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Switch/Sub Couple, 53/44,  Houston, Texas
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Greetings to the CollarMe community. We are a polyamorous household. My wife and I are happily married. She currently serves under a new Master who has agreed to come and join us in our lovely home. I am now seeking Switch or Mistress for my particular needs. We do have another room in our home for this person. The screening process is NOT a cake walk. If you are looking for a free ride or just want to play...Go to another house. We are a very loving decent family and we are going to stay that way. If however, you are interested in getting to know me, talking to my wife and a couple of our dear friends, we would love to hear from you. We are genuine people looking for a genuine Switch or Mistress who truly knows what that means and are Comfortable in a poly household. Thank you for taking time to read our profile and we look forward to many great friendships and conversations.
Charmed Couple~













Gender Identity:










 6' 2"

 250 lbs




Gender Identity:










 5' 4"

 230 lbs



Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Switch Women


A Poly Household

 Lives For:

 Breast Play (Expert)

 Massage (Expert)



 Amusement Parks (Expert)

 Fine Dining (Expert)

 Vibrators (Expert)

 Country Music

 Eighties Music

 Nineties Music



 Rock Music

 Seventies Music



 Flea Markets


 Garage Sales

 Travel (Expert)



 Anal Play (Expert)

 Bondage (Beginner)

 Collars (Beginner)

 Housework Service

 Massage (Giving) (Expert)

 Strap-Ons (Beginner)

 Heavy Metal Music





 Curious About:

 Renaissance Faires (Beginner)

 Erotic Hypnosis (Beginner)

 Humiliation (Beginner)

 Orgasm Control (Beginner)

 Oral Service (Beginner)

 Outdoor Bondage (Beginner)

 Suspension Bondage (Beginner)


 Sensation Play

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Journal Entries:
2/18/2011 7:52:19 PM

Bill sat on the floor at the coffee table and glanced at Mary. She didn't seem to know what 
to ask next, and Bill wasn't too concerned. Mary never claimed to be Domme, and what she may 
need or want to know would either be brough out by him, or she would learn in her own time. 
John sat beside him, patiently waiting for orders. Bill asked him to fetch a round of 
drinks, and some bottles of water, and her went up the stairs to comply. Ellen, the new 
prospective slave, watched his ass play peek-a-boo in and out of the loincloth he was 
wearing. She had changed into a baggy t-shirt and an old worn bra, and old stained panties 
and gym shorts as she had been told to do. Now Bill stood and ordered her to come stand in 
the middle of the room, and her wrists were placed in leather cufs, and these were tied 
together at the d-rings and  the rope passed over a brace in the overhead joists. Her arrms 
were then hoisted up over her head until the lowest she could place her elbows was slightly 
above her ears. Mary then arose and they both paced around her and occaisionally fondled and 
groped various parts of her body especially, but not limited to all of her erogeneous zones. 
Bill reached down her pants and roughly fingered her dampening pussy, and Mary felt her 
nipples through her shirt and started to lift it to see her nipples. "Allow me!" Bill said 
as he grabbed her shirt collar at her neck, and ripped it open, , then grasping the front of 
her bra, and ripping that from her chest and freeing her breasts. She gasped, at the 
violation, and could feel her pussy juicing up as she was humiliatingly exposed and then 
Mary palmed her aureolae and rolled her nipples in her fingers. John returned and they took 
some water, and resumed their examination of her. "John, remove her pants and panties!: Bill 
ordered and the male slave began to push her shorts and her soaked panties down around her 
ankles. She struggled, feeling even more humiliated by being exposed by a slave, but as she 
tried to clench her legs together, John started shoving a finger in her ass, and she tried 
to keep it from hurting and spread her legs a bit and he finished dropping her pants. then 
he sniffed at her pussy and looked at his Master "She's ready Master!" Bill kept his gaze 
upon her, and said "I know, but not as ready as she will be!" Tears stremed down Ellens 
face. John arose, and knowing his part, licked the salty drops from her cheeks, running his 
hands over her body. She shuddered, and her body spasmed in his arms. "Master, she will 
share my quarters, will she not?" John asked. "Of course" Bill said, "should slaves get 
private rooms? What next? breakfast in bed?" They all laughed. "Of course, you may be 
required to wear a chastity device, if it is a requirement of her servitude, but that 
remains to be negotiated." John squeezed her ass and slid his fingers up and down the crack 
of her ass, and sucked on her tits. "OK, John, we wish to resume our examination, you may 
sample the leftovers" Bill said and John dutifully released her and backed away. Ellen 
raised her eyes, and looked at John, he wore a collar about his neck, and had a small number 
tattooed on his ass that said SLRN# XXX-XXX-XXX. Bill released her cuffed wrists from the 
ceiling, but then guided her to the couch where Mary waited. "Now it's time to accquiant you 
with some of your duties, slut! EAT!" as he pushed her face into marys crotch. her mouth and 
nose were filled with the aroma of marys musky womanhood as she had become aroused herself 
watching Bill and John manhandle the young woman. She ran her fingers through Ellens hair, 
and pulled her tighter against her dripping pussy as Ellen began licking at her clit, and 
sucking the dew from her labia. As she felt Marys pussy grinding into her lips, and against 
her tongue, she felt an erotic sense of accomplishment, and redoubled her efforts to 
maximize the responses she was getting, feeling a kind of power over her new Mistress, by 
knowing she could cause her body to involuntarily spasm and her hips to rock, and moans to 
escape from her lips. She probed deeper into marys wet hot box sucking her woman juice out 
and lashing her with her tongue eagerly. Mary pushed her away, and moved to a low chair as 
she approached it, John hurried to it, and lay on the floor, placing his head beneath it in 
a low sling made for the purpose. Ellen noticed that there was an opening in the middle of 
the seat, which seemed to have been made from a toilet seat, and the back was adjustable. 
Johns body was laid out to the rear, and Mary reclined the backrest about 45 degrees and sat 
down, her ass over Johns face and said "Come here and do some more of that, slut!" Ellen 
went to her and knelt before he and began lapping at her eagerly again. Now as she lapped, 
she could look down, and see Johns tongue licking and probing Mistress' rectum. Ellen was 
turned on, wondering if she would be placed under the chair sometime, used in this fashion. 
Marys body twitched and spasmed and moans escaped her lips in increasing volume. Marys 
fingers dug at he backl of her head, and her ass rotated on Johns tongue, and she ground her 
pussy into Ellens face. Ellen could almost not breathe  and she eagerly sucked at the wet 
hole being roughly rubbed in her face. Her cheeks slid easily against the insides of 
Mistress' thighs as her whole face was now well lubricated with her cum. 
"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHGGGGHHHHH! Mary cried out as another orgasm hit her, and she found her pussy 
becoming overly sensitive, and pushed Ellen away. "I want some hard cock Daddy!" she said to 
Bill, who led her to the couch and knelt between her legs and slid his shaft effortlessly 
into her wet hole. John got out from under the chair, and took Ellens shoulder, and turned 
her towards him and kissed her, savoring the taste of Mistress pussy on her lips, and in her 
mouth. He sucked and kissed gently at her face as the tought occurred to Ellen that the 
tongue that was just probing her mouth had just been in Mistress' ass. She felt delightfully 
wicked, and worthless, that she was now being used by another slave. John held the new girl 
tight and rubbed her body with his hands, knowing he couldn't take her until given 
permission, and her eyes followed his as he looked over to watch Master fucking Mistress 
hard and fast while she played with his nipples. They listened as they ageplayed while they 
fucked. ""Does Daddys little girl like the feel of Daddys hard cock inside her tight pussy?" 
Bill asked her, pantingwith lust and exertion. "Yes daddy! I like your cock inside me, and I 
want your cum deep inside my pussy!" mary said looking up into his face as his hips slapped 
into her thighs. Bill held her legs up and pounded her pussy mercilessly and soon began to  
move more jerkily and then he moaned loudly as he spasmed, shooting load after load of hot 
cum deep inside his wife. "You two, over here." Bill said as he rolled off of Mary, he took 
the new girl and guided her to his now soft cock, and she began to lick and suck the mingled 
cum from his tool. John knew exactly what was expected of him, and lowered his mouth to 
Mistress' wet cum filled creampie and began sucking the jism from deep within her. She 
stroked his head as he lapped and sucked at her and Master wrapped his hands in Ellens hair 
and maoned softly as she began bringing his cock back to life. "Are you ready to make your 
last soveriegn decision?" Bill asked her. "Yes... Master" she said, and Bill took a lined 
leather collar down from a shelf and placed it around her neck, and when she took her mouth 
off of his cock, he slapped her across her breast and pulled her back to his cock, which she 
again sucked into her mouth greedily. Bill pulled her backl off his cock, and laid her on 
the couch, with her head in Marys lap, which John was obliged to vacate, and Bill slid his 
once again hard cock into his wifes new handmaiden. "If you don't mind dear: Bill said. 
looking at Mary "I want to give your new handmaiden a try." "That's fine!" Mary replied, I 
need to go get washed up anyway and she kissed her husband while his cock slid in and out of 
the slave girl, rose, and walked to the bathroom in the next room. "MMMM you feel so good 
around my cock!" Bill said "Slave, lick my ass" he sadi to John without looking at him, and 
john went behind Bill, and Ellen could feen him between her feet, and sometimes felt his 
chin bump her perinium or thighs as he ate Bills ass, as Bill slowly fucked her pussy. Bill 
ground into her slowly, and maoned at Johns tongue rimming his ass, and he began fucking her 
harder, and faster, gradually building up speed, "I love fucking a new cunt I haven't tried 
before!" Bill said, intentionally using a word it seems that NO woman likes to hear. Maybe 
later on, I may do your ass, and let John have a go at your hot little pussy. It took her 
breath away to hear him talk so casually about gang fucking her with his male slave. her 
body shook as an intense orgasm swept over her, and her new Master nibbled and chewed at the 
soft flesh at the hollow of her neck, just above her new collar, and slammed into her as his 
own orgasm hit. She could feel his cock twitching inside her until it began to soften again, 
and he rolled off of her and had john suck him clean. Then he said "Go upstairs, put your 
bathrobe on first and go to our bedroom, and cuddle your Mistress, and suck her nipples 
awhile, we'll be up after a while" She got up, and put her robe on, and mounted the stairs. 
Bill stood up and walked to the bathroom, and John followed him. He ran the shower nice and 
hot and climbed in, and John stepped in after him, and began soaping his Masters back, 
betweeen his legs and his chest and belly. Bill raised his arms and leaned against the wall 
of the shower stall and John soaped his armpits and then began rinsing him off, laving water 
over his body and rinsing the suds away. Then he knelt behind him, and parted Masters ass 
cheeks and probed his ass with his tongue, almost a ritual when they showered together. Then 
John washed himself and they got out, and he towelled his Master dry, and then himself, and 
they returned to the couch, which was a futon, and Bill laid the back down, and sprawled 
upon the matress on his stomach. "I need a back rub!" he said and John climbed on the 
mattress and straddled Matsers hips and took some baby oil off a convenient shelf and poured 
some onto his Masters back, and began spreading it with his hands. Master moaned extatically 
as his hands worked the knots out of his back, and shoulders. John worked his Masters neck, 
and his upper arms, and down his legs, Master was almost sleeping with the deep relaxa  tion 
from the rub down. "You do SUCH a good job!" he moaned. John smiled and rubbed harder and 
deeper, happy to have a Master who appreciated his talents. "Get up" Bill said sleepily. 
John rolled off his Master and Bill rolled onto his back, 'C'mere" Bill said, and John laid 
half atop his Master who took his head in his hands and kissed him deeply, and then guided 
his face to his chest. John took Masters nearest nipple in his mouth and flicked his tongue 
across it and began sucking and felt fingers on the back of his head pull him closer. He 
gently bit and nibbled the nipple and reached up to play with the other with his fingers. 
Bill felt Johns cock stirring against his thigh and smiled sleepily. John raised up 
slightly, feeling Bills hand snaking between them and the fingers wrapped firmly around his 
cock, and he sucked in sharply around Bills nipple. "MMMM" Bill moaned, "My stud monkey has 
a nice stiffy!" there was a pause. "How many times this evening have you gotten hard and 
then it went away because you couldn't do anything about it?"  "MMM Dunno" John said from 
around Bills nipple. Buill chuckled and said "In any case, I'll bet your balls much ACHE 
from wanting to cum so bad". "MMMMMM MMM-HM!" John said, knowing what was coming, only 
wodering the exact form it would take. "You've made me feel so good and relaxed, I think you 
deserve some relief, why don't you get between my legs" Bill said huskily. John climbed over 
Bills leg and knelt between his thighs, and Bill lifted a leg. "Put my legs over your 
shoulders fuck-boy, I want you to have a good hard ride!"John put his Masters legs over his 
shoulders and guided his cock to Bills asshole and began pressing it in. Bill Moaned as it 
started parting him and stroked Johns sides as he worked it deeper. "MMMMMM yes! slide it in 
me stud monkey!, fuck my ass slut!" Bill said, his eyes almost closed feeling Johns cock 
working deeper within him. "UUUUggghhh! Bill moaned, arching his back slightly as Johns cock 
filled him, and at last Johns hips ground against his buttocks, and John rubbed his crotch 
into Bills uplifted ass.Bill pulled his face down and kissed him again, and John began 
working his cock in and out and Bills hands went to Johns ass and pulled him in as deep as 
he could on the in stroke. "MMM yes my little fuckstick, slide it in my ass!" Master urged 
him. John began fucking his Masters ass a bit faster, and Bill cautioned "Don't cum too 
soon, or I'll make you clean it out of me!" This was almost over the top even for John, but 
he knew Master meant it, and he started trying to pace himself. Master was right about many 
things, not the least of which was his balls aching from all the false starts he had had 
this evening, he was only happy that he would soon get some relief and be able to shoot his 
load of cum. He felt Masters hands grip his ass, and urge him to move faster and deeper. He 
wanted to, but he also wanted to cum, and not have to suck his own cum out of Masters ass. 
"M-Master", he stammered "I need to cum so bad!" Bill chuckled and said "I guess you've 
earned it slave, but i reserve the right to get a second helping if I still need it in a 
bit! Now fuck me hard and fast like the slut in you wants to!" John needed no further 
encouragement and began humping Bills ass harder, his hips slapping against his Masters 
buttocks. "Yes, yeah, fuck my ass!" Bill panted and played with Johns nipples, John ground 
into Bills bottom, and Bill pulled him down for another kiss and while John was sucking on 
his Masters tongue, his cock exploded in Bills ass, and he gasped and moaned into Bills 
mouth. Bill grabbed his ass, and pulled him in deep and said "Yes, GIVE me that cum, slut!, 
Fill, my ass up!"Bils legs came off Johns shoulders and Johns cock popped out of Bills ass 
as it softened. "I always wished I had a bigger cock, but now I wish you did!" he said with 
a laugh, and John joined him in it. They were both about the same size. Bill lay there and 
dozed lightly as John sucked his nipples and snuggled against him. "Let's go see what the 
girls are up to!" Bill said, and they both slowly got to their feet and climbed the 
stairs.walking through the kitchen, they went through the living room and climbed the stairs 
to the bedroom level, and went into the master bedroom. Mary was curled up, softly snoring, 
and Ellen was cuddled up next to her, her lips still next to Marys tit. Bill touched Ellens 
shoulder, and her eyes popped open, and it took her a minute to realize where she was, and 
who woke her "yes Master?" she asked softly, so as not to wake her Mistress. Bill beckoned 
with his finger, and she came intto the hall. They were quiet to keep from waking Bill and 
marys son, and went into the former spare bedroom, now the 'slave quarters'.Bil pushed the 
bathrobe from Ellens shoulders and John removed his, then his Masters, they pushed Ellen 
back on the king sized mattress and both of them fell on her. She struggled, but not too 
hard, she knew what they wanted, and she wanted it as well, but the struggle was part of 
what everyone desired. Bills cock was hard again, and he drove it into her ass, impaling 
her, and then rolling over putting her atop him. she tried to rise, but he held her fast, 
and John parted her legs and slid his hard cock into her dripping cunt. She moaned, feeling 
more filled that she ever had before. it was the first time she had been double penetrated. 
She had seen it in porno flicks on the internet, and now she felt deliciously slutty 
actually taking two cocks herself, and the fantasy of being gangraped! Her pussy almost 
gushed with her arousal, and she began to moan as they worked a rythym on her body, with 
john driving her body back and forth on Bills cock in her ass. Bill sucked and chewed at her 
neck, and she lolled her head back on his shoulder in surrender, and giving him access to 
suck and chew a greater area. Bill groped her tits firmly, and her body was crushed between 
the horny men. John lasted a good while already having cum once, but he was fucking her hard 
and fast and he shot his load inside her, and pulled out, and made her suck his cock as it 
wilted inside her mouth. She tasted the sweet saltyness of herself mingled with his cum, and 
then she was slid off of Masters lap, and Master shoved his cock into her mouth and she 
sucked it, once again reminding herself of women in the dirty movies who sucked cock just 
removed from their own ass. Bill was spent, not having even cum in her ass, but just 
enjoying the ride so to speak, and he kissed them both, and Ellen thought it strange to 
watch a man deep kissing another man, but this was a night of different experiences and she 
wanted to lay down and relive it in her mind. Bill left to go sleep with his wife, annd John 
cuddled with her in the bed, and they talked a bit, and John told her that this was her 
first night, and tomorrow they would talk and if it made her more comfortable, Master would 
lock him in a chastity device so she wouldn't have to worry with him, unless she wanted to. 
Shen turned her back to him, and lay her head on her pillow, and started remembering what 
all had transpired that evening, and after a tenative touch, John cuddled up to her and 
spooned her, and that was all she knew before she dropped off to sleep...

2/11/2011 6:25:48 PM

They retired to the basement and took their drinks with them. They turned on the TV set and 
Bill (the Dom) turned on his computer and switched the inputs to the TV from the cable to 
the computer and put on some internet porn for one of the many free sites providing such 
entertainment. he selected one with some VERY hot girl on girl action going on, and Carla 
and Mary exchanged glances, smiling sheepishly, each wondering how this was going to start. 
Bill loaded the hookah and as he did so, he explained that there was noting illegal about 
smoking shisha, that it was simply tobacco soaked in flavored oil and molasses and 
smouldered with a piece of charcoal to smoke it. They passed the hose and Bill got out a 
deck of cards.they started playing a few throwaway hands of poker and everyone knew what was 
coming so Dave said "Why don't we play strip poker?" Bill looked at him grinning, he was 
banking on him saying just exactly that. Dave and Carla were both submissive which left both 
of them wanting something the other was ill equipped to provide. they loved each other very 
much, but Dave had discussed with Carla the idea of finding a Dom or Domme, and then they 
could both find fulfillment together. Carla had agreed although not with the greatest 
enthusiasm since few women are anxious to invite others into their marriage bed. Dave had 
met Bill online, and they had chatted and found they each had spouses who would be most 
comfortable moving along slower. They had driven an hour or so on a couple of occaisons to 
visit Bill and Mary and had had some BBQ and watched some TV, Bill and his wife were fond of 
the series 'True Blood' and they spent a long weekend having a marathon when the latest 
season was released on videodisc. Dave had helped Bill clear out the front room of the 
basement and they got the playroom set up. Dave knew about all the hidden...accessories, 
since he had helped install them. He was aware that Bill had a vivid imagination. Their 
first play was largely already determined. They were going to let the girls have some 
uninterrupted girl on girl time (the reason for the selection of the video currently 
playing). They started to get closer to naked as the game progressed and soon they broke out 
some chips to make up for clothes that some players no longer had to bet. Bill wanted 
everyone in the game (Except himself, he was just dealing) to stay in until the conditions 
were just right. Once Mary was naked, and Carla lost the last of her clothes, He said "Mary, 
I think you should sit back on the futon and use Carlas markers to have her eat your pussy, 
I think Dave would like to watch that, I know I would!" Mary looked at Carla and smiled and 
got up on the futon (they had been sitting on the floor around the huge coffee table) Carla 
moved to her front and caressed her thighs. She looked up into Marys face and lowered her 
face to her pubic mound as she maintained eye contact. Mary drew in a sharp breath as 
Carlaslips met her pussy. She was a bit turned on knowing that bill had said he thought it 
was time to make the next move. Mary looked over at Bill "Are you guys going to stay out of 
this for awhile?" she asked. Bill responded "It's all you my dear! and to our esteemed 
guests, her title for the night is Mistress." Carla grinned up at her and said "How may I 
please you Mistress?" and ran her tongue up the slit between Marys labia pausing at the end 
to circle her clit. "MMMMM that's a good start!" Mary moaned and ran her hands across the 
back of the other womans head running her fingers through her hair. Bill sat at the opposite 
end of the futon and watched intently, glancing over at Dave out of the corner of his 
eye.Dave had gotten down to his underwear, and his stiff cock was quite evident. "Dave..." 
Bill began, "Why should the ladies have all the fun?" Dave looked at him and shrugged, 
speechless at the sight of his wife sucking ever more eagerly at the other womans pussy. 
Bill pulled off his shirt. "I think you need to come take your Masters pants off." Bill said 
firmly. Dave came over, without getting off his knees watching the women moaning and sucking 
more enthusiastically. He looked at Bills pants and unbuckled his belt, and unbuttoned his 
pants, then he lowered the zipper and found Bill wasn't wearing any underwear. Bills cock 
sprang out and he looked up at him, and Bill sat back on the futon and said "I don't mind 
you watching the ladies, but as you do, show me how you like having your wife suck your 
cock." Dave looked at bills cock and balls and took the head into his mouth, while Bill 
watched intently. He wanted to make a good start at it, so he swirled his tongue around the 
head, and then ficked it across the glans several times before taking the length of him into 
his mouth. then he rocked his head so he could watch his wife eagerly lapping at Marys wet 
pussy. they could hear wet sucking and slurping noises coming from Marys lap, as Carlas head 
bobbed and ground into Marys sex, and Mary spread her legs wider to grant her full access. 
Mary was moaning loudly and briefly pulled Carla up, and had her suck her nipples and they 
could see the wetness Carla left on her tits from the pussy juice smeared all over her face. 
Bill reached under the side of the futon, and produced a small box and removed a tube of KY, 
he handed it to Dave and said "use this and finger my ass, cumslut. You do that VERY well!" 
He added approvingly. Dave squeezed some of the lubricant into his fingers and rubbed them 
between Masters ass, and slid a finger gently in, and resumed his oral attentions. Bill 
closed his eyes and moaned and spread his legs further and put his left foot on the futon to 
spread himself open more. The pressure he felt on his prostate was almost enough to make him 
explode. He pulled Daves head from his cock and said "leave your finger right where it is, I 
just want to make it last a bit longer, and make it more intense". He pulled Dave up and 
pulled his face to his chest, bringing his mouth to his own nipple. Dave didn't need to be 
told what to do, but just began rolling the nipple between his lips, and flicking his tongue 
across it. Bill arched his back, and pulled Daves head in tighter and moaned aloud. He 
looked over and Mary was moaning and crying out in her own passion, and Carla was getting 
into it, trying to see how much more intensely she could make Mary cum. She knew she had the 
juice of at least three orgasms on her face, and with a final spasm, Mary could stand it no 
longer and pushed her face away from her pussy, and got up and went to the laundryroom next 
door where there was a full bathroom. Carla sat on her heels kneeling and watched her 
husband suck Bills nipples, and then Bill guided him back to his cock, and patted the futon 
next to him. Carla rose and sat where he indicated. "Do you like watching your hubby suck 
another mans cock?" Bill asked her. "MMMMM" she moaned noncommittally. "Like watching him be 
another mans slut?" Dave whimpered at that. "Um hmm" Carla said, watching Daves tongue flick 
along the underside of Bills cock. Bill said "Come here" and Carla curled up next to him, 
and he pulled her face to his chest and she began to suckle his nipple, "Now you can watch 
him closely" Bill said softly in her ear. Dave looked up into his wifes face "Squeeze the 
precum out of it" she said He did and then she instructed him to lick it off, which he did. 
Mary returned from the bathroom and sat on the other side of Bill, and began sucking and 
nibbling at his other nipple, and Bill leaned back on the futon, scooting his ass closer to 
the edge and closed his eyes and concentrated on the feeling of the two soft women sucking 
his nipples and let his hands wander over their bodies as he felt the wet warmth of DAVES 
mouth envelop his rod, and felt his finger sliding in and out, and wriggling inside his ass. 
Bills hips began to rock, as he started fucking Daves mouth, and  He said to Carla "Should I 
cum in his mouth, or give him a facial?". She shrugged, but  Mary piped up, "I think you 
should cum all over his face!" "You heard your Mistress Dave, stroke my cock while you keep 
fingering my ass, and keep it pointed at your face!" Bill ordered. Bills hands roamed over 
the ladies backs as he felt the tension rapidly rising within him.Bills hips rocked and the 
movement became more pronounced, and urgent as he felt the orgasm building and he gave a 
loud grunt and a moan as he shot his load of spunk over Daves face. Bill lay there, chest 
heaving with the exertion of his orgasm. he ran his fingers through Carlas hair and pulled 
her from his chest and kissed her deeply, exploring her mouth with his tongue. Mary sat 
back, knowing that right after cumming, Master would be hyper sensitive for a few minutes. 
She watched him devouring Carlas mouth, but knew he was doing it to give Carla some much 
needed attention since she had been eating her out, but had had no relief herself yet. Also 
he wanted to gauge the effect on Dave who watched the proceedings with Bills cum running 
down his face. Dave raised his hand towards his face, and Mary said "Don't' he's not done 
with that just yet". She took a quick snapshot with a cameraphone, and then bill turned from 
Carlas mouth, "Carla, I think you should lick your husbands face clean!" he said. Carla 
knelt besiade him and began licking off the cum running down the side of his nose, and his 
cheeks. Bill gave Mary her belated kiss as they watched the woman clean the jism off her 
man. "OK, Dave, go finish the job in the bathroom, and hurry back" Bill said. He saw the 
rigid cock sticking out tenting Daves underwear as he rose and went to the laundryroom. He 
called Carla to him, and had her straddle his lap and he bagan fondling her tits roughly, 
and reached down and fingered her pussy to find it pleasantly wet. He slid two fingers up 
inside her, and used a third to tease her asshole, and she moaned and whimpered as she 
squirmed in his lap. While looking intently into her face, Bill asked "Mary, did this girl 
do a good job on your pussy?" Mary closed her eyes and said "EXCELLENT! Master, she made me 
cum at least five times!" "OHHH, then we'll have to reward her for being such a good and 
talented girl!" Bill said as he rolled Carlas clit between his thumb and forefinger. Carlas 
hips rocked against his touch and as her back arched her breasts were shoved close to Bills 
face. He gently bit her nipples, firast one, then the other, before rolling them between his 
lips and sucking on them. She put her arms around his head and held him tight to her bosom, 
and he continued suckling her, and began fingering her pussy more energetically, being 
purposefully rough. She moaned and leaned against him, and he reached around and began 
fingering her ass, and pulling her to him. She pressed her body against him, and he lowered 
her and eased his cock into her hot wet waiting pussy. She gasped lightly when she felt him 
slide inside her, and Bill was fairly certain she hadn't felt another man within since she 
married her husband, and the thought gave him an added thrill. She bagan rocking her hips, 
rubbing her nipples against his cheast as she began to ride him. Bill looked at Mary and 
said "Go tell Dave to get a WARM wet washrag from the bathroom when he comes back". mary 
gave one more glance at the woman riding her husbands cock and went to do his bidding. She 
felt a slight pang of jealousy, but knew that until she felt comfortable eating Carlas pussy 
that she had to get her relief somewhere. She caught Dave just as he was coming out of the 
bathroom, and she told him about Bills order, and he went in to comply, but not without an 
apreciative glance at her body, as if wondering what her charms might be like to sample. She 
smiled slightly to herself as she returned to the futon, and told Bill that Dave was getting 
it. Dave came back and saw his wife riding Bills cock, and went slack jawed at her wanton 
abandon. Maybe if he asked Bill sometime he would leave her wanting and when they went to 
bed she would ride him like that, that was the way they made love when they first got 
married, he thought. "Ohhh yeah! you LIKE having a strange cock up inside that tight wet 
cunt of yours don't you?" bill panted to Carla as she rode him hard. "Oh YESS MASTER! FUCK 
my pussy!"Bill noticed Dave at the door and waved him over "Sit between my legs and spread 
your wifes ass cheeks, and clean her ass off good with the washcloth" he said. Carla enjoyed 
the feeling of her ass being washed with the arm washcloth, but was afriad Bill was going to 
have DAVE double penetrate her, which WAS what Dave was hoping for. Instead Bill said "Dave, 
lick her ass, and tongue fuck her ass" Dave knelt behind his wife, between Masters legs and 
waped her ass with the cloth and began eating her ass, and pushing his tongue as far as it 
would go (which, honestly wasn't far) into her rectum. He felt her press back against him, 
and Bill felt a corresponding clenching in her pussy as she arched her back and opened her 
ass to Daves licking.Bill pulled Mary over and kissed her deeply, he asked her as he pushed 
her face to Carlas breast "You want a ride like this, later?" "MMMMM looks like fun!" she 
said starting to suck on Carlas nipple. Riding a mans cock with his hands firmly on her 
waist, feeling a wonams lips on her tit, and her husbands tongue in her ass was about more 
than Carla could stand. She sounded vaguely like she was trying to talk, but she simply 
gibbered.The noises she was making were building in volume and rythym as she neared her 
climax. words started coming through "oh...yea.... Mas..ter meeee!" she moaned as 
her orgasm was about to overwhelm her senses. her body shuddered, Her ass clenched, forcing 
her husbands face from between her buttocks. She let out a keening scream/moan that made 
everyone thankful that Bill and Marys son was two floors and two closed doors upstairs. 
Carla leaned against Bill, panting and kissed him hard and repeatedly. Dave sat back and 
stroked Carlas ass, running his finger in circles around her puckered little hole. Bill 
twisted her around in his lap and said "OK Dave, lick my cock off, and suck my cum out of 
your wife!" the blatant crudity of the comment shocked and excited him at the same time, and 
he picked up Bills cock, hanging between her assc heeks now and licked his wifes pussy juice 
off of it, then quickly moved up, licking the trail of cum starting to ooze down the crack 
of her ass. He glanced up and saw Bills hands kneading and groping Carlas breasts and he 
watched her face as he sucked and licked another mans jism from her hot wet gash.Her hands 
went to the back of his head, and she ground his face into her cum filled pussy and he 
dutifully lapped her creampie until there was nothing left but saliva. Bill watched intently 
as Dave ate his cum out of Carla. He groped her breats and she writhed in his lap at the 
attention. "Mary, why don't you fondle Daves balls a bit?" Bill suggested "He hasn't had a 
chance to cum yet, so let's start getting him ready!" Mary knelt behind and to one side of 
Dave and reached under his ass and cupped his scrotum in her hand and rubbed it between her 
fingers gently. Dave gasped into Calras pussy making Carla wrap her legs ariound his face. 
"Give them a little squeeze baby!" Bill suggested and Mary squeezed them, and Dave held his 
breath, but Mary wasn't used to any kind of CBT so she didn't squeeze hard. Bill chucled and 
said "Ok ladies, why don't you go upstairs and get another round of driks for us all and 
I'll get Dave ready for what's next". What's that?" Carla asked. "Oh, something 
interesting!" Bill said with a wink. As the girls headed up the stairs Bill reached under 
the futon and pulled out the box again and removed a set of four well made leather cuffs. he 
sat down, and began fastening them to Daves wrists and ankles. "What ARE you going to do 
next?" Dave asked. "If I were to tell you, would it be as big a turn on as if you didn't 
know? Bill replied "I can tell you, but the effect would be more intense if you do't know, 
and I promise it's not beyond your limits." Dave nodded and then bill went to the corner and 
removed a piece of PVC from behind the laundryroom door. It was capped at both ends and 
there was a gatehook fastened to an eyebolt threaded into either end. He hooked one gatehook 
to the D-ring on one ankle cuff, and then locked the other end to the other ankle. Then he 
went back in the box and removed was appeared to be a large skein of rope which he then used 
to tie the D-rings of the wrist cuffs together. He passed the bulk of the rope through an 
eyebolt in the floorjoists of the ground floor, and pulled until Dave was standing with his 
legs spread, and his hands reaching almost to the fairly low ceiling. Then Bill took our a 
length of black fabric a,d used it to blindfold Dave. Bill spotted an oversight he had made 
and took a pair of scissors and cut Daves underwear from his body. While cutting Dave could 
hear the sound of the women coming down the stairs. "MY" he heard Carla exclaim, and 
directly her felt a cool glass being held to his lips and he took a drink of rum and 
coke."What are you doing?"he heard Mary ask. "I'm sitting down for a bit to enjoy the show!" 
bill said. "As your Master, I order you both to tease him as hard as you can, but you're NOT 
to make him cum until I say so!" Dave heard the two women walking around him, and felt their 
hands carressing his body and his cock jumped and throbbed. He felt a finger slid up along 
the crack of his ass, not knowing whose, and in shying away from it drove his cock right 
into another hand that gripped it tighly. he was startled into backing away and then he felt 
that woman, (Mary he thought) follow with him, still gripping his cock, and pressed her body 
against him. From the feel of her breasts he knew it wasn't Carla, so it must be Mary he 
though, before he felt carla press herself against his ass and wrap her arms around him, and 
begin massaging his nipples. He was now sandwiched between the two women, feeling Marys 
breath on his chest and Carlas on his shoulderblades. he shuddered in anticipation, and he 
felt Marks legs close in around his cock, but it was under her, so the most sensitive part, 
the underside could get no friction.Mary squeezed some KY out of the tube, and stroked it onto his cock, and his breath almost whistled as he sucked in air at the cold slippery touch. It was driving Dave crazy, trying to figure out what was going on, or at least get some clue before it happened. he could hear slight breathed words as Carla and mary mouthed words at each other to try to avaoid even whispering, but not enough to understand what they were communicating, which WAS the idea. He heard the obscene slurping, sucking sound of the KY tube again, then Carlas hand returned around him, but her other hand went between his ass cheeks and began rubbing the lube between them, and wriggling a finger into his tight bunghole. He rocked his head back and gasped as she eased it in, pushing his cock deeper between Marys thighs. He felyt a mouth close on his nipple, and then her teeth nibbling his hard puckered little bud. He whimpered, wanting so bad to grab her head and pull it tighter into his chest, but he was helpless, even to SEE what she was doing. His movements were of little value at keeping Carlas finger out of his ass however, as the spreader, and being stretched out vertically kept him from being able to clench his ass effectively. Her hand left, and presently he felt something long, hard and cool being slid between his cheeks, it penetrated him, and with a minimum of discomfort it slid deep within him, then with a twitch or two, it began buzzing.the vibrator against his prostate was intense and his cock drooled precum in Marys hand. Mary released it and told Carla to remove the vibrator, lest they make him cum befor Master gave his permission. Bill rose and lay on some cushions on the floor and told the women to release him, then indicated he should come over to him. Dave knelt, shaking with unquenched lust and said "PLEASE let me cum Master!" "You will! I promise, repeatedly!" Bill said, laying on his stomach, but first i have one more task fo you, and I think if properly done, it will give you some... preliminary relief." he grinned, "straddle my ass and give me a back rub" he commanded. Dave did so, looking at the girls who had retired to the futon to watch. They giggled and whispered at his predicament. Daves cock was still hard and he rubbed at Bills muscles vigorously. "I feel your cock rubbing against the small of my back, Dave" Bill said, "tuck it between my legs " Dave did so, and felt the head working between the cheeks of Bills ass. "It's a bit uncomfortable there dave, rub some KY between my ass cheeks." Bill said. Dave did so, and now as he rubbed Bills back, he could feel his cock sliding between the mans ass cheeks, this time however, the friction WAS on the bottom, and was driving him crazy. "M-Master, I need to pt my cock somewhere where it wont rub against your ass, and cause me to cum all over your back." Dave said drawing a ragged breath and not wanting to cause his chance for relief to disappear."MMM, ok, slide it inside my ass bitch, and keep rubbing" Bill said. "But..." Dave bagan, positive he hadn't heard correctly. "But nothing!" Bill said if it's inside my ass, you wont cum all over my back, will you?" Dave slowly slid his cock up and down Bills asscheeks, and eased it into his puckered browneye, Bill moaned as it entered him. "That feels good stud monkey!" now don't forget to keep rubbing my back! Dave rubbed his back, and slowly rocked his hips, he hadn't ever had a Dom order him to fuck him before, but at turned on as he was, the tight ass felt good around his cock, and he looked at the two still naked women on the couch as he slid in and out of his Master. "Think he'll have anything left for us?" Mary asked, facetiously. Carla replied, "he's usually good for at least three or four times in a night. Think Master will be?" "Ummm, he's probably about fucked out, but he'll enjoy watching whatever we and Dave can still do!" Mary said and added "You at my pussy soo, good! and kissed Carla. "want to eat mine?" Carla asked. "You forgot Mistress! and I might soonm, I just want to get a bit more comfortable with that idea first..... you know what would speed that process up?" Carla looked at her "What?" Doing some more of that!" Mary lay back and spread her legs in front of Carla. Carla looked over at Dave who was starting to grind into Bills ass a bit faster now still watching them, and decided to put on a bit of a show. Bill was watching them also and was enjoying both the hard deep backrub, and the massage his ass was getting. Carla looked at her husband and said "I hope he's going to want a good show, I want your hard cock in me too!" and turned to Mary and lowered her face to her hot waiting pussy. Bill waved to Dave and he leaned down to hear him. "Give me a good fuck, and I'll turn you loose on them, and even tell you what to do to them!" Dave was so horny now he needed little or no encouragement, and bagan sliding his cock in and out of Bills ass faster and grinding him harder on the instroke. He could hear Bill moaning softly at each thrust and he felt the pressure building, he looked at the women and wondered who he would get to fuck first. He began bucking and he felt he was going to cum soon, and told Bill as much. "Give it to me little cum-monkey! I want to feel your cock explode!" he had never had someone talk to him like that during sex, he tried to get his wife to, but her own submissiveness rendered her incapable. he fucked as hard and fast as he could, and Bill grunted amd told him to fuck harder and faster, and he could go no harder or faster and then he felt his cock turn him inside out, and he slamed his hips into Bills buttocks and cried out as he shot streams of hot cum into Bills ass. Bil waved him off and went to the bathroom, indicating Dave should follow. In the bathroom, Bill washed his ass, with a warm washcloth, and told Dave to wash his cock good, and said he'd meet him back out in the playroom. As he walked back, he could hear Marys screms and moans as Carla sucked at her pussy. Mary pushed her away again and they both looked at Dave, and Carla scooted over and patted the futon between them for dave to sit. dave sat down between them and Carla kissed him, and Mary leaned over and sucked his nipple. Dave leaned back, and let them, and in short order his cock was stiffening again. Mary worked her way down and started to suck at his cock, and Carla watched as she moved to his other nipple. Mary sucked at his cock for about a minute or two, and thenrose to his nipple again. "You want a taste?" she asked Carla. Carla grinned and went down on her husband and sucked at his cock, doing some of the things she had seen him doing to Bill. Dave moaned aloud as her head bobbed on his hard rod. "Oh yes! suck him good little one! he did good service for us all tonight!" Bill encouraged, lighting a cigar. Mary raised her lips to his and kissed him "Which one of us do you want to fuck first?" she asked.Dave thought about how much he wanted to look into Carlas face and see how much she had enjoyed this evening, but then the thought of trying a pussy he had never been in was also exciting.   

Which do you think he chose?

1/31/2011 10:47:18 AM

Note: this one isn't so much as specific interest piece as something I wrote to pique curiosity!

Master sat on the couch, and his women sat to either side of him. The new prospecive slave stood naked before him. Are you ready to be tested? Master asked the male slave. "Yes Sir" the slave replied. He had made the mistake of addressing him as Master ONCE online, and was glad it wasn't in person. Unlike a lot of wannabes master didn't wish to be addressed as Master by one who did NOT yet wear his collar. His hands and ankles were bound in leather cuffs, and his wrists were fastened to a short piece of chain and the chain in turn to a rope going to a pulley in the floor joists above the basement. The women pulled on the rope and his arms were hauled up over his head but not excessively, then the two scantily clad women clipped a spreader bar to the ankle cuffs and raised his wrists sme more. Not he was fully stretched and his legs spread wide. Now as the Master watched, the slave girls teased him mercilessly. they took turns sucking and twisting his nipples and carressing his cock, only to stop almost as suddenly as they started. There was little he could do, as tightly stretched as he was. then the two women went behind him, and he couldn't see what they were doing, but he could hear them whispering and laughing. the Master sat in front of him watching with some amusement. Master stood and walked around him, and he heard a plastic snapping sound, followed by something cold and slippery being spread between the cheeks of his ass.He felt the fingers lightly penetrate his tight sphincter, and gently spread him open and he moaned and whimpered at the pressure. He felt something very large and bulky moved between his ass cheeks and then it was shoved into the opening of his ass, and it caused him a great deal of discomfort then some pain as it spread him wider. It was pressed deeper into him, and he had played with butt plugs before but this one seemed HUGE. He closed his eyes and whimpered again, grimacing with the pain. Then as suddenly as it had appeared, it was gone. He felt someone step in close behind him and then he realized it was master, when he felt his cock being rubbed in the lube between his ass cheeks. To confirm this the two women stepped out from behind him and one started stroking his cock while the other clipped a chain to the D ring on his collar and fastened it to a D ring in the center of the spreader bar, bending him forward a bit. now he was stretched with his arm above and slightly behind hime and his ass was pushed out behind him. He felt the cock at his ass hole pressing in. It wasn't too bad, after the stretching he had already been through. He felt Master penetrate him, and he winced slightly as his cock slid deeper. then he felt Masters hips pressing against his buttocks and a sudden slap on the side of his right ass cheek startled him and he cried out softly.The chain was now unclipped from his collar, and he was allowed to straighten up slightly, but Masters chest and belly pressed against him and he felt the cock beginning to move in and out of his abused ass.One of the women carressed his face and said "welcome to being one of Masters bitches.... bitch!" The other added "yeah, and remember who's got seniority around here! You're the bottom of the pile!". He soaked up the degradation and it excited him as masterwrapped an arm around his midsection and began humping his bottom harder. He wondered what the ... senior slaves would do to him, if anything, as part of his initiation into the household. The Masters wife was the least abusive being not a slave, but a true submissive at least, and felt some empathy for him, the slave however, SHE enjoyed adding to his torment. "So girls, what will you have our newest family member do to you once I'e had my way with him?" Master asked from behind him, starting to fuck him faster. the slave moaned softly in time to the thrusts, listening to their answers. I think I'll have him eat my pussy Master! The Alpha submissive said. "MMMMMM, I'm going to have him eat mine too, but I may fuck Master first so there's a load of cum in me, and maybe pee in his face while he does it!" the younger girl said. The thought of that both horrified and excited the slave dangling from the rafters. The talk of the kinky activity sent master over the edge and he thrust hard up into the slaves ass shooting his load of cum into his sore abused bottom. He pulled the slaves body against his as he shot his load into him, and he stayed in him, until his softening cock slipped out of it's own accord. His cuffed wrists were released from the overhead chain, and he was led to the couch where the Mistress puklled his face to her wet pussy "Eat slave!" she ordered. He began to lap at her pussy and noticed Master sitting down beside her, and the slave girl straddling his lap and slipping his not once more hard cock inside her. "Oh yeah, fuck me Master! Fill my pussy up with your hot cum! I want the new slave to eat it out of me!" Son of a BITCH! he thought She's really going to do it! He moaned involuntarily, which in turn caused Mistress to moan as his vibrated within the folds of her pussy. He listened to the Master being ridden by the slave "Fuck me Master! Fill my cunt with your hot cum! I want you to watch him eat it out of meee!" It filled him wit dread and lust at the same time. he had fantasized about being forced to eat another mans jism out of a womans freshly fucked pussy, but now it looked like it was gouing to be real! This was where he's change his mind and beg off if he was just doing a casual thing. that was why he wanted to be owned, and MADE to do the things that he dreamed about. He felt Mistress' thighs clench on his face and she came hard, moaning loudly, and her pussy was drenched with fresh juice, and he lapped it up greedily, she came again in just a few minutes and he could hear Master grunting as he was nearing his second climax. He scratched at an itch on the back of his thigh only to find it was cum that had oozed out of his ass and was running down the back of his leg. Now he truly DID feel like a cumslut! He sucked at mistress' clit and she came again, and became too sensitive, and pushed his head away. He sat back on his heels and Watched her breats heaving as she sturggled to catch her breath, and then looked at the slave bouncing hard and fast, milking Masters balls. He saw masters legs stiffen and knew he was shooting the slaves belly full of his seed. She stood up and grabbed his hair and pulled him to Masters lap. "Clean my cum off of his cock slave!" He took the cock into his mouth and sucked it, then licked it along the length, and sucked it again, he thought there was nothing left on it but his own saliva, and apparently someone else thought so to. he felt a choke lead dropped over his head, and pulled taut and the femals slave said "Come here fuckmeat, I have another job for you!" She led him into the bathroom, and made him kneel in the shower stall, and then straddled his shoulder and turned his head and ground her wet leaking cunt to his mouth, she reached down and twisted his nipple and he cried out, opening his mouth and the cum ran into his mouth from her. She ground her wet sloppy sex into his face and closed her eyes and seemed to be concentrating. He heard the Master walk in and knew he was not only being humiliated, but had an audience. "OOOOOh Master! You found us a GOOD one!" she cooed to him and then her bladder was loosed. the hot salty pee ran into his mouth and he tried to back away and it splashed over his face and she pulled him back into herself. He tried to push her back, but his still bound hands were on opposite sides of her and  he couldn't get leverage, and her legs were in front and behind him so she wasn't going anywhere. The flow into his mouth and over his face stopped, and she ground against him a moment more, and then released him, he bent over, spent and humiliated, but excited that he had done several things he has fantasized about, but never had the nerve to actually do. The slave turned on the shower and the water came down, ice cold, making his hard cock shrink slightly, but making it even harder than it was before. His wrists were uncuffed and he stood up. "You made a mess of him, now clean him up!" Master ordered te slave girl. She dutifully soaped him up front and back, teasing his cock a bit, under masters watchful gaze. She washed her own body provocatively watching his eyes on her. Then they got out and she handed him a towel. They dried off and went back to the playroom, and Master recuffed his hands behind him. He sat him on the couch and sat in a chair in a good spot to view him. "Well girls, what didi you think of our new slaves performance?" Mistress said, "He eats pussy good, I like him!" The slave girl said "I think he'll do!" "Good" Master said "since you think he did so well, his reward will be for you to tease him, and then give him a long slow fuck!" "WHAT?" she yelled. The Master grabbed a rattan cane and smacked her across the backs of her thighs leaving a small welt "Do NOT take that tone with me!" She whimpered and began licking and sucking at his nipples, and kissing her way down his belly. She looked up at him, and gave him a mischevious wink and then began licking up and down his hard cock. With all the erotic stimulus he'd undergone his cock was so stiff it ached, but the warmth of her mouth enveloping his shaft was almost unbearable, she wriggled a figer up his ass, which was still sore from Masters abuse but as she pressed against his prostate he felt his cock would explode shortly. She began sliding her finger in and out, fucking his ass again as she again glanced up at him as her tongue tickled the sweet spot just below his pee hole, and he watched as she milked a drop of precum from the end and licked it off and savored it. "You know we will be sharing the same bedroom... the slave quarters!" She said suggestively. That put him over the egde, and he arched his back and pushed his cock upwards as far as he could. The slave girl read his body language and lowered her mouth on his cock and took every drop into her mouth and as soon as his spasms subsided, she rose up and kissed him deeply, his eyes went wide when he realized she passed his about half of his load. "I swallowed about half" she said, "I thought since we're sharing a room we could share your cum!" For lack of anything else, he swallowed and looked at her speechless. "OK, bedtime everyone!" They went up the stairs to the bedrooms and Master slapped them both on the ass and bid them good night.

1/22/2011 4:12:07 PM

Sarah walked up the sidewalk to the nondescript backdoor. She knocked and the door was opened shortly by a heavyset man in a botton down shirt with four pockets and he said "You must be Sarah! Come in!" and he led her though the kitchen and into a living roomto where a man and a woman sat. The woman was on the computer and the man was on the couch and looked up at her. "This is DJ Ruby coming at you from Club Twilight and if you have any requests hit me up on my naughty box and I'll try to get it on for you, and now this is Evanescense with 'My Immortal'". The woman at the computer turned and smiled and said "I'm DJ'ing in an internet club riight now, I'll be done in about 45 minutes! I'm Mary!". Sarah nodded and shook her hand and the older gentleman sitting on the couch stood and extended his "I'm John, I...stay here" and he smiled a bit awkwardly, he knew what she was here for, and what her kinks were, having been told by Master, but he hadn't participated in the entire email echage so he wasn't sure how much SHE knew. Master gestured to the couch and said "This is John, he's our... house slave, and he will be playing with us tonight". Sarah looked at him and smiled nervously. A little boy was running around, and Bill said "Mary will get him to bed shortly, we can go do some preliminaries if you'd like. "Preliminaries?" Sarah asked puzzled. "Trust me, it'll be easier to explain in the car" Bill said. They walked out to a car in the parking lot, and Bill explained "First, it'll be easier to get our son down if the company has left, and second we'll take care of your desire to be 'raped', but that would work best if we set it up a bit, did you bring the change of clothes as instructed?" "Yes" she replied and she said "these are the ones I'm not afraid of being torn, as you instructed." Good" Bill replied. "Do you remember your safe word?" He asked as they pulled into the lot of a small neighborhood bar. "Red Crown?" she said, unsure she remembered it right. "Exactly correct!"Bill said as they got out of the car and went into the bar. they walked up to the bar and ordered three beers and then went to a pool table that wasn't in use, and they played a quick game of cut throat. Sarah lost first and then Bill, John was good, or lucky, he said it was luck, but Bill congratulated him on a well played game. They finished their beers and returned to the car. "From this point onward, we're in play mode, and the only way to stop things is the safeword, and once that's used, playtime is likely over for the evening, so no 'testing' OK?" Bill said while watching the road as they returned to the townhouse.They walked in the kitchen door, but instead of going in the living room as they had before, they went down some stairs to the basement.Mary was already there on another computer and said "Hubbys back with our friends, I'll talk to you later...bye!" and she took off her headset. She rose and put her arms around Bills neck and kissed him. "Bubba in bed?" he asked. "MM-HMM" she said, "We have our privacy at last!" and she smiled at him."Well great!" Bill said smiling, "if you want, you can be our DJ for a bit". He looked atSarah, "she worked for an AM radio station for awhile, she really IS a DJ, but hasn't done it professionally for awhile."You'll have to set it up, I'm not sure how" Mary said. Bill went to the computer and switched a cable in the bottom front, then to the stereo and selected a different input and said "OK whatever you play on the computer plays on the speakers!". Soon some raucous dance music was playing in the basement, and John began dancing with Sarah, then Bill cut in and they began grinding seductively, then John came back and cut in on Bill, and bill stepped aside, but didn't step away. John danced and Sarah followed him until her back was to Bill, then suddenly his hands slipped under her arms and were groping her breasts, squeezing them hard.She recoiled from him and spun around and faced him and said "What do you think you're doing?" bill stepped into her and said "what I want bitch!" and began groping her again. She tried pushing him away, but he said "Hold the cunt John!" She felt Johns hands grab her arms from behind and slide between them and her body so she couldn't pull them in front of herself at all.She struggled as Bills hands heavily groped her breats and she pled "NO, please don't!" Bill looked at her as if to say 'if you REALLY want it to stop, you know the safeword', but nothing came from his mouth. he grabbed her blouse at the necline and pulled outwards and down and the buttons popped off and fabric tore as her upper body was exposed, save for her brassiere. Her chest heaved with exertion, and a bit of fear, but this was what she had said she wanted, and she was confident (she thought) that they would stop if she said the safeword, but they also said if she used it play would end for the night, and she wanted to see it through. She was tempted to see if it would actually stop if she tried it, but opted to let her fantasy play out in real life. Biill grabbed her bra and likewise ripped it from her body, watching her tits dance in a crazy counterrotating dance as she was now exposed naked to her waist. She cut her eyes over to Mary, and saw she had gotten a vibrator out and was playing the tip over her clit. She wondered if the woman was going to participate in her rape, and she might have been surprized to find out that Mary was wondering the exact same thing, having been invited to force the woman to eat her pussy, but was unsure even now if she wanted to assist in her rape, or just wait until the boys were through.Te vibrator buzzed against her clit and she closed her eyes and listened to the guys having their way with the new girl. John had found some rope (there was stuff hidden all around the basement, and he had played with Master and Mistress enough to know where it all was kept) and tied her arms behind her at the elbows and now put his arms around her and groped heavily at her tits, and twisted and pinched her nipples himself."OHHHHHHH NOOOOOO!" she said as she squirmed in his grasp, and Bill began roughly parting her labia and groping her pussy and involutarily her pussy began to get wet, rapidly as this was something she had fantasized about numerous times. She rocked her head back and it rested on Johns shoulder, and John stroked her throat firmly, not enough to choke her, but enough to make her think he might. Bill reached up and with a hand wet with her juices slapped the side of her tit, making a wet smacking sound, stinging, and making her breast bounce.John taking an unnoticed cue from Bill kneed her in the back of her knees and before she could regather her legs under her turned and eased her to the floor. She was being pinned on her stomach and John was laying on her back. She heard the rattle of a belt buckle and turned her head and saw Bill taking his trousers off, then his shirt, and he knelt and took her as John got up to strip. Bill rolled her ver and forced himself between her legs and lowered his face to her neck, and ground his whole body into her as he chewed at the tender flesh at the side of her throat. "ohhhhhhh, noooooooooooooooooo!" she moaned and she felt John again kneeling beside her and Bill raised up, and worked his cock into her pussy. She didn't realize it, but he had help from John who held it so he could slide it in. John retrieved some KY jelly, and spread it between her ass cheeks and her eyes opened wide as she realized what was about to happen. "NOOOO!" she screamed and Bill rolled over onto his back, taking her with him, still impaled on his stiff cock. Johnnow was kneeling behind her, and she squirmed frantically on top of Bill, trying to escapethinking again about the safe word, and also thinking about how slutty and dirty  she was for having fantasies like this, and not knowing if she would EVER have the nerve to do this again. She felt Johns cock being rubbed in the slimey feeling lube between her ass cheeks and felt like such a slut. She had watched porn on the internet were women were double penetrated, and always wished she could have the nerve to be such a slut, but knew she would only be able to if she was forced, which was the genesis of her fantasy. By being 'raped' she was able to set the limits on the activities in advance, but (in her own mind) be absolved of being responsible for what was done to her. As Master had made clear to John on numerous occaisions, BDSM is mostly about the mind, and what kind of ride you want to give it. John identified as a slave, and rape normally wouldn't be something he would do (unless he were the victim) but he was also all about pleasing his Master, and Master had found this woman who wished to be gangraped and he had agreed to help (how could he refuse, he was a slave?) and now he was working his cock into the womans ass, listening to her moan and scream as she was split from in front and now behind. When he felt his hips bump up against her ass cheeks, he ground into her, pressing her pussy even further onto Masters cock. If he felt anything for the woman, it wasn't pity, but was much closer to envy, being the center of attention as she was. Mary now knelt beside them. "I want to help!" she said nervously, and John pulled Sarahs hair, rocking her head back and said "Feed her your pussy Mistress." Mary straddled the womans face and pulled her head into her crotch. Sarah had her nostrils filled with the scent of the other womans musk, and as John pulled her hair she had involutarily opened her mouth, before even realizing they had company. As Marys pussy was masshed into her face she moaned and took a deep breath as the two cock pistoned in and out of her ass and pussy and she whimpered into the other womans sex, and realized she had to eat it or she would be smothered and she began sucking at the pussy lips and the clit. Mary closed her eyes and ground her sex into the captive womans face and rocked her hips. As She felt the vibrations of Sarahs moaning and whimpering she got more turned on, and looked at John through heavily lidded eyes "Fuck her harder!" she commanded. "Yes Mistress!" John said, and began slamming his cock into Sarahs tormented bottom. Sarah heard Mary's words and then felt the harder thrusts John was giving her and began trying to scream, but her words were muffled by the muff over her face. Mary backed off slightly and looked at her and asked "are you trying to use your safeword?" Sarah looked up at her, and after a moment realized the question had it's own answer for her, and shook her head, and Mary resumed grinding her pussy into Sarahs mouth. Sarah started sucking more earnestly at the pussy, having made the dicision that she did indeed want to go through with this, and allow her gangrape to finish. She also knew this woman was to claim her afterwards. Bills thrusts from under her began to be more pronounced and he held her body to himself with one arm while squeezing her tits, first one then the other, watching her face between his wife/subbies thighs and he shot his load into her hot wet pussy. She moaned into Mary's muff as she felt his hot jism splash deep within her. She began a climax herself and when John felt her body shudder beneath him he lost his struggle to hold on and slammed his cock deep into her ass and held it there while his testicles emptied. They stayed there on the matting on the floor for awhile, catching their breath, and rolled apart, Mary pulled Sarah to her and pressed Sarahs mouth to ber right breast "Was that what you wanted?" Sarah nodded, as she nibbled the other womans nipple. "Did you enjoy it?" Mary asked. "MM HMM" Sarah moaned into the soft flesh of her breast. "Good, because Master loves watching people eat his cum out of my pussy, and as good as John is at it, I'm sure it'll be exciting watching a woman do it!"Mary ran her fingers through sarahs hair "You eat pussy good, have you done much of that before?". "A little, when i was in college, but not like that." was the meek answer. "Do you like being our little slut?" mary asked, pushing Sarahs head down towards her pussy once more, beginning to breathe more heavily. "Yes!" Sarah said, almost sobbing at her sense of joy, shame, and lust all mixed together. "MMMM, maybe we can put our collar on your pretty neck!" Mary said rubbing Sarahs neck as the woman began lapping at her wet sex. "Would you like being my handmaiden?" She asked "would you like to be at my beck and call?" She leaned back and gave her better access to her pussy. She considered her next words in conjunction with the insights Bill had given her from his conversations with her over the past month. That Sarah wanted to let go, but she lacked the courage to just BE a slut, and wanted to have someone MAKE her a slut, and make the decisions for her to have sex or not, so she could avoid feeling somehow guilty. "as our slave, you would no longer have the option to say no, and you would have to please me and Master whenever we order you whatever way we order you too. Would you like that?" Sarah thought about what it would be like to be...owned, and no longer in control of her own body, to be used at the whim of her Master and Mistress. "Would I have to serve John too?" She asked meekly. Mary looked at Bill. Bill said "You might be given to John from time to time as a reward for his own performance, but other than that you would share a rom with him, and our son would just be told that our roommate's girlfriend had moved in with him. And anything the two of you agreed on would be fine as long as it doesn't affect either of your availability to us. She thought about that and Bill added "John may be given to you as well if your performance is deemed to be exceptional, and he loves to please a woman!" Bill smiled, and looked over at John, who also beamed. She though VERY briefly about that and then concentrated on Mistress' pussy. Mary laid her head back and ran her fingers through Sarah's hair guiding her to where it felt the best. Bill sat back and beckoned to john who sat next to him close enough that their naked thighs were pressed together, and Bill said "MMMM suck my nipple slave" and John bent his head to the task. he noticed master cock beginning to stir as his tongue swirled over the hard nipple and he reached down and carressed it and Master moaned as he watched the girls. Master's hand rubbed up and down his slaves back, and he ran his fingeres through his hair and pulled his lips tighter to his chest. John loved to be used to pleasure his owners, and wondered if master was going to fuck him or want to be fucked. he smiled at the thought that some people thought that you had to bottom to be a guy and be fucked by a guy, Master was always the Master! Sarah knelt on the padded floor between mary's legs and lapped at her pussy eagerly. "Good girl!" Mary said breathlessly, and she moaned loudly and squirmed her hips against Sarahs mouth. Sarah wondered what a collar would feel like on her neck, as she saw master pull one out and hand it to john "Here, I know you want to put it back on" he said. She saw a tag riveted on it and made a note to read it later. "Would you get me a collar if I became your slave?" she asked between licks and sucks at Marys pussy. "Yessss" Mary said. "What kind of collar would I get?" she asked. "We would shop with you to find one you like" Mary said, but it would have to not only be a suitable collar, but be able to bear some kind of marking to designate ownership." Mar said, "Now hush and suck my twat slut!" and she pulled Sarahs face deeper into her crotch. Sarah gasped into Marys wet pussy when she said "if you're agreeable, we may put a slave tatoo on your thigh, would you like that?" she stroked her neck "Something that only someone into BDSM would understand the implication of?" "Yes" Bill said, "We've been talking to John about marking, either a BDSM trifoil symbol, or maybe a Gorean kajira brand tattoo." John expressed his thoughts on the matter by lowering his mouth from Masters nipple to his cock and licking a drop of precum from the tip before taking the length into his mouth."You want to shift around so you can watch your potential new sister-slave while you suck?" Master asked him. John switched sides and lay on the floor where his head rested on Masters stomach while he teased the underside of his cock with his tongue while he watched the new girl lap at Mistress' wet sex. Master let him lick and suck awhile then ordered him to fetch a round of Rum and cokes. He went to make them in the kitchen, and Bill went to the couch and sat next to his wife and watched her squirm as the other woman ate her pussy. "How's she doing?" he asked. "MMMMMMM, just fine!" Mary moaned out to him "Don't interrupt her!" Bill smiled, that was part of the deal, was John was primarily his, and the woman would be primarily hers. She had had one other girl on girl experience, but it was part of a vanilla foursome, and someone was always getting involved and distracting the other girl when she was being eaten, or her when she was trying to taste the other girl, and she wanted some uninterruped time to explore. Bill respected her wishes and just watched. "You're going to have to make a decision soon little one" Bill said to the woman between Marys thighs "whether you're going home tonight, or staying the night here, either way is ok with us." "Where would I sleep?" she asked. "Either in our bed with us..." He looked at Mary in amusment "In our bed with Mary, or in the slave quarters with John" he finished. "Slave quarters is what we've named the spare room since Johns moved into it" Mary added. "MMMMM, it might give me a better idea of what it would be like to serve you long term" Sarah said. "It might" Bill agreed, "then it might not be fully a taste. In the long term, you get to know each other, the newness wears off, and you find there's more to each other than sex. It becomes more like a family. maybe you can ask John about it." Sarah thought about that, and figured since it was a weekend, she would probably have ample time to talk to John about how he felt about ownership. John returned down the stairs with four glasses, including one large tumbler full of dark brown liquid. he gave Sarah a glance "Master likes large drinks" he explained. "What is it?" she asked. "Captain and coke!" Bill said. I'll make a deal with you, if you decide to join our household, you don't have to make any specific declaration, just begin addressing myself and Mary as Master and Mistress, and we'll fill the role". "OK" she said, blinking at the baldness of his offer.Bill knew she might balk at having to do anything involved to place herself in bondage, so he made it as painless as possible. Mary shoved the girl away from her pussy as it was becoming overly sensitive from all the attention it was getting.  Sarah was wiping her mouth when Bill took her shoulder, and rolled her onto her back and rammed his cock into her pussy again. "Now it's MY turn to get some without any distractions!" he said as he began fucking the woman pinned beneath his body. He lay on her, and just fucked her by rocking his hips, a slow easy rythym and kissed her neck and throat and then her mouth, exploring her with his tongue.She started to raise her hands to defend herself from his assault, but then remembered all of the proceeding and just wrapped her arms around him and let him fuck her, returning his kisses. "MMMMM you seem to be angling for some time with John!" Bill said. "MMMM I would LOVE to spend some time with her feet!" John said watching them intently, knowing he would have some duties at the end of what they were doing. Sarah glanced over at john and asked "Why are you watching so intently?" John replied, "Because when Master cums in you, I get to lick and suck him clean, and then clean you out!" and gave her a smile that let her know he was going to enjoy eating her, creampied or not. "you enjoy that?" she asked him. "Everything needs someone to enjoy it!" he answered enigmatically. Sarah turned her attention back to Bill and she thought a moment and then said "You know, I think I've gotten about half again as much sex as I've gotten in the past year." Bill answered "We're not done yet, it may go over twice as much!"Sarah began moaning in time to bills thrusts, and wrapped her legs around him. he reached under her arms and grabbed her shoulders and began pulling himself into her forcefully. I know you're a little slut at heart, you just don't want to admit it, even to yourself!" She looked at him, and wondered if he could be right. "Go ahead! Admit it to the three of us, and yourself that you're a little cumslut!" Bill taunted her. "No!" she said. "OK, then I was wrong!" Bill said pulling his cock out of her sopping wet pussy. "Wait! where are you going?" She demanded. I was wrong, so I need to stop" Bill said reaching for a bathrobe. "But, I was enjoying that!" she protested. "And you enjoyed being gangbanged earlier?" Bill asked. "Y-yes" she said. "And sucking at Marys cunt, you enjoyed that?" "Wellllll....yes" she stammered. "Then admit you're a little cumslut!" Bill said, nuzzling her forehead with his lips. "No one outside this room will ever know, but it's important to US that we know and more importantly that we know YOU know what your nature is." Sarah now realized the extent that Bill had read her, that in some ways he knew her better than she knew herself, and she hung her head, and said "I'm a little cumslut, please fuck me.....Master!" 


(More to come)

1/19/2011 10:52:26 AM

 John was having a good time. They had all had a drink to loosen up, and when Bill and Marys son had gone to bed, they retired to the basement. 

The Basement was a playroom disguised as….. a playroom! It was decorated as a retro 70’s TV room, but there were some accoutrements that may have been inspired by a time period much earlier than the 70’s and had nothing to do with TV. There was a taken down Queen Anne’s Cross in the corner, and some steel eyebolts in strategic points in the walls and the floor joists above. Master kept a box of double ended gatehooks and some short pieces of chain to go with the leather wrist and ankle cuffs he and Mistress had. He thought of her as Mistress, sometimes Master had him address her as Mistress, but she was submissive, and while she was quite comfortable being Alpha sub, she wasn’t truly Domme. That was fine with John. He was just as happy serving his Master as a Mistress. Service that was appreciated was good, regardless of who he served. He followed Master down into the basement, and they went into the downstairs bathroom, and took a shower. Master had him wash his back, and he paid careful attention to Master ass. Master was getting turned on, and pressed him against the wall of the stall and kissed him while groping his cock and reaching underneath to finger his ass. John knew it was going to be an interesting evening. They got out of the shower, and John toweled off Master and then himself, and they put on loose robes and went into the playroom. Master put the TV onto some internet porn, and they sat down and Mary came down, announcing that their son was fast asleep. She sat down, and Master loaded a hookah with shisha, a type of tobacco traditionally smoked in the middle eastern water pipes, soaked in flavored molasses.  He lit the charcoal and they drew on the hose in turn to get it going, and Master and his alpha sub enjoyed the cool smoke. John wasn’t especially fond of smoking, so he demurred.  Master leaned back on the king sized mattress they had folded into the corner of the floor and wall, like a futon with no frame, and pulled Mary to his chest, and she began licking and sucking at his nipple, flicking her tongue over it. “Com’ere slave” Master beckoned and John joined them and knelt on the other side of Master who placed his hand on the back of Johns head, and guided him to his other nipple. John began to eagerly nibble and suck Masters nipple looking over his chest as Mary did likewise on the opposite side. Seeing her soft wet tongue caressing the nipple she was teasing was a turn on in and of itself, feeling Master squirm under them as he got more and more excited made Johns cock twitch even harder. He wondered how he would be used tonight. Sometimes he was almost kept chaste, and not allowed to cum, other times he would be used as Master bitch, and Master would fuck his ass, and often Master would order him to strip, and give a back rub and his cock would slide between Master a cheeks, and Master would get very relaxed and order him to slide his cock inside Masters ass. Master said he enjoyed the stimulation of his prostate, and said the one thing he could get from a man that a woman just can’t provide is a hard dick. It made for interesting play, especially when Mary was on her period, because he never knew if he was going to be used as a bitch, or a stud whore. And it really didn’t matter to him. Usually, he got to eat Mary’s pussy, after Master fucked her, sometimes before, but he always cleaned up afterwards. Then he got to lick her juices off of Masters cock. They sometimes had a female to play with Mary, and Mary liked having a woman eat her pussy, but wasn’t that into eating pussy herself, and 

1/19/2011 10:51:23 AM

then Master or John would eat the girl, and then sometimes John was allowed to fuck her. Master wasn’t averse to allowing the slaves and submissives play amongst themselves as long as it didn’t affect their availability to his use. He felt Master hand on the back of his head, pulling him tighter, and he sucked, nibbled and lightly bit at Master nipple more urgently, then with downward pressure, he was guided down to Masters lap, and he took the hard cock into his mouth and heard Master moan as he kissed his female sub and fondled her tits. John had played with them enough that he knew what Master enjoyed, and began lightly playing with Masters ass as he swirled his tongue around the head of his cock. Master arched his hips, fucking at his mouth, and John knew he was doing what pleased his Master. He tasted a drop of precum oozing from the slit at the tip of the cock he was sucking and the Master pushed his head away, and he laid Mary on the mattress/couch, and climbed between her legs. “Suck her tit!” he ordered and as Master slid his cock into her wet pussy, John began sucking at Marys nipple, and reached over to squeeze the other. Mary cradled the back of his head with one hand, and played with Masters nipple with the other as Master slammed his cock in and out of her hot wet pussy. She was very vocal, and her moans excited John further, making him want to cum, even if he had to beg for it later. Master came hard, shooting his seed deep with Mary’s pussy. He rolled off, and with past experience being the only order he needed, John leaned in, and licked Masters cock quickly, then laid down between Mary’s legs and began to suck at her pussy, lapping at the cream oozing out of her. He licked and sucked her clean, and then did a bit more thorough job on Master. Then he and Mary laid on either side of Master and stroked his body. After a bit, John was accorded the rare privilege of putting on a condom, and he fucked Mary, and enjoyed her body under him as he serviced her. Master fingered his ass for a few moments while he was fucking and he thought he was going to cum so hard he would turn inside out through his cock. Master worked some lube between his ass cheeks and then knelt behind him and rubbed his cock between them and eased his cock into his tight ass, and knelt there, letting Johns thrusts into Mary stroke his cock. John slammed his cock into Mary, impaling himself on Masters cock, and as Master became more turned on, he began actively fucking Johns ass, rubbing his prostate vigorously.  John started shooting his cum as his climax overtook him, and he squeezed Marys tits as he groaned in time with Masters thrusts into his tight bottom. His cock softened, and slipped out of the woman’s pussy as Master continued to fuck him. Master lay along his back, and humped his ass, making him his bitch. His bitch was just what John wanted to be. Master had a tendency to last longer once he’d cum once. Master finally spasmed atop John, and squeezing his ass cheeks, rolled off of him. John arose, and went to the bathroom to wash his ass, and returned with a warm wet washrag, and cleaned Masters cock, giving it a slow suck afterwards to demonstrate his confidence in his handiwork. They sat and caught their breath, and smoked more shisha. Mary repaired upstairs returning with some drinks, and some bottles of water. Master told them that the next weekend they might have some feminine company as he had a female submissive who was interested in coming to visit and perhaps join the household. John hoped she would, as he knew he would probably get more pussy that way, even though it was more of a turn on and more special getting it less often. Then, he knew Master was aware f this and that Master wouldn’t allow him to become bored. Master sat on the other side of Mary and they began sucking and nibbling at her nipples. They were watching some girl/girl action on the TV and Mary was breathing hard, he eyes glued on the screen as they brought her closer to another orgasm just by sucking her nipples. Mary was vocal, and multi orgasmic, and could cum just from breast stimulation. Overall, she was a lot of fun to play with. She wouldn’t have anything to do with John sexually without Master being present, but that seemed right and proper after all. John knew she was thinking about having another woman lapping at her pussy. And he looked at Master, who nodded and he lowered his head to her crotch and began lapping at her clit. She leaned back, and spread her legs to give him better access.. He lapped and sucked at her and she ran her hands through his hair and ground him against her mound as she kissed Master, moaning into his mouth. She came and shortly came again, then pushed him away as she became too sensitive. John was horny all over. Mary said she was going to bed, so she could get up with their son, and went up the stairs. John and his Master sat and sipped at their drinks, and master lay on his stomach and said “Slave, I need a backrub!”. John straddled Masters ass and retrieved a bottle of baby oil from behind the couch, and began to massage Masters back. His cock rubbed lightly between  Masters ass cheeks and he rubbed slowly, but vigorously on Masters deltoid muscles and up and down the sides of his back. Master moaned as the knots began to be broken up, which they did quickly and easily since he had already had sex, and was already fairly relaxed.  “Slide your cock between my ass cheeks, little stud monkey!” Master said, and John squirted some baby oil between his cheeks and parted them, laying his cock between them and letting them close on either side, and resumes massaging his Master’s back. Master moaned as his muscles were kneaded, and feeling the hard cock sliding between his cheeks.  John was enjoying the slick oily ass cradling his cock as well. As he felt the last of the knots on Masters muscles melting away under his touch, Master said “Fuck me bitch, give me your hard cock!” John rose up, and placed his cock at the entrance of Masters ass and began pressing his hips into Masters bottom, and Master moaned as he penetrated his ass. “Oh yes slave, you do a good job pleasing your Master and Mistress!” Master moaned as he relished the attention, almost dozing with the deep relaxation. “I love serving Master and Mistress” John said, panting as he slowly fucked his Masters ass. Master raised his ass slightly, and John took the cue, and began sliding his cock in and out faster, placing his hands on Masters shoulders to steady himself and began fucking Master harder and faster. Master pushed him back and John pulled out and sat back on his heels as Master rolled over onto his back, and spread his legs to either side of the slave. “Fuck me stud monkey!” Master demanded, and John leaned forward and again worked his cock into Masters ass, and this time Master reached around and grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him into himself. “Kiss me fuckmeat!” Master ordered and John did so. John began fucking his Master harder, and Master said “Is that all you got bitch? You can fuck and harder than that?” John was close and he fucked his Master harder and then spasmed as he felt his cum coursing through his hard cock, and he ground his hips into his Master’s bottom, and Master pulled John into him. As John collapsed atop his Master, Master said “Good job stud monkey! That was a good fuck” John responded by sucking lazily on Masters nipples, and worked his way down to his cock and began sucking it. Master let him suck at his cock for a bit, and then they cleared up the glasses and went upstairs and Master sent John to his bedroom with a smack on his ass, and went in to sleep with Mary.



if you enjoyed this let me know, and if you would like to be John, or the female coming to visit next week, DEFINITELY let me know :-)



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