize that your inbox is more than likely filled to capacity with the detrius this lifestyle has to offer.  Or, if you are as Dominant as you say, take a chance and contact me...  You just might be what I need.



2/23/2008 3:29:31 PM
Another month has passed, and still no sane, intellectual women-of-color, 25-to-?? in the Metro DC area (or, willing to relaocte, once we spend time getting to know one another).  No Woman interested in a permanent Chastity-cuckold willing to worship Her body, day and night, support and care for Her...  Ah well.  The search continues!

1/3/2008 11:40:57 PM
Hours of ORAL servitude...  Prolonged or PERMANENT Chastity...  Lifelong Cuckold...  Creampies...  Teasing & Denial, never to orgasm, ever again...  Torment & Torture, to endure for someone elses Pleasure...  A Woman-of-Color (Black, Brown, Red, Yellow...  any color EXCEPT WHITE!) in the Metropolitan DC area (or, willing to relocate) to serve & please...  These are the things I LONG for.  These are the things I dream of.  These will complete me.

Any takers?

So far, sadly, no. 

But I still dream.

Some day...

9/6/2007 6:19:41 PM
This, from one of the very "teen-Dommes" I railed against in my 15July journal entry:
im   going  to  be  in the  dc  area   sooner  then  that  any  way  not  sure  where   your  coming  from   your    the   slave   &      i   need  to see  if  you  can   be       there   for   me  so   yes  i   ask        you     are  saing   no   to   what  i  asked  of  you   insulting  my  class     ok  ...
Taken, verbatum, from her note to me.  If any of you other Dommes are capable of translating this into passable English, for me, I will gladly scrub your toilets clean with my toothbrush, next weekend...

Attn: Teen-Dommes...  Live a little, grow a LOT, learn something about LIFE, FIRST, THEN contact me!

No less than I deserve, I guess, for breaking my OWN rule and responding.  Never again, I PROMISE!

7/25/2007 8:11:12 AM
Met me a "Vanilla," outside of CM.  She seems curiously interested in my predilliction.  She says She is already seeing a few others, besides me, and so is appreciative that She does not have to "hide" Her activities from me by being deceitful about going out with other men or inviting them to Her home.  There IS potential.  But its too early to tell.  Could work out, could collapse under its own weight.  We will see.  Any constructive advice from Dommes or Top/Switch females is welcome, of course.  All others subject to be deleted with out comment or view.

7/15/2007 3:53:11 PM
Haven't been on here a month, yet, and already I'm fed up with the "Teen-Dommes."  If you're younger than, say, 25...  Or, if you're so stuck on yourself that you lack the capacity to correspond with any decency and respect, pass me by.  If you are not old enough to know that punctuation, grammer and sentence structure are a natural part of corresponding, pass me by.  Because of these self-imposed limitations I will NO LONGER respond to ANY Dommes more than 20 years younger than I, for ANY reason whatsoever!  No matter how "cute," "Domme-ly," or "mature" you think you may be.  Similiarly, as much as I can, I will resist troubling any Dommes with unsolicited contacts.  If you happen across my profile, and find that my interests coincide with YOUR interests, drop me a note and we will see what develops.  I check-in once a week, or so, but promise to reply to all "qualified" Dommes (regardless of age or race) as soon as is humanly possible. 

More pics to share, including face/head shots, to any "Qualified" Dommes interested enough to request them.


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