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Hetero Male Submissive, 27,  London, United Kingdom
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Hi there, I've been in to chastity for quite a while now. I found this site and now feel I'm ready to be a sub for mistress. In my day to day life I'd say I was very normal and confident, I like to go to the movies, play sports etc but behind closed doors I've always felt the need to be submissive to women. Chastity has always held an allure for me and I would love nothing more than to be serving women, all the while being kept in strict chastity and lose my right to orgasm's

happy to reward for your time












 Submissive Male


 United Kingdom

 6' 3"

 156 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female


 Lives For:

 You controlling my male parts

 Being allowed to worship your feet

 You deciding when I'm allowed to have an orgasm

 You cuckolding me

 Auto Racing



 Electrical Play

 You punishing my gentials

 Science Fiction

 Female Sovereignty


 Amusement Parks


 Being blindfolded

 Being allowed to worship your body


 Being humiliated by you

 Being allowed to give you massages

 Public Play

 Vacuum Stimulation

 Arcade Games









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Journal Entries:
6/29/2015 4:00:03 AM
Chastity Contract

1. Definitions:

Throughout this Contract, these terms are used with following definitions.

Chastity: Prevention of all kinds of sexual behavior, including sexual intercourse and masturbation.

Chastity Belt: Any lockable, wearable device designed to keep wearer's chastity and to prevent touching wearer's genitals by wearing and locking-up

Key-holder: The individual who will lock the device up and will hold the key according to this Contract.

Slave: The individual who will wear the device according to this Contract, and who is to keep ones own chastity. In case of the Contract, may also be referred to as I or myself.

2. Binding Agreement:

I, the undersigned, bind myself totally and completely, without limit, to servitude to the holder of the chastity Contract, hereinafter known as key-holder.

I certify that I am at least 18 years old, am not now physically or mentally impaired by influence of any drugs, including alcohol, or other reason where I do not know what I am doing and am legally and mentally competent to dutifully sign this Contract in my own name. I am signing this document of my own free will, without coercion or pressure of any kind. No one has made any promises, guarantees, warranties, or offered threats or inducements of any kind to get me to sign this chastity Contract.

With full understanding of the meanings and implications of this chastity Contract, I specifically desire and request the control delineated and the activities mentioned herein.

3. Slave obligations:

Slave is under each and every one of the following obligations.

A) Slave purchases the chastity belt which is worn by the wearer at the wear’s own expense.

B) Slave wears the chastity belt at any time of the key-holder specifies.

C) Slave is prohibited to have any sexual intercourse without the key-holder's permission.

D) Slave is prohibited to masturbate without the key-holder's permission.

E) Making efforts to remove the chastity belt by the wearer is forbidden.

F) It is the responsibility of the Slave to maintain the chastity belt cleanliness.

G) Slave is never permitted to leave from under the key-holder's control without the key-holder's special permission, when the chastity belt is removed by the key-holder temporally.

H) Slave is prohibited seeking permission in removing the chastity belt to the key-holder for the sake of wearer's sexual satisfaction.

I) Slave is fully versed in both, short and long term health risks of such a chastity device and without reservation or duress accepts said risks.

J) Slave acknowledges that such a device may create embarrassing or otherwise humiliating situations either in private or in public and without reservation or duress freely accepts such situations, including security and medical situations as a real and desired part of a chastity life.

K)Slave agrees to release key-holder from any harm, damages, liabilities, or health issues caused by wearing a chastity belt.

L)Slave shall provide key-holder with a list of all sexually related web sites he belongs to as well as the passwords to such accounts so that key-holder can monitor his activities and interactions with other members of the site. There are NO exceptions to this.

M) As the slave is not worthy to have intercourse with women the key-holder can make slave suck any other mans cock and swallow his cum any time they want. key-kolder can put any ads on craigslist any time they want

4. Key-holder's obligations:

Key-holder is under each and every one of the following obligations.

A) The key will always be under the supervision of the key-holder.

B) The key-holder has the obligation to pay attention of the wearer's health condition and arrange necessary suitable treatment, when any disorders are identified on the wearer's body.

C) The key-holder will supervise and let the wearer maintain the chastity belt with regular intervals determined by another agreement.

D) The key-holder may freely without reservation, both privately & publicly disclose the fact, in any manner the key-holder chooses that the key-holder controls the wearer's chastity device.

E) The key-holder reserves the specific right and obligation to seal, affix, damage or alter in such a manner, decided solely by the key-holder, the wearer’s belt so that it can not be removed by use of a key.

F) The key-holder, may, at any time and without reason, wearer’s consent, approval, cause or prior notice to wearer invoke obligation number 4.E as defined above.

G) If, the key-holder chooses to invoke 4.F, then upon such execution, 4-A becomes null and void. In other words, the key-holder may destroy or otherwise remove self from said supervision of key.

H) The key-holder has the right to create accounts under wearer’s name on any and all social and adult websites and in other similar situations to act on behalf of wearer by posting any written text and any such pictures, videos and audio recordings key-holder desires to. Such postings do not & shall never require prior knowledge, permission or consent of wearer, such postings shall also be intended to cause as much online humiliation and embarrassment to wearer as possible, see 3.J.

I) The key-holder fully understands and acknowledges the Contract is only for chastity. There are no other BDSM actions or rights taken for granted, or to be done with or to the wearer other than any such actions agreed to prior to signing of the Contract with the wearer.

5. Audio and photography distribution:

A) This section includes, however not limited to any and all audio recordings, still pictures and video recordings directly and only relating to wearer’s chastity and life associated with such chastity.

B) The wearer agrees to freely give up and without reservation or duress any and rights to ownership and distribution, via any means decided by the key-holder.

C) The wearer agrees without reservation or duress to release key-holder from any and all legal ramifications seen, known of, anticipated or not, at any time as defined in Section 3.I, 3.J, 4.E and 4.F.

D) The wearer agrees to specifically and without reservation or duress give up the right for profit to the key-holder who has no limitations on the amount of potential future profit created as a direct result of any recordings made using wearer’s likeness or voice.

E) The key-holder agrees to leave wearer with a complete and unedited copy of any and all recordings of any and all sessions where chastity activity is present.

F) The key-holder shall maintain the right to edit, alter and otherwise change any recorded and photographed materials containing the wearer. Any such changes do not require any consent, knowledge or approval of wearer.

G) The key-holder freely agrees to, and without reservation or duress, unlimited distribution of any and all recordings and pictures containing the wearer’s likeness or voice without any prior consent of wearer.

H) Distribution, for the Contract, shall be defined as: making unlimited copies on any and all media used for file copying, posting to any online web-sites and use of file sharing programs.

I) The wearer agrees to provide legal and authentic identification to key-holder at first meeting to confirm the identity of wearer to key-holder. Such identification may be freely, in fact is strongly encouraged to be used by key-holder to create accounts on any and all social and adult websites and in other similar situations to act on behalf of wearer by posting any written text and any such pictures, videos and audio recordings key-holder desires to. Key-holder agrees to submit & create no less than ten (10) distinct such accounts within 60 days of locking wearer. Such postings do not & shall never require permission, prior knowledge or consent of wearer. The wearer specifically and agrees to release the key-holder from any and all legal recourse or consequences directly or indirectly caused by giving away identifying information for such a purpose.

6. Safe words & placement of belt:

A) The wearer and key-holder mutually agree that upon immediate signing of the Contract, there are no safe words to be used until chastity belt is adequately secured in place upon wearer to the absolute and complete satisfaction and pleasure of key-holder.

B) Both the wearer and key-holder understand that the wearer may become apprehensive and nervous about being secured in a chastity belt. To ensure proper placement of belt, wearer agrees to completely and voluntarily submit to any and all of the key-holder’s methods to achieve the final and intended result. Such methods may include (however are not limited to) any and all physical restraints (including other individuals), drugs or chemicals or alcohol to sedate and otherwise relax and or forcibly restrain the wearer during the belt securing process.

C) The key-holder agrees to release any and all physical restraints (obviously exclusive of the chastity belt) used or applied to the wearer as defined in 6-B.

7. Hold Harmless:

The wearer submits to the Contract and to associated treatments hereunder entirely of his own free will and volition and for his own personal, private and non-expressed reasons. The wearer enters into the Contract solely and entirely at his own risk. The wearer (I), for myself, my heirs, my assigns, and all other parties of any deion, hereby agree to hold harmless, and release from all liability of any kind, the key-holder and all other participants in these activities.

8. Cancellation of the Contract:

A) The wearer never requests the cancellation of the Contract except the following cases.

B) The relationship between the wearer and the key-holder is cleared or terminated by mutual agreement.

C) Either the wearer or the key-holder will execute ones obligation due to long-term illness or some other unspecified reasons.

D) Either the wearer or the key-holder died.

E) It becomes obvious that wearing the chastity belt makes serious problems on the health of the wearer.

9. Length of the Contract:

There is no determination on the maximum duration of the Contract. It means that this Contract may be valid for an indefinite period of time. However, the minimum duration of this Contract shall be no less than five 6 months from the latest date signed below. Length of the Contract shall in all cases, exceed and replace and supersede 8.B, 8.C and 8.E, which may be deemed as lifetime or permanent.

Both of _______________________ as the key-holder and _______________________ as the slave agreed on all the above sections and sentences with each own free will and each of the key-holder and wearer keeps a duplicated document signed by both.

The key-holder: signed____________________ Date: ___________________
slave: signed_______________________ Date: ___________________

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