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Hetero Female Submissive, 58,  Auburndale , Florida
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CharmN14U - submissive

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 Submissive Female



 5' 3"






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Dominant Male

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 Electrical Play

Mature , attractive , college educated woman interested in a mature honest man who has control over His life. I like the HOH, DaddyDom(not age play, more protector), think 1950s housewife with lovely kinks. I like a mix of vanilla and BDSM as we all have family,friends, jobs etc. A DomMaster who is not always looking for the next best thing , one who is not on the hunt for new pussy so He can feel good about himself. I have a great sense of humor and you should have one too, life is too serious not to laugh and enjoy it.

Not a pain slut or masochist,nor do I want to be,I do enjoy some impact play, I just have a limit, but am not opposed to trying new things.

I will be happy to talk and see if there is any common ground. I am looking for real time lomg term, not interested in new Dom of the week thing. I am in no hurry as I am looking for that special man who really understands both our needs and lifestyle. I also know that I may not find that special one in my own backyard. That has not been a problem in the past and see no reason why it should be a problem now.

I do believe in spoiling my partner and being spoiled. They both feed off each other. How a Dom treats his submissive says so much about Him and how he feels about her. If you want respect then one needs to give respect. If you claim to want to be that protector, that teacher and mentor then step up to the plate and be that, not all talk no action.

Please believe me when I say I dont think I am right for You and I will believe You when You say who You are.

If any of my thoughts offend You,please walk on by, no need to be rude or classless. I dont need Your opinion, I dont belong to You . You know what You seek and so do I. No need to make a mistake.

I will NOT make someone a priority who only thinks of me as an option. I am not looking to be your fuck buddy, I am looking for a real relationship that lasts because of common interests and new adventures.

Profile says 58 but age is 63. All pictures are mine and me. I am happy to send a picture by KIK or my email as for whatever reason I can not attach a photo or get chat request.

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