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Dom/Domme Couple, 34/23,  Matlock, United Kingdom
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Its not easy having a good time, even smiling makes my face ache.

Love isn't brains, children, it's blood...blood screaming inside you to work its will. I may be love's bitch, but at least I'm man enough to admit it.

I am an experienced Dom whos been in the scene quite a long time. I am also slightly less up myself and pretentious than that first statement made me sound. ViolentDreams and I live together and when alone we have a Master/slave relationship. However our relationship does not preclude the inclusion of others and we are always up for a few new experiences. While ViolentDreams is my slave she is Domme to everyone else we play with.

I have a serious interest in psychology, philosophy, sociology (especially devient sociology ... go figure) not to mention my rather less academic interest in horror and classic litrature, anime, music of the goth, ebm, classical, industrial genres.

Anyone that is interested in my slave or me needs to be aware that we are an item you dont get one without the other, thats about the only thing that is none negotiable.

If you are a serious submissive and looking for a walk on the more extreme side of the scene then feel free to drop us a line, if we dont respond just assume we havnt logged on for a few days, or that we are jolly rude, whatever makes you happy.

Ive been involved with the scene one way or another for about fifteen years now so there isnt much that can shock me anymore, though I do enjoy it on those rare occasions it happens.

Yes I said but is it art?






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 United Kingdom




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 6' 3"

 206 lbs




Gender Identity:










 5' 2"

 100 lbs



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Submissive Female

Sub/Sub Couples

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 Canes and Crops (Expert)

 Humiliation (Expert)

 Knife Play (Expert)

 Mental Bondage (Expert)

 Objectification (Expert)

 Spanking (Expert)

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Journal Entries:
11/1/2009 12:35:36 AM
Just a short entry this time to announce for those that are interested that on the 31st October I married ViolentDreams, she is my slave, my soul mate and now my wife.  Most of this online stuff is nonesense, but every now and then it all works out.

4/22/2009 12:37:50 PM
Right my current list of pet peevs.

1- People pretending to be something they are not.  Do you honestly think me or my pet are so stupid we will give you your jollies before we have confirmed your id? Seriously anyone who cant make a 30 second phone call or get on web hard is it?

2- People who take themselves too seriously.  You know the types the people, expect everyone to call them Sir or Master right off the bat and who have no sense of humor about themselves.

3- Ok this might make me sound cold and unpleasdant but then I am at times so thats how it comes across.  Fugglies, who keep messaging me or my play thing and wanting to play.  Seriously folks, my slave is hot, I am none to fucking shabby myself.  We play with others for fun, but dear god you think we are desperate or something?

4- This links into number 3, subs who expect me and mine to dance around playing to their tune and chasing after them.  Deal with it, like I said not desperate.  You want to be all needy and play games, thats nice go play somewhere else.  We are damn good at what we do, you stand to gain at least as much as we do, dont forget that.

5- People not in touch with who they are or what they want.  Im a sadist who delights in power and in others pain.  My slave is my assistant in general when we play with others and frankly she is almost as nasty as me.  You want that great talk to us.  You want to play spank me and tickle games with furry handcuffs bugger off and bother the kinky nillas.

12/13/2008 3:21:51 PM
As I have said my partner in crime and I are looking for new playmates.  Please if you want to message us though be willing to prove you are who you say you are.  A quick phone call, waving on webcam, its all so simple really.  If your not willing to do one of those things then we will assume you are a fake No matter how compelling your reasons or excuses are.

That may sound a little harsh, but it saves everyone time it being said.  If your a fake just move on by, if your geniune and have a reason for not proving you are who you say you are, again just move on by.

Everyones happy that way.

9/18/2008 4:48:27 AM

That word is like fingers nails across a chalk board for me.  Why do fem Dommes (no offence ladies) feel they prove their Dominance by getting sad lonley sub males to pay for the privilidge of being abused.  Ive done pro Dom work, and I admit mainly with male clinents I took payment for those services I didnt call it tribute I called it prostitution. 

Its the hypocrasy that bugs me.  Have you ever noticed how Male Doms persue their subs, and fem Doms are persued by their subs?  Come on ladies if you want to call yourselves Dominant, why not challange preset gender roles?  The Dominant partner persues, thats the way the game is played.

I feel sorry for the male subs out there, you guys have a hard time of it.  As a male Dom I accept that I`ll have to do the running but being expected to chase after the people to use you?  Oh well no doubt this rant will irritate some people, so go me.

9/3/2008 5:21:37 AM

I am constantly amazed by how few people take the time to understand what they really want. Oh people think they know what they want, but in general in my experience most people are masters at self deception. At the risk of sounding very cocky (ok with the certainty of sounding bloody cocky) I am damn good at what I do. There is a reason I am able to effect the people I play with so much. Its this simple I have studied body language and the art of reading people quite seriously. Its not that people consciously lie to you its that they instinctively lie to themselves. They believe that they believe all the nonsense they are told they believe.

Let me give you some none D/s examples first then I will move onto the D/s side if anyone is still paying attention, but as I am not claiming to be a cute girl I have my doubts on that one. People say that they belive personal freedom is important yet we still keep seeming to vote in governments that use fear and insecurity to weapons to slowly remove out personal freedoms. Hell both the UK and the USA voted in parties that started a war that was at best morally dubious at worst illegal and based on clearly fabricated evidence. Said war has made the world a more violent and less safe place has been used as an excuse to erode out fundamental civil liberties things our ancestors fought and in some cases died for, you know little things like the right to trial, concepts like innocent until proven guilty, the right to privacy, the right to free speech and protest. Yet while all this goes on in our name we still claim to believe in freedom. Another example is the rampant fear and hatred of pedophilia. Now please don't get me wrong I'm not defending it or coming out in support of sleeping with children which sadly a lot of people seem to believe every time I make this argument. Despite this rampant fear and hate we still happily consume a media that blatantly sexualized youth. One of the most hypocritical things I ever saw was a news paper (part of the British gutter press) on one page talking about a sick pedophile teacher who had consensual sex with a 15 year old student and on another page showing a topless picture of a girl who's birthday it was and had that day become legal to show topless. Now is it just me or is the hypocrisy there so painfully blatant it makes your head hurt? There are a thousand more examples I could give be it Britney Spears dressed as a school girl singing hit me baby one more time, or god alone knows how many teen magazines and fashion houses sexualized ever younger people.

How about the people that say they believe drugs are wrong, often while holding a ciggy in one hand and a scotch in the other, news flash folks the truth of it is alcohol and nicotine are just as dangerous and likely to cause social problems as the vast majority of narcotics. Even if you were to accept that drug use is morally wrong a position I find it hard to defend as clearly everyone own their own bodies and we are not property of the state and thus it should clearly be up to us what we do with them, the simple fact is that prohibition is not working and will never work. The governments own figures say that to wipe out the drug problem you would need a sustained stoppage rate of 60%, and that no western society has ever managed a sustained rate of above 20%. Now is it just me or does that make a total nonsense of the whole thing?

Anyway now Ive finished my political rant let me get to my point about D/s. Ive been in this game quite a while now about 15 years. The Sadomasochistic, D's, bdsm scene (call it what you will) has changed a lot since I started. Back when I started it was much more underground than it is now, and frankly the scene was darker and folks were happier with it. These says people seem to feel the need to make it safe and nice. They sprout nonsense mantras like Safe Sane Consensual like they mean something and they really believe they do. News flash kids, nothings really safe, its possible to die of a heart attack from too much pleasure or too much pain, let alone things like undiscovered allergies to latex or god alone knows what else. Lets not even get started on the word sane, Ive been around a while and I frankly don't know many people in the scene Id call sane and yes I include myself in that. The point is you say the Mantra enough and you start to believe that you believe it. You`ll fight and argue to defend these beliefs and if something challenges them people will respond with anger and shutting down and refusing to consider it. Yet despite all this I know so few people that are truly satisfied they may tell themselves they are and that they are getting what they want but the truth of it is they feel unfulfilled. I play to the far darker end of the spectrum in the scene, a lot of the things I do and enjoy are called edge play or considered extreme. Yet dancing on the dark side emotionally effects the people I play with. They want more, want to go further, its an addiction. Maybe just maybe more people should challenge their preconceptions of whats acceptable and what they believe in. Maybe there would be a lot more satisfied happy people out there if we all stopped pretending what we did was light and nice and built on mutual respect and need. Stop using mantras folks, stop clinging to beliefs so rigidly maybe the happiness your looking for is right there in front of you. Know thyself, its a damn fine phrase to live by.

8/20/2008 4:11:30 PM
All the power in the world is in having what someone else wants. Why do people submit, why do others Dominate?
The truth is its all about desire, its always about desire. People submit to me because in one way or another doing so stokes the fires of their desire.
Some subs simply crave pain, the extreme sensation. Others crave the joy of being utterly out of control, and still others are just looking for self destruction or even validation. It doesnt matter in the end why people dance the dances they do. They do not submit because I make them, no one makes anyone do anything. They submit because what I do represents in some way what they want. BDSM really is about mutual needs, but oh it is not fluffy and it is not nice. I simply crave my moment of apothesis, tik I'm a man tok I'm a god. I do so enjoy the tok.

8/20/2008 3:42:50 PM
Cant you hear it?

The sound of drums?

here come the drums, here come the drums....

8/12/2008 4:39:28 PM

How far we have fallen, how much we have lost. Our technology and morality held as sacred, with the blindness equal of any fanatic. We have forgotten what we are, and we use the term as an insult. We are animals, powerful ones for sure, the very apex of predators.

Those urges still pulse and writhe within us, hunt, kill, fuck, protect, feast. They search for release our so called dark emotions, hate, anger, lust all answer the call of our urge. The beast in us all longs to return to the old ways to be free of our petty rules and regulations. By pretending the beast doesn't exist we let it hide within our soul, the great predator turned inwards against ourselves. The predator like any cornered wounded animal seeking to lash out and hurt its oppressor. What should be our ally becomes our enemy. Slowly its festering wounds seep in polluting us, damaging us, warping us. Those things designed to give us strength and power become the tools of our own destruction. Our hate becomes unfocused and directed at things that do not deserve it, our rage spirals out of control and strikes at the things we care about, our fear paralyzes us rather than letting us fight or flee, our lust so hungry and impotent becomes unbound materialism and unnatural desire.

Give in to the animal that screams in your soul. Throw your head back and howl at the moon, revel in the bliss that comes from self acceptance. Fear not the demons in eden for to fear them is to fear ourselves. Worship the beast my friends, but keep the beast on a tight leash lest it devour you.

7/19/2008 11:50:46 AM
Recently people certain people have been annoying me.

I got told the other day that I'm not a proper pagan. You have to laugh at the sheer ignorance of some people. In order to clear it up for anyone that wants to pick an argument with me a pagan is not a weird lets hug a tree hippy who believes in wicca or some other force. Pagan is a catch all term for a follower of a none standard religon.

I have copied and pasted a dictionary definition of the word for anyone who has problems understanding what it means.

Just for the record on the off chance anyone really is interested (I`ll admit the odds aint great) I am an animist, with shamanic tendencies and love of ancient religons. They were so much more fun than this one god nonesense.

1. an offensive term that deliberately insults somebody who does not acknowledge the God of the Bible, Torah, or Koran

2. an offensive term that deliberately insults somebody's nonbelief in religion, way of life, or degree of knowledge

3. polytheist or pantheist: a follower of an ancient polytheistic or pantheistic religion

6/30/2008 3:26:26 PM
Feeling a little poetic right now so I just thought I would post something Lord Byron wrote and that has always had a big emotional effect on me.

By thy cold breast and serpent smile,
By thy unfathom'd gulfs of guile,
By that most seeming virtuous eye,
By thy shut soul's hypocrisy;
 By the perfection of thine art
Which pass'd for human thine own heart;

By thy delight in others' pain,
 And by thy brotherhood of Cain,
I call upon thee! and compel
 Thyself to be thy proper Hell!                                       

Lord Byron, Manfred

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