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Hetero Male Dominant, 59,  Ooltewah, Tennessee
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Hello, Welcome to my profile, this profile may not be suitable to many, I expect that. For those who enjoy, read on, as for the others who find this wrong, move on please. There is a chance that some of what will be in this profile will hit close to home for some, you know who you are, lol. First off, let us clear up something, as you most likely have noticed that there is no listing about BDSM. The reason for that is I am on this site, so I should know somethings being as I am listed as Dominate. The other is from what I have seen here, many come across as they know it all, good for you, must be boring then. The fakes, wannas, I am sure they will have listed how great they are so you should bow and hope they will take you. I am just a everyday guy, who works, enjoys life, and knows things about this lifestyle. What do I know, ask me, simple. Those of you looking for that "Mr. GREY" guy, well your at the wrong profile, I deal with daily life like the rest of us. No I am not poor, or needing money, I have enough of that to be a comfortable life. I am hoping to meet, talk, and get to know some female slaves or submissive here on this site, perhaps I may find the right one for me. Time will tell. I am not sure what else to say, but read my journal at times as I open up about things. Conversation and questions are the key to opening up what is inside a person. The picture I posted here isn't mine,got it from another profile ( yes I asked), it speaks to me about this lifestyle.












 Dominant Male



 5' 9"

 165 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive female


Online Romance




 Board Games


 1950s Lifestyle


 Old Guard

 Sky Diving


 Amusement Parks

 Art Galleries



 Fine Dining

 Flea Markets

 Garage Sales

 Going to the Opera



 Renaissance Faires


 Travel (Expert)




 Martial Arts

 Scuba Diving



 Arcade Games

 Card Games

 Comedy Shows


 Historical Shows

 Online Chatrooms

 Puzzle Games

 Science Fiction

 Simulation Games




 Victorian Lifestyle

 Blue Grass


 Classical Music

 Eighties Music

 Folk Music

 Heavy Metal Music



 Rock Music

 Seventies Music












 Woodworking Expert

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Journal Entries:
5/17/2016 7:51:32 PM
OK this is a new one on me. I have seen those who express they want torture in their life. I am left with questions all the way around. Torture now days has come to new meanings, oh I have told them what they can expect if being truly tortured, lol, they say I have no knowledge about torture. They are so wrong, and hard tit squeezing is not torture in my book at all. So take some time and compare what is, and what you really want. Chaos

5/12/2016 8:40:32 PM
Well something new, someone who thinks things can happen cause they want to, but, no thought in the outcome. Tonight I was talking to a slave who stated that she just wanted to " disappear". This has been about the third profile that stated this. I understand it sounds like the perfect way to go for a slave into ownership. Except not that easy, not by how they view it, lol. This slave wants to vanish, no longer be known, fine, but there are outside the lifestyle things to be considered. Why if you want to disappear you want to bring things with you when your hiding? Remember, disappear, meaning you leave everything you ever had. Second thing is, this is a website, talking to me for an hour does not mean you know everything about me. I would think that most with common sense would want to be sure of who they are going to. Once you go to whoever , what happens could not be what you thought, or even ending up dead. So give that some thought. Now, let us look at the problem of you going missing . This means family, friends, school chums, church,, work and others. Have you considered that you just vanishing without a word that one or another is not going to worry or wonder what happened ?? Now your a missing person report,maybe they hire someone to find you. This just could turn out bad. This could lead to nothing more than attention you were not wanting, and for sure I was not looking for either. Then the law, newspapers , maybe national TV news as a kidnapper? That I really don't need. So before you do this, give it a lot of thought, consider what might happen, plan carefully, but, this can be done, just be sure your really ready and wanting this. Good luck to those who become involved.

5/7/2016 7:02:16 PM
Ok, so you say your trained, that is not a bad thing, and I am sure it is a good selling point. What does trained mean, you know how to do what? I see trained as telling me you have knowledge about the lifestyle, except that your conditioned to another Doms way of service, and protocols. I am now guessing since you are trained, that I will be spending my time teaching you how to service me in my ways, and you leaving other things you learned in the past. Each Dom is different so be ready to learn what they want, not what you know. Now if trained means you have some type of basic knowledge about the lifestyle, protocols, and such to get you started serving, great. I have nothing against other Doms and how they do things, cause it is done with the best intentions. I myself look for others who say experience in the lifestyle, this let's me see that there may not be a lot of work in changing them to serve me as I wish. My last bit is if you tell me your trained, then there is no need for a grace time on punishment. Trained means ready to go, no problems. I give a small grace time to those who have had experiences only cause they have had others before me that wanted them their way. Willing to give time so they may sort things out.

5/5/2016 4:33:29 PM
So, lately I see how each of them has a "gift" that they hold dear, and may be willing to give it to a Dom. First off, not looking for a "gift", I am looking for a female slave, submissive even. There is no gift in this, except those who say it hope that you will be easy on them, lol. I like to think that respect is what is needed. That goes both ways by the way. Earning another's respect is a foundation builder to me, even if it is one that can be broken in a heartbeat. I have three things that are builders to me, respect, commitment, trust. So keep your gift and keep thinking your better, give me one who is respectful and committed to a relationship of M/s.

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