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The true man wants two things danger and play. For that reason, he wants woman, as the most dangerous plaything. Friedrich Nietzsche................

Im currently looking for a new female house girl, to own and mould - a female, perhaps for a slave, perhaps submissive interested in the following regular sessions if local an LTR or ideally a Live-in Monogamous or Polyamorous the latter can be discussed between us via CS mail

To me the head space is the first place to be explored, controlled, it might be your want, just one thing or a type of dominance, or control, so be it, tell me, what you need to live like experience and crave perhaps I have a wealth of experience training and teaching in this lifestyle Set your limits and lets see where we get too

Good girls reply to messages Send me your thoughts

So if youre a girl and interested, well drop me a note, and well see if we can scratch those itches!

Open to training submissives and slaves FEMALE boot camp for wayward submissives slaves, masochists and hot wives other ideas of control and punishments objectification Dehumanisation Imprisoned

I am a male top, fetishist, rope top, rigger, mentor, master, call me what you will.

I welcome interest from like-minded folk for images and rope sessions, more for my practice, and maybe for your insight or to experience the feel and emotions of just rope. I welcome you and could also demonstrate my other skills too.

I love doing bad things to cute girls. I like to hurt them, humiliate and degrade them, discipline and punish them, fuck them, choke them, to have them kneel at my feet, to break the hold that everyday life has on their mind and bodies, entwine them in my ropes (Japanese Bondage) and fly them....and most of all, I love that they want me to do it to them.

I have always identified as dominant...and being a rope artist, some times the latter masks the dominance, Its not something that I feel the need to exercise socially thou, I only ever dominate within agreed and established parameters... It is somewhat in my nature to push limits however, I will never break a limit without consent. I like to tread lightly at first and then push as hard as can be handled. Crying isnt a safe word, its cute in the right circumstances, but its not a safe word.

I have been flinging the string and have been into BDSM Ds for more years than I can remember, and really enjoy my work. The Journey into the love of rope started off many years ago by way of an accident really, I was at the time working for a global medical company and, was in Tokyo again, being entertained as they do with us westies, one bar after another and cute kimono-clad girls in dinner halls etc, and as my months stay was ending, my guide had family problems so left me to it, I walked in the quiet bar that the guy was a regular in, as we did the weeks before, ordered drinks, and the barman asked if I liked girls....... well after 20 minutes of a guy in a tux with blues brother shades on, and a hank of rope or two and what he did with a sweet tiny girl in a kimono had finished, I was hooked, So from then on every visit to Tokyo was arranged so I could go see more of what turned out to be kinbaku, shibari, call it what you will. The learning curve is a lot less steep these days with the wikis and webs, and our own western we see a bloom of competent riggers emerge, and courses and teaching, a lot closer to home, so in some circumstances, what took me a months to find out and learn can be consumed within and afternoon.....progress

Im a guy serious about bondage fetish, an open-minded guy with a broad range of experience within Fetish and BDSM. I have been a very keen rope rigger (Japanese Bondage) for a long time, helping folk find their way with string and a few other things. Ive done shows, held classes, organised events. I was involved in the first UK Peer Rope Workshops, was one of a handful of Brits at the first Shibaricon in 04, and was a member of the Mercy Crew, and a regular rigger at the Dominion Nemesis, and a guest rigger at XS DV8 and the Gate. Also ran hosted the popular fetish night The Dark at the Attic in Derby, alas no longer running, and was a regular at Le Chambre Sheffield, and before we moved south, was a co-host at the Derby Munch...... with my partner in crime Moist.

Charge ..................

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7/22/2023 9:22:34 AM

So some girl just blocks you for what a comprehensive message not a one liner agreed it takes time to type and as i use grammerly she says its a paste message, well some of it is  Its a discussion document

Well your loss honey 

I did respond but im blocked so heres what I typed 

Thank you for that but if you read the text - its quite a lot to retype every time i like the profile of who i think would be a suitable girl

plus on the forward side Ive tried the three paragraph intro and been chatting a couple of weeks for the girl to either be fake or not wanting whats on their profile 

If you'd care to assist me with a further feed back that would be appreciated

I'm real and prepared to prove it and have done this live in M/s a few times in my lifetime now 

I guess im feed up of the wannabe's if you see it from my side - just as i see it from yours with a massive mail box to wade through 

with respect C


9/30/2014 6:56:26 AM
"The diagnosis is Cat Flu, the cure is to be verbally restrained in the kitchen, instructed to make weak Lady Grey tea, with a dash of milk, to leave it looking and smelling very orange.......passing it over the work top you'd lean forward over the unit, presenting your butt to the doctor, slide your skirt up please, I want to take this pussy in hand". The noise of the latex glove cuff slapping back sent a shiver down her back......"I see your keeping your fluids up, your a naughty girl, why you're so wet!" With a handful of her hair in his left hand the doctor took full control, pushing the left side of her face onto the cold worktop, whilst making her wriggle about as he gained the bowling ball hold on her with his right hand! She yelped as he slide his fingers in her wet sex, first one then the other, gyrated them around, adding his thumb made her push against the units, he whispered in her ear "steady my pretty steady" The thumb moist and eager probed her ass, round and round, it gave way she groaned as the thumb and the fingers were finally in place, he closed his grip, she moaned and couldn't move, the thumb pressing down to feel the fingers in her sex.........Your temperature seems fine", he said releasing his grip, "stand and undo your blouse for me..........pass me the tea please", he turned and flicked his glove off and inside out. "Open your mouth" he put the glove in her mouth, and sipped his tea, "perfect". She followed him into the dinning room. "Please undo another button on the blouse, and now kneel under the table". He walked away, she was alone under the table. He returned and passed a collar to her, without speaking, and sat at the head of the table, a lead dangling between his legs, " here kitty kitty" ..... come get your inoculation. After she'd finished paying the doctor, she returned to the left side of the table, where a set of nipple clamps were laid on the floor ... she knew what was next, "well then he said put them on and encircle the table leg with the chain, undo just enough blouse to cope".........she breathed in and attached the first clamp........the second was going to be tricky as the chain wasn't that long.............."Sit properly ." The clamps bit into the tender flesh of her breasts, he left her ............ Yes cat flu can be cured by having new ears, and fluffy tail fitted to a naughty girl, and then she can freely roam the house, with her new collar and leash dangling behind, ready to be set upon by, a wanton doctor, in any way he pleases.......... Very naughty kitty's get..... well there paws spanked for one, and then they are nipple clamped to the table leg for a while, to contemplate the rules and how to behave at masters side........ Spanking some faithful kitty makes me smile and very hard, where it counts, and after kitty has a glowing ass, making her open her cheeks and show me her pussy, is something else, kneeling with her face on the floor, ready to be taken, or left to chill as doctor walks about the house. The doctor, threw down some cold metal cuffs, "relieve the pain honey, lose the nipple clamps, clip on the cuffs in front." The cold cuffs clicked away as they closed the cold was a shock to the little kitten. "Follow, time for your physical" he walked from the dinning room into the kitchen, jerking her lead as he strode out, it was hard to keep up as the cuffs stopped her moving so freely, once in the kitchen, he grabbed a big handful of her hair stopping her dead, lifting her to her knees, he said "lift your skirt, open your knees, stay up right".......... He took a razor out his pocket and cut straight up the back and traced her firm cheeks whilst wasting the skirt, she moaned as it cut through the waist band......... Still behind her he put a ball gag in her mouth, pulled it tight, it matched her flame red lipstick, now smudged,she struggled to stay up right. He walked round her several times, flicking her with the very lead, that brought her to his feet, "Ok here goes, I'm going to lay down, your going to sit on my manhood, and the count begins! Up Down up down." As she raised and lowered her body, the doctor played with her tender nipples, pinched and squeezed, as she rose and fell, the rhythm broke on purpose by the man she called sir, just to annoy her, make her more responsive, her knees were trembling, he stopped........ he pulled away, and walked away into the dinning room "well come on get over here", she arrived to be given, another set of nipple clamps, " move toward the table" he watched as she clipped herself to the table leg, and said "seek and ye shall find". She sat, as he disappeared from view, and the front door banged shut...............she looked round startled, eventually she calmed down and realised that hanging from his chair was a set of keys...........................and a note... Wednesday ...... wear black, tie a red ribbon in your hair, don't be late xxx inspired by a conversation with a lioness............................

9/29/2009 1:58:53 AM

What do I really want from BDSM, Kink etc?

Well I sit staring at this blank page, as it’s a difficult question for me having been in the scene, and possibly the lifestyle many years. As a newbie you’d look at other profiles and the wealth of information on the net, and start a list, dream even, from my point of view, do I look at my list and add, or subtract things, or is it that I have to look to what’s available within a partners list and their wish list.

What I want, and what I want to achieve is high on my agenda, however, we all know that I can’t have everything, so life and certainly kink, is a balance of wishes and wants, and might have been! 

It might be it’s what I want to do to a female play partner that seals my thoughts and choice of new partner, for example, do her elbows meet behind her back, is she real flexible, with long hair, or at least willing to grow it, simple, but carves away many from the “supposed available list”.

Size, dimensions, demeanour, dress sense, even hair colour can provoke an interest, or not as the case maybe, so what’s the ideal, well my pal wants ‘em as small as possible and blonde, me well that’s why I’m writing this. Fussy you say, in my earlier days, no, I wasn’t as fussy, but enjoyed, and in fact cherished several past partnerships, but now, “what’s in it for me” comes to mind more and more. Is it the fact that I can tie someone with my eyes shut, in my sleep, in my mind, and doesn’t necessarily need the real practice or the company. I wouldn’t be so big headed, I still after all these years am keen to learn, practice, teach and meet newbies as well as established people in the scene, and would welcome the company.

So who is this girl, my new partner, well I have a hunger for a younger girl, maybe with an older head on her shoulders, a girl comfortable in jeans and tee shirt and little else, to as much as fully fashioned stockings, and the associated trappings, killer heels, maybe also dressed in a 50’s outfit, a business suit, just a corset, or collar and cuffs. Someone who’s confident enough to flaunt themselves in a club, speak her mind during those ‘nilla moments, and during like minded kinky discussions. She’d be compliant and comfortable enough to explore her submissive nature, or at least concede to the situation, and maybe come to submit, after being played with, and her limits pushed, teased and explored further.

From the format of rope bondage she’d need to be flexible, temperate to practice, and the re working those rope ties and bindings, compliant, nude or dressed in those flowing kimono’s, suspended and teased to orgasm, blindfolded, or not, breasts compressed, teased, toyed with, clipped, clamped even, bamboo, steel, or just the brush of a rope be it jute or finest hemp or just my hand.

Would this girl be – “the girl friend” or part of a three or four, entwined in kink, be one on her own, would the eventual sex life blur into kink, or get in the way to the perfect partnership, bi would be good, as kinky as I’m, the thought of two stocking clad, semi nude, semi bound girls, playing with each other, just would be fabulous, and the fun in the control of such would be awesome. That said, poly or monogamy bi or straight, ‘nilla life at a cafe or a bar, even shopping wouldn’t be listed by me as a chore, more of a meeting and bond of a like minded couple, one with a small trinket around her neck, known to just the two as his mark, his collar, the other a smile, his dominance.

The control, a touch of my hand, a positive touch of my palm on a hip, the kiss, hands around and below the ear, a touch, a trigger even, confident of her dress, even if under dressed, no bra or knickers within the outfit, known to us only, not others, on the edge of her comfort zone, teased, polite, sexually aware. Her position, always on his left, there where he likes to look at her, and chat, whilst at a munch, or a club, just as happy in ‘nilla land, at nandos even. Her, the little glance, the take me to bed signal, the come get me look, tease me, hold that hand out, but also tell me what’s wanted.

The capability to be a vicars wife, and at the flick of a switch, a complete devils whore, a slut, a no holes barred demon, comfortable to be directed, or in the right circumstances given away, to please someone else, which in turn pleases her mentor, her Sir, her boss, herself, and eventually her Master.

Curious about, sexual deviancies and kink, an appetite to learn, comply, serve, be who he wants her to be, but tame in the transition to and from nilla to kink and back, still her confident self in nilla, but his, to do with as he pleases within their kinky cocoon of rope, canes floggers and electric’s, clubs and meetings, and her sexual compliance.

Capable of being caged, boxed even, chained, used, left, used again, drawn out of her self, beaten, whipped, caned, kissed by the various floggers, gagged to drool, blindfolded to the fear of knives and needles, humiliated, put on the edge, piercings placed eventually, signalling the wishes and compliance to her master.

 The ability to be “that little girl” wanted by every man, her hair in bunches, small white lace top socks, pleated skirt, white blouse, etc etc etc ...... folded over her Sirs lap, slapped with the hand, the brush or other normal domestic objects, but firmly slapped, red cheeked, hot bot.

 Cuffed to the wall, face pushed to the cold plaster, legs apart, stockings ripped and cut, blouse cut and parts removed by cut throat, turned into tassel’s, the bra cut ruined, the skirt cut through the waist band the razor slid around the firm frightened ass, shoes removed, her weight balanced between her wrists and her thighs, while a selection of canes work her ass and her sides arms and legs, the muted whimpers and groans of pain, as the cane leaves its stripes and welts, the marks she’s proud to wear, the pin wheel coming and going, the wand crackling away as it traces the welts and the softer spots, the warmth of her inner thighs, the top of the wasted stockings, the cold of the ass hook and the bite of its tip as its pulled taught.

The ability to melt as he grabs her by the hair, or touch her neck, read the quite request, “please me, do my bidding”, comfortable with his friends or hers, on the funfair or in a meeting, a complete chameleon, is it to much to ask?

  So who is she? Is it you? Want to play?

  Apply within then, step on the rollercoaster, and fasten your seat belt.........

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