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Dom/Domme Couple, 35/29,  Sacramento, California
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Interesting fact : Misanthropy is generalized dislike, distrust, disgust, contempt or hatred of the human species or human nature. A misanthrope is someone who holds such views or feelings . We do suffer / enjoy the above mentioned mind set. ~Master Lunacy~ I am a nerd/geek, a misanthrope. I have issues, which some I enjoy, some I don't. . I want to find people who are in the lifestyle, who are into role playing games, and video games, or are willing to learn to enjoy them. I am much like the lyrics to the Hinder song All American Nightmare. I am a corrupter. I enjoy changing the innocent.
~Miss Selene~
I have a dominant personality, I always have but I will require any slaves we have to be sexually aggressive towards me, I'll let you know when I am in the mood for it. I am introverted, and not a big talker. I like to listen and to think. I like to read and play video games. I am in my head more often then not and would need someone who understands that or can accept that.
However I am a very aggressive person, and pretty demanding. I require my slaves to be completely obedient and to know their place or else. I am more of a military type of Domme, so I might require you to do other things then simply receive a spanking as punishment. Depending on the offense.
Slaves or submissives may address me as Miss Selene, Miss, or Ma'am. About the type of slave we are looking for. We want someone real, who knows what they want out of this kind of relationship. Who take it seriously and who is not in it for just sex. Someone who understands the mental domination as well as the physical. As for looks, we are not too picky, but we do prefer women with curves. :)













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 6' 0"

 235 lbs




Gender Identity:










 5' 9"

 240 lbs



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Submissive female

Switch Women

Sub/Sub Couples

A Poly Household

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 Movies (Expert)

 Renaissance Faires

 Camping (Expert)

 Martial Arts (Expert)

 Cages (Beginner)

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 Writing (Expert)

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 Housework Service (Expert)

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 Sensation Play

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 Foot Worship


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Journal Entries:
12/1/2016 10:57:25 PM
I feel like people are too Judgmental. yes i am a bit overweight but at the same point the worlds strongest man competitions they are build more like me. i used to leg press 1200 pounds for fun and to show off. now i might still be able to but my knees and back are not what they used to be so i take it easy. so the next time you think about judging someone because they look overweight remember bears look overweight but they can still rip your head off!

11/3/2016 12:15:57 PM
Back on the market. BLAH.

Once again I am reminded of how the majority of people in the BDSM community, on these sites etc, are just interested in sex. OMG SERIOUSLY? 

I know, I get it, I get it. It's hard to find the right kind of sexual partners out there that will do weird shit to you but to put yourself under the category of slave or submissive... I just have a hard time see that as a truth.

*sigh* I wonder what kind of girl we will find to bring into our lives. I hope she is honest, and sweet, obedient and understanding. I hope she likes to communicate. 

I hope she falls in love. I hope we do too. 

Geez I want to make myself vomit don't I? Why am I such a hopeless romantic?

1/24/2012 9:16:29 PM

I would like to know why when I write some one, most of the messages I send get read and never answered. They are perfectly nice and decent messages. Some of these people claim to serve, but they don't know a thing about proper etiquette.

3/16/2010 1:36:39 PM
Last night I was harassed by the slave in the previous entry. She messaged me on my yahoo, telling me that I left some parts out and I should take it off. Even offered to apologize. I think the fact that she offered to apologize to me, makes me think that she knew in her delusional heart, that what she did was wrong. Or at least a little nutty. After I refused to remove my journal- Which she accused me of putting up there to keep up drama- She just went crazy! Accusing me of anything and everything....Honestly it kind of reminded me of my father. He would take parts of one memory and alter it for himself to make it look like he was the one in the right, then he would convince himself that, that is what happened. Even trying to compromise with him did nothing. It was his way or the highway. Maybe this is some kind of mental illness? I'm sure there is a name for it.

She actually threated me with the moderators. I don't even know why I agreed to chat with her in the first place. I assumed that maybe she had thought about what she said and regretted it.

I doubt the moderators can be bothered with some silly little journals. Save that for the cam whores, and porn bots.

You may be wondering why I even write journals about this stuff. Well, i'll tell you.

It's not because I like drama, I hate it, and lets face it, it's a little high school.

It's not because I want people to look at her and say, whoa that bitch is insane! You can take this as you will, reserve judgment for yourself.

I NEED to write these journals. I NEED to vent, to get my thoughts down on the screen and once in a while get feedback from a third party perspective. It gives me peace of mind, and that should be enough for me, and enough for you.

3/10/2010 9:50:20 AM
I find it hard to believe that after all this time, the friends that I had are truly gone. I guess I can hardly blame them. After all I live far away, not only that but I've become a different person then they remember. A better person. More adult, grown up, able to handle life and what ever it has to throw at me. Even now, though I am un-medicated, I am able to perceive my reality and what needs to be done, for the sake of my husband and myself, and for the sake of my child.

I look back on what I used to be and I do not long for the past anymore. I was a different person then. Pretentious. Idiotic, I was a fool. A small town girl who thought that the world revolved around her, who thought that she was an intelligent being. I was actually kind of stupid back then.

I've gone through so many changes in my life, and I feel like I'm on the verge of another one. The change of Woman, to Mother.

Although I am not taking to my pregnancy very well, I know in my heart that I will make a good mother. I'm sure all my old friends from Humboldt are like "Jessie? A mother?! Yea fucking right!" When they knew me, they WERE right. But now, they don't know me at all.

When I had my friend Bri up for my wedding I realized then and there the change that had been happening, that Joe and his mother had brought out in me.

He loved me unconditionally no matter what I did, and his mother was hard but caring, like a real mother should be. It made me want to be a better person, and with out realizing it I had become one.

I watched as Bri behaved the same as always... Well I should not say that. She was a wonderful person once. I met her in high school and she was happy. Really happy. Bubbly and cheerful and talented and funny. I realized how much she changed when she was down here.

I watched her actions with a wince. Embarrassed for my old friend, and apologetic to my new ones. This may sound a little harsh, but this is exactly what happened. No one wanted her around. No one wanted to hang out with her. She was like the proverbial elephant in the room. Everyone knew she was there, and what she was, but no one wanted to recognize it.

I don't know what I expected from her...I suppose I expected a little maturity among older men and women. She is a my way or the highway type of person. She is right no matter what...It sort of reminds me of someone else I know who shall remain nameless. I would LOVE to see what happends when they were both in the same room!

I guess when you are among a higher class of people for a long enough time, it changes you. I'm among intelligent beings, and it is extremely refreshing.

As for my baby. I'm going to be a mother. Not just any mother. No. I will raise my child with all the love and care it needs, in a stable environment. With a mother AND a father. I think because of my traumatic childhood, that I will make a very good mother. Don't believe me? Wait and see.

1/16/2010 3:57:54 PM
We got a message from a switch who wanted Master Lunacy to Dom her, but wanted to Domme me! As you can see we are a DOM/DOMME couple. I will NOT submit to any sub, slave, switch or any combination of the two. Lets have a little honest though. My background is very complicated. I started out as a submissive under a very strict Mistress. I think that is one of the reasons I am so strict today. I learned a lot from my experience. I would never take back those times. With experience comes wisdom. An adult needs those kinds of experiences to grow. I am now a Mistress. A very good one might I add. Because I have had that chance to see on the other side of the fence I know exactly what a submissive or slave needs to keep going.

So we got a message from a switch who wanted to domme me. Master Lunacy told her no twice. So I had to step in. I told her to shoo. In not so nice a way. She responded with badly spelled sentences about how i'm a fat whore and Master Lunacy is a faggot who wants another woman besides me because he is not satisfied. Lets get something straight here.

Yes I am fat. It is apart of my thyroid deasise that I am trying to work on. Guess what else? I'm pregnant people! So that fat is just going to get fatter. I cant go to the gym for hours like I used to. A few minutes makes me want to vomit. So I have to take it a little easy with yoga and some cardio.

Am I a whore? No. I have went through that faze of my life when I was a teenager. I am an adult, I don't go around degrading myself by sleeping with other guys.

Is Master Lunacy as they so crassly put it, a faggot? Well I fucking wish he was at least bisexual. But alas he is not.

Is he a toy? By all means I would not have married the man if he could be easly minupulated! How boring is that? He is a very aggressive type of man, who respects women but is not afraid to smack a bitch.

Is he attempting to find someone else because he is not satisfied with me? Uh no. This was all my idea in the first place. I suggest that we should take a third and it kind of moved from there to a poly house hold. Believe me. I can satisfy my man like no other. Love is love I believe.

Now I think that was the gest of what she was trying to say, as hard as it was to read because of the runnon setences and what not. You think she goes around and tries to cause drama for fun? I called her an insect and rightly so.

She is the worse kind of insect. The kind that feeds on drama, that latches on to those she can control because of her pathetic looks. Am I the only one that thinks that it does not matter what  you look like on the out side, if you are ugly on the inside it shows?

And man was she ugly! 

12/22/2009 8:54:27 PM
I feel that it is so hard to find real people who are genuinely interested, that I seem to give up on finding anyone from time to time. And yet here I am once again. We have been single for a long time now, and have been so caught up with our life that it has felt almost a drag to look at our profile and see the empty message box. Slaves and Submissives tend to have it easy. They sit around and see the messages roll in, and pick their favoirte. It tends to be the cliche around here. Anyways, apart from the hard time we are having finding real people, in vanilla news, I am pregnant. Good thing we're married eh? Pregnancy is not all it is cracked up to be. "OH what a blessing!" In the disguse of what? Vomit? Not that I don't absolutely adore that I am going to be a mommy, but my GODS, really? DO I really have to go through all this crap? Okay, I have to eat different food, I have to stay way from grease. Probably better for me anyway. I have to take prenadles...Do you even know how big these things are? HUGE, I have to bite it in half to take it, and it makes me vomit! Whats the point? Master Lunacy ground it up and put it in hot chocolate for me, but just knowing it has vitamins in it make me feel pukey. I could not stand more then a few sips, then I had to eat some saltines just so I can feel better. Not only that, but smells. EVERYTHING smells bad. I'm always tired, and I feel bloated all the time. Oh and cranky...very cranky. At times like these I wish we had a slave around the house. It would be a nice load of Master Lunacys shoulders if we did. She could take care of me in my sickyness while he relaxed for a while. Besides that, women sympathize alot better with pregnancy symptoms, expecually women slaves. Men tend to get frusterated and yell, making said pregnant woman burst into tears.
Ah well, enough of my rambling.

8/19/2009 8:33:02 AM
On a note for people who play mmorpg's. We play World of Warcraft so if you play. feel free to send a message. :)

6/30/2008 11:07:30 PM
He had been telling me all day. "You need to get your ass beat." I knew it, of course I knew it. I'm spoiled, way to spoiled, i'm also a bitch. I've been snapping and making smart ass comments to my Master all day. I dont know why, I need dispipline, structure. I was having anxiety all day, and have been breathing into a bag, it was plastic and I put it over my head. I was having trouble calming down. "I'm going to beat your ass until its bruised and welted." He said to me in frusteration. I responded with a cheeky smile, mid anxiety attack. "You promise?" That was it, the last straw. He gathered the whip, the wooden back scratcher, the brush, and a hard black coverd wire with metal at the ends. "Bend over, pants down." I did, and he pushed me down more. "I want your ass in the air so I can have access to your thighs. He began with his hand, a familar comfortable sensation against my ass. Next came the whip, more stinging. I hear myself gasp at the shock of pain. Next came the wooden back scratcher, or was it the brush? I can never tell the difference. By then I was crying, tears brimming in my eyes, but it wasent enough, it's never enough. Next came the wire and I started to scream, bawling, tears running down my cheeks, after a while it almost felt as if my ass was numb, but I could feel every single sting, every whip. He had to beat into me what I have been doing wrong, because I dident understand, he hadent made me understand until now. My additude was unacceptable. "You know why I am punishing you right?" I nodded bawling and screaming. "Yes Master."
"Then say it." He demanded
"Because i'm a spoiled bitch."
"Thats right, and where is your place?"
"At your feet, Master."
But he dident stop, he beat me again and again. "I'm SORRY!!" I cryed out my hair sticking to my cheeks, I could no longer breath through my nose. "I know you are." He responded. Finaly... I could no longer take it... he had taken me to the edge of my limit, and I had no idea I had any. He beat me until I could not stand it anymore, and I begged. I begged for him to stop. "Please!! Please stop! I'm sorry! Please stop!!" He paused. "You did not say my title." And slapped my ass with his hand hard. I cryed out. "Please Master! Please Stop!" He did and I sat there on my knees trying to calm down, the pain in my ass intence. He comforted me held me, allowed me to blow my nose. He broke me... I have never been broken before. But he Broke me, and it feels wounderful.

6/3/2008 4:52:54 AM
I've been inspired by a certian pet on this website to write down my experiances in the bdsm lifestyle here. I rarely get inspired to write anymore, so thank you.

We had been showering, I was just playing of course, he knew that... But unfortuantely I have been misbehaving lately...Alot I suppose. It was all adding up for him. He is such a kind and loving Master, and usually hates to punish me. I lay down my face to the wall, holding back tears because of his silence. I can feel his fury. The door opens and he walks in, staring at my back. I hear him kicking things around with his feet and I flinch. I hate it when he is angry. Soft jingling of a chain reaches my ears, as he sits behind me. "Sit up." He commands, his voice cold. I dont resist, I know that voice. My wet hair hangs in front of my face as I sit, looking up at him and then looking down quickly, avoiding his gaze. "Pull back your hair." I do. He places my collar tight around my neck, as if to remind me of what I am. "Get in the corner." I dont hesitate. I sit in the coner indian style. "On your knees." I wince. I hate being on my knees, I cant sit like that for long. But I do it anyways. My eyes start to burn as tears fall down my already wet cheeks, my hair unable to control it, swings in my eyes. After a while my legs start to ache, but I stop crying, staring ahead of me. I feel like a child. It doesnt turn me on like it has with other masters. I feel like a child being punished for doing something wrong. My thighs start to tingle, the circulation is leaving them, I struggle to stay on my knees but cant, I put my hand down and lean sideways to take the pressure off. If he notices, he doesnt say anything. Maybe he knows why. Yet my hand hurts putting my weight on it. I try to adjust myself but it hurts my back. No matter what possission I am in, I am in pain. I sigh waiting, finaly after a while, I feel pressure on the bed behind me. "Turn around." His voice is softer now, more calm. I turn looking up at him breifly and then looking back down in dispare. "I love you." He tries to put my hair behind my ears but it's too heavy with water. I shove it away. He tilts my head up to look at me. "I love you too.." I whispare, not able to talk normaly. We lay down and he holds me while I cry and sniffle. "Stop crying...why are you crying?" He asks. I stop instantly, and I shake my head. "Why are you crying?" He repeats himself. I say I dont know.. and it's true that I dont. After awhile he puts on my favorte show and he looks at me. "You know I dont enjoy punishing you right?" I look at him and nodd. "How many times have I beat you in punishment?"
"Thats right, and how many times have I put you in the corner?"
"Once." I answer quietly.
"See, I dont like to punish you." He leans in and kisses me. Even though he says these kind words, I still feel depressed. Or maybe I am just pouting because he had never done this before. Later he tells me to check my mail. I get a card from We love that site.
The picture is of a slave chained in suspintion, the front of it reads "You are always in my thoughts." On the other side it says.
To My Pet:
I love you even when things go wrong
Even when you are not sure I do. I will always love you . I'm always thinking of you and trying to make the best for us you are forever in my heart and thoughts my love.

                   Your loving Master.

I couldent hold back a smile, warmth filled my heart. I started to feel better, knowing how much he loved me.

6/1/2008 2:41:25 PM
GOSH!!! Here I am, sitting on this fucking chair. My ass is Numb, my stomach is growling. Master is not here. He went to go pick up his friend for the funness tonight. ONE NIGHT STAND!! WOOO... O.o.. it's a ppv wrestling show.. you pervs. LMAO. He is bringing the soda and pizza.... *drools* So fucking hungry... Not only am I in pain and am Hungry. WE COUGHT KITTENS!! oh yeaaaa, thats right, we cought us some kittys. There is a black one...she is so cuuuuute!! I've named her Phantom. Wild kittys are hard to tame, but Phantom has been adjusting well. The others not so much. But then again they arent getting handled as much as I handle Phantom. >.>....*goes to pet the kittys*

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