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Pan Male Submissive, 26,  Dallas, Texas
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I am a avid submissive crossdresser and  I wish to try and be the best girl for and serve a Mistress however she wishes, and with her I can truly be myself. It is my desire to make her happy anways I can especially through my feminization. I am also seeking crossdressers such as myself to talk to and learn how to be a better sissy for my Mistress. I absolutely love pantyhose and will dress however and do whatever my Mistress feels is best to satisfy her and make me a better sissy slave. When home I immediately change and become the sissy girl I wish to be, I dress, act and feel as girly as I possibly can be, I want to to embrace and actively pursue my feminine slutty side, its something needing to get out. My willingness to dress feminine and promise to never use my penis(now referred to as my clit) on a woman again, as well as use my body to sexually satisfy her how she see fits is a symbolism to submit to my Mistress and let her know she is in control on my mind and my body.












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Journal Entries:
9/9/2009 12:44:01 AM
A dream I had, another stage in my transformation. Humiliation, my Mistress will put upon me..........

My Mistress shook the kennel that I was sleeping in. It wasn't cramped but rather large. "Cassia," she said sweetly, "I need you to get ready dear I have a surprise for you. I know its only been a few months now that we've been together and your coming along just fine physically speaking, but I need to get you to let go emotionally to your male attachments. I need you to completely submit to me and understand your true place." Mistress said to me very sweetly but reassuringly. "Do you understand?" she asked. "Yes Mistress I understand, I want nothing more than to be yours," I said. "Ok then, then get out and get showered and dressed I laid out your clothes in the bedroom, now hurry we have a dinner date in an hour." I crawled out of the kennel and hurried to the room. I turned on the shower and removed my black nightie and black thong. I hopped in the shower and lathered my cleanly shaven body (Mistress had demanded I get electrolysis hair removal) with feminine scented bath products. After showering, I sat down and begun to apply my make up, Mistress had liked me to have a "classy slut look" which consisted of dark Mascara and eye shadow with bold red lipstick. After I applied my make up I walked into the bedroom and almost jumped with joy. You see, I love large breasts, which is one reason why I love my Mistress so much as she has such large and beautiful bosoms. However, she likes her subs to have small breasts so whenever I get to wear large big breasts its a reward for me. So after seeing the large E form breast forms laying on the bed I knew tonight was special. Just before I was about the put on the forms Mistress came in and said "Not so fast!" She walked over to me and pushed me on the bed so my back landed first. She pulled out a short rope and began to tie my know small clit down, Mistress never ever allowed me to go out without my clit tied, or atleast yet.... After she was finished tieing me down, she got up and left the room and went to wait in the living room. I got up and began to apply glue to my chest  and pressed the heavy breast forms on. After waiting a few minutes for them to dry, I picked up a very sexy leopard print demi bra. I can't tell you the feeling I felt having these breats hang from my chest it truly made me feel like a woman. I moved my hands over the clothes and found a sexy pair of matching leopard pring full back panties that I slid up over my tied clit and pussy. Now I knew something was going to happen tonight because Mistress always likes me in pantyhose but tonight she had laid out a garter belt and black silk thigh highs. I clipped the garter belt around my thinning waist and attached the high highs oh so gently as to not cause any tear. Next I pulled over the sexiest black dress I had ever seen. The top of the dress was completely sheer so everyone could so my loud leopard print bra. I next buckled up a pair of sexy black patent leather four inch heels. I put on my medium length blonde "slut" wig and was almost done. I next sat back down on the bed and applied the glue for my nails. Mistress liked me to have rather long feminine nails which she had trained me to use in everyday activities. I glued the nails on and applied red nail polish to match my lips. I waited a few minutes for the nails to dry and checked myself over in the mirror. I was ready I walked out to the living room and saw my beautiful Mistress sitting on the couch sipping a glass of wine. She smiled at me and gave a grin. I courtesied for her as I had been trained to do whenever entering a room my Mistress was in. I looked at her sitting there oh so beautiful. She was wearing a tight black pants suit that showed off her gorgeous thighs and behind that I had the pleaure to worship oh so many times. Underneath her form fitting jacked she was wearing an opened collared white shirt that showed her beautiful breasts that I adored so much and even envied at times. "You look good Cassia, very good," my Mistress said. "Thank you Mistress, you look amazing beautiful yourself!" I exclaimed. She motioned to the door and of course I opened for her to lead her to the car. Mistress handed me the keys and I walked to the passanger side to let her in first. I got in the car and asked sheepishly, "Where shall we go Mistress, the movies, to the club?" "Well Cassia, we are going to dinner, lets go to Hannah's." "Yes Mistress of course" I said putting the car in drive and pulling out of the driveway starting our journey for dinner. At this moment I felt no apprehension as we had been to dine at Hannah's, a Crossdresser friendly restaurant, many times. The ride was quiet for about ten minutes before we got there and then Mistress spoke. "Cassia, I don't want you to be worried but this isn't just a casual dinner. This is the next step in your initiation." I looked over at her through my Mascara'd eys and asked, "What step Mistress?" "Humiliation." She kindly responded. I didn't know what to say at the time as my training with my Mistress had covered many areas even humiliation or so I thought. There was silence and Mistress didn't say anything else almost as if she was waiting for my response. The silence began to produce tension for me and I could feel my stomach get tense.  I had to ask, "What do you mean by humiliatoin, Mistress?" "Cassia, you are a good girl. So far you have proven you want to be my slave. But i need to completely break you off all male attachments anything you may still hold true, you need to accept your womanhood and your devotion to me and the lifestyle. I need you to not only dress and act like a sissy slave but I need you to actually think and come to complete terms with who you are. Do you understand?" "Yes Mistress I undersand, but I don't know what dinner has to do with this?" I asked. "Well Cassia, I think it would be cruel to suprise you with this but since were almost there I may as well tell you." She paused. I couldn't take the silence, "Yes Mistress" i asked almost begging. "Well Cassia, when you handed over you possessions to me I took the liberty of researching your past girlfriends in your phone. I found that you had dated Vanessa and Kellie for quite sometime and had feelings for them. So I simply called them up and invited them to dinner to see who you are and what you've become- this way you will no there is no turning back from what you are. You will see that your relationship as a male was insufficient to them and even they agree you are much better as a subservient woman." She stopped talking and looked at me. I starred straight ahead and almost pulled the car over to the side of the road. I kept thinking here I am wearing leopard lingerie dressed as a woman about to meet my ex girlfriends, I truly didn't know what to think, my heart started to race and I could only make out "Mistress, I...I..." "Stop Cassia, just stop and listen. This is part of the training you will see that they accept and will tell you your not a man, your place is as a woman, and in a good way. There is no shame in being who you are. I've talked to them extensively and they all said you smothered them with girly poems and romantic walks and weak pathetic sex, now does that sound like a man to you?" I couldn't say anything so Mistress continued," You see, as of now i'm sure you've thought you could just abandon this lifestyle and go back to another woman, but after tonight you will see even the women that did and still care for you don't think its right, you would only be holding back another woman from a real fullfilling relationship, that is why your going to this dinner." We pulled in the parking lot and parked the car. I started breathing very heavy and froze with my hands on the wheels. Mistress didn't wait for me to open her door and got out and made her way to the driver door and opend it. She grabbed me by the hand almost forcefully and removed me from the seat. She held my hand and we walked into the restaurant. Mistress scanned the tables and saw where Vanessa and Kellie were sitting and pulled me over to the table. Making our way to the table seemed like a slow motion scene from a movie, my knee's got weak and I felt dizzy. We made our way to the table and I still managed to remember to pull out Mistress's chair before she sat down. After Mistress sat down I sat down next to Kellie and across from Vanessa with Mistress at my left. I starred at both woman looking so lovely as ever sipping on margaritas. I didn't know what to say. They just smiled for a minute and then began to laugh. Mistress started laughing too. After the laughter died down Vanessa took a sip from her margarite and said, "Sam, I mean Cassia, you really shouldn't be nervous, this really makes absolute sense." "Yeah," Kellie joined in, " you honestly look great as a woman, I mean much better as a woman than a man." I still didn't say anything and Mistress spoke up, "She's just really nervous is all" and Mistress smiled taking delight in seeing my frozen face. "Ok well if your not going to start I will," Vanessa said. "Sam-I'm sorry Cassia! You know I care about you but this is really the best for you. I mean think about our relationship- we never made love, we always slow and short "love making" as you called it. You never acted as the male, you did all the chores, painted my nails, and emotionally you were very insecure. Which honestly you should of felt. I mean you had a small cock, you would write me very girly poems, something a chick would write, and never were aggressive. I mean lets face it, your a woman, Cassia, I women. And honestly I love it! I mean we had great times together and we can have more as my girlfiend, you know going shopping talking about boys, and sex, and nail polish, it honestly will be great I promise you." I really couldn't believe what I was hearing, I was not prepared for this. "Yeah Cassia," Kellie said with a giggle, "love the name by the way. But I mean come on, Vanessa's right. I mean look at you, your wearing make up that I'm sure you spend like half an hour putting on. And for godsake's I can see your leopard bra showing through your shirt. Does that really sound like a man too you?No, I didn't think so. I mean i'm with Vanessa, A. you were submissive from the start, I told you what to do, which got really boring. B. you were completely awful at sex, I mean i really think the longest you lasted in our year relationship was maybe, maybe ten seconds at most. I mean why else would I have a freakin' closet full of dildo's and you ate me out almost every night. I mean i wasn't going to cheat on you because I cared about you, but come on, I'm a woman I have needs, and far far to aggressive for you and you knew it. I mean I had you loan me money so I could help out my ex boyfriend with his bills, I mean what self respecting man, would do that?" I didn't know what to say, and looked at my Mistress, and she looked back, and just started laughing causing Vanessa and Kellie to laugh as well. "I think she's in shock!" Mistress said laughing. I sat there for a few more minutes which seemed like hours, and finally spoke..."your right..your all right, you are." They all smiled back at me. Vanessa, who at one time was the love of my life looked at me and said,"Cassia, let me ask you this, and be honest, will you be honest?" "Yes," i said confidently almost having something to prove. "Ok Cassia you better be honest, because we know all about you and i'm sure your Mistress will know if your lying. Ok?" "Yes I will be honest," I said. "Do you like dressing in panties and bras?" "Yes," i said, "I love it." "And do you like looking pretty and feminie?" "Yes Vanessa, I truly do." "And Cassia, do you really want to become more of a woman, like have some breasts of your own, and real long hair," she said pouting her lips almost mocking me. "Yes," i said, "i really do." "And let me ask you this, do you love serving a dominant woman, pleasing her and making her happy every which way you can." "Yes," I said looking at my Mistress,"Yes, I love satisfying my Mistress." "hmmm Cassia, and let me ask you this then. Do you physically and emotionally enjoy submitting yourself to another become someone's property and giving your body to them. Do you like having big strong cocks in your mouth and your "now" pussy?" I couldn't believe Mistress I had told them all this, I said in shock," Yes, yes I truly do." Vanessa gave Kellie a sheepish grin, "Then Cassia your really no longer a man you really are a woman, and to be quite honest, every person needs someone and vice versa. You have found the woman who will except you for you and truly appreciete you, you should accept that dear and really enjoy it your going to be so so happy this way." Kellie looked in aggreance,"Cassia she's really right about this, just let it go, I mean look how far you've come, just let it go." I almost had a tear running down my face,"Your right," I said. I glanced over at my Mistress and spoke softly but firmly, "I'm yours Mistress I'm your sissy, I want nothing more than to be devoted you and serve you as a woman." Mistress smiled back," I know Cassia, I know. We just had to get past this hurdle." "Thank you Mistress," I said. "So when do we complete this?" Kellie said. I looked over confused at Mistres. "Cassia the final part of your humiliation will be to have your ex girlfiends take your pussy with a strapon. We of course will record this, this will be humiliting for you. The women you once penetrated will be fucking you, Cassia, now as a woman. Your clit will remained tied and you will only be able to release yourself once the recording of your sex are done. Then, we will tie you down and make you watch your ex's have sex with you and if you can then get your clitty hard you will then be allowed to come. Understand?" I had no choice to accept, my Mistress was my only woman for sure now, there was no going back, and I needed to show her this by doing this....

8/23/2009 8:41:20 PM
I had a dream last night...

I had been living with my Mistress now for a whole year in a small room downstairs in a house we shared. I entered our relationship as a male seeking a female dom to feminize me and in exchange I would serve her as her loyal sissy slut slave. I now was for the most part a feminized sissy girl. My Mistress had spend a lot of time feminizing me, showing me how to dress, walk, talk, and even have sex like a woman. My Mistress even had me living in full time as her sissy slut and working at a make-up counter. I had come to live for all things girly clothes, the persona, and even craving sex in my pussy and enjoying sucking her big beautiful strap on. The only thing that remained of my masculinity was my tiny boy clit that remained locked in chastity and was only allowed out as my Mistress saw fit. Tonight was a special night, it was Halloween, and my Mistress was taking me to our first Halloween party together. My Mistress has always liked me to dress a certain away for her, which i do love so so much, but one night (and she knows this) I had confessed to her that my dream was to be a cute, but slutty teenager cheerleader with big breats. And I know she was out shopping for our costumes and I hoped so so much she would give me the pleasure of being her cheerleader for the night. Mistress explained to me that this costume would be the first of very many to come. Mistress had told me, not asked, that in order to aid in the financing of my transformation she was starting a website featuring me. The website would be a fem dom site where she would take fantasy's from our subscribers and then video tape them and post them on site.... I was sitting in my room reading Cosmo when I heard my Mistress return from being home and yelled for me to come in the living room. I quickly put the magazine down and ran into the living room. "Yes Mistress i'm here!" I looked and saw Mistress standing behind a video camera that was propped up. "Cassia before we go out tonight we need to start work on our website. Now just do as your told and we'll be fine." "Yes Mistress," I said. "Now go stand over infront of the camera," Mistress ordered. I stood infront of the camera waiting for my next order. I did as I was told and walked in front of the camera. "Cassia, strip slowly and open the package at your feet and put everything on while I keep working the camera" I was still in my nightie- thank fully I had done my hair and makeup before Mistress came home. I pulled the black nightie  up over my head exposing my bra and panties and smoothly shaven body. As Mistress had instructed I unhinged my bra from my back and let it fall to the floor leaving my breastforms hanging off my chest. I next slowly and trying to be sexy stuck my rear out and slipped my black panties down my legs and to the floor. I stood there in front of the camera with my arms at my side for a few minutes starring at the camera behind my made up face and long blonde wig. Mistress was behind the camera and put her hand up for me to stop a moment while she moved the camera. I could see she was zooming in on my clit that was safely locked in a chastity device. After a few moments she motioned for me to open the package. I slowly knelt to the floor and opened the box. I almost let out a squel of delight as my heart began to skip a beat when I saw a cute sexy cheerleader out fit complete with a sports bra, bloomers, tights and tennis shoes. I pulled the sports bra over my head and adjusted my forms inside. Next I pulled up the bloomers over my locked clit and pussy.  I noticed there was subtle slit in the back. I laid on the ground and pulled up the tight shiny tights over my toes and up my calves and thighs. Next i put on the cute and very short black skirt and the black top. The team logo on the front read "MsM." Mistress could see that I was dressed so she motioned for me to stop. So i stood and waited while she was working with something behind the camera. After a few moments she walked from behind the camera. She walked over slowly staring at me and had a huge grin on her face as she saw my face when I saw that she was wearing her ten inch strapon. Mistress walked very close to me and whispered in my ear so the camera couldn't hear- "Cassia I know this is your first time being fucked on camera but I want you to make it good, these people are paying to see a sissy like you humiliated so be a good girl and don't cry and just fuck like i've trained." I didn't even get a chance to respond and Mistress pushed me to my knees and I started sucking the strapon. Mistress looked to the camera and said, "Sissy like this wimp know how to suck cock wether its real or not they absolutely crave and they make sure they get it nice and wet before we fuck them in their pussy." I was feeling a little worried but excited at the same time Mistress had never been this rough before but I didn't want to upset her. After a few minutes of sucking the strap on Mistress literally pushed me on my back and yelled at me to get on all fours, now i knew what the slits in the bloomers and tights were for. Mistress grabbed a tube of vaseline and put some on her strap on and in my pussy and grabbed me by the waist and started thrusting. She started off nice and slow and the picked up speed and much harder thrust. "Sissy I want you fuck like a woman!" she yelled at me. I put my face in the carpet and stuck my ass up and began to push my ass back as hard as I could back and forth to meet with her thrusts. Mistress said, "Goooood girl," as she saw my ass slamming back onto her cock. She loved to see my ass slam back hard enough to create a jiggling effect on my ass cheeks. I really started to get into and started saying, "I'm your sissy Mistress, fuck me, fuck me, I'm your woman to serve you!" With that Mistress got extremely excited and pulled out quickly, I didn't dare move. She got up to the camera and moved it closer and zoomed into to my face, the camer now showed just the front of the doggy style position- my face and tights hanging and Mistress pounding from behind. She got back down and began thrusting fast and hard, she wanted it to hurt. I was trying not to make faces for the camera as I knew it was right infront of me but I couldn't help I started moaning louder and louder i even licked and bit my lips at one point, I couldn't help it. After what seemed like an hour Mistress finally pulled out and turned off the camera. She knelt down and gave me a kiss on the cheek. "That was good for a first time Cassia but you'll have to do much better, I still need sometime to think if I'm going to allow you release later, now go clean up we have a party to go to slut."

7/25/2009 11:27:51 AM

I fell asleep last night in my pink panties and bra and woke up to my surprise with my panties full of sissy cum which of course I cleaned up, I know why- I had the most beautiful dream....

The ceremony....
I was now living with my Mistress full time as her sissy slave and full time as a woman, I had my own girly room, decorated just like a sissy would. She came to me and said "Cassia, tonight will be a ceremony, somewhat like a wedding but its for sissies like you." "I don't understand Mistress?" I said confused. "Well Cassia its a ceremony to show your devotion to me, are you willing to do that?" "Oh yes Mistress of course I would want nothing more!" I said happily. "Ok then, lets go!" We drove for an hour to a hotel where we checked in to a hotel room. "Cassia, one of my friends is going to come and get you ready for the ceremony she's one of my domme friends and will prep you and get you ready, of course I mean I can't see my sissy bride before the event now can I?" "No i suppose not," I said sheepishly. With that she gave me a kiss and walked out. It was only a few moments later that I heard a knock at the door and it was my Mistress's friend Andrea, she came in with a suitcase and said, "Ok Cassia your a very lucky slave now tonight is about your complete devotion to your Mistress, and your willingness to completely submit to her for her satisfaction, do you understand?" "Yes Andrea, of course" "Ok then, then you will do excactly as I say then?" "Yes of course Andrea." "Ok then, then lets get you ready!" With that Andrea opened up her suitcase and went to work on me. She stripped me completely and of course inspected my body to make sure I was shaved and giggled a little as she saw my new tattoo- it was a heart on my right cheeck and inside the heart it read "MsM".  She put on a black chastity device on my clit and inserted a black butt plug into my pussy. She then tightly tied a black corset around my waist that had garters for the black stockings that came on next. The corset had an attached bra to it that I put in my new extra large size F breast forms in. We did my hair togehter and she applied very loud red and pink eye mascara and eye shadow making me look extra sluttish. I continued by putting on my six inch black stilleto heels on. "What dress will I be wearing for tonight?" I ask Andrea. She smiled back," your wearing it Cassia, your walking down the aisle with me infront of everyone just like that," I began to blush "but.."I stutterd," Andrea looked back "is there a problem with everyone seeing your tattoo and little clit?" "No ma'am not at all..." "well not that your ready Cassia, lets go, everyone's waiting...."

To be continued...

7/24/2009 10:03:53 PM
Shopping trip:

I felt i needed, well really want to get dressed in order to write this journal. So lubed up plugged and put in my pussy which is getting very loose nowadays, pulled up a pair pink panties and covered my legs in a pair of nude pantyhose. I put on my lacy pink bra with my breastforms in, and beige sundress on. So i write... This evening I had a great conversation with my Mistress. This led into a fantasy we both had mutual feelings for of me being her slutty sexretary and her my boss, so we planned out a shopping trip to come in the next week. It would please me to no end to make my Mistress happy in fulfilling this fantasy of hers and mine and to go shopping with her would truly be a treat and just one more step to my femininity. We decided though to avoid any public disgraces my clit would have to be restrained in some way as the excitement of shopping together and picking out make-up, clothes and lingerie would to no end excite me, and when it comes to those girly things i just can't control myself. On our trip we will get the following:

1. A tight pair of satin thong panties
2. A satin black bra
3. A black garter belt
4. A pair of black thigh highs
5. A tight and fitting short black skirt
6. A tight and form fitting stretch white blouse or turtleneck to enhance my breats
7. A feminine woman's suit jacket to match and complete my sexcretary outfit
8. Clip on nails with a nail polish color being chosen by my Mistress
9. Hopefully as well as some extra long fake eyelashes

I can't wait to be seen in public with My mistress sneaking into the dressing rooms to try on different girly clothes all to satisfy her. After our shopping trip we are to go back and I am to model for her my new outfit, take some slutty pictures for her and then engage in some extra sexy lesbian fun.... mmmm this girl can't wait, this will be just one more step to my embracement of my feminine self. My Mistress has instructed me that upon finishing this entry i fuck my pussy with my dildo and make sure to cum on the dildo and lick all the cum up which i will. More to come, and only seven more days to my next period!


7/12/2009 2:25:23 PM
Ways I feel myself becoming more of a sissy....

1. I always wear panties to work, and when I get home I immediately change into full woman's clothing.

2. I sit down to pee and always refer to my penis as my "clit"

3. I try to have something always in my pussy(behind), I just recently finished wearing tampons for five days ;)

4. I dream of becoming a sissified slut for a woman, and making her proud by taking as much of her strapon as possible or pleasing other men for her.

5. If I pleasure myself I always let my clitty cum drizzle onto a dildo and suck and lick all of it, I am becoming to enjoy the taste of cum.

6. I admire woman's shapes and clothing more and more each day, I don't really ever think of having sex with a woman, just how great it would be to please her and make her proud....

7. I go shopping for my own woman's clothing in public.

8. If I do pleasure myself, I always have a butt plug or dildo in, and will either watch porno involving a woman with a strap on having sex with a man, or it will be a humiliation video of a woman humiliating a man/sissy. I never watch porno involving a woman being penetrated by a virile man.

7/7/2009 5:36:25 PM
I'm very horny now and I can't play with my little clit as I promised Mistress, so I'll write about a fantasy of mine.....

I'm at the mall looking for some heels when my phone rings, its Mistress! I answer the phone "Hello Mistress" I say softly, "Cassia dear I need you home now, I have some guests coming over tonight and I need some one to help entertain ok sweetie," saying more as a statement than a question. "Yes Mistress I'm heading over right now," I say. I hurry to the counter and purchase a black pair of five inch stilleto heels and make way out of the mall and back to my Mistress's home. Once home I rush iinto the shower and make sure I'm nice and shaved everywhere.I get out of the shower and slip into a silk robe and go to work on my make up. Once finished I set into the bedroom and pause. Mistress can't really expect me to wear this can she? "Cassia, hurry up dear, the guests are almost here!", Mistress yells from the other room. I don't know what my Mistress has planned but I dare not question it. I slide my robe off and grab the glue for the new DDD breast forms I just recently purchased and glue them on.I love the wait and the realistic feel of them, they felt so weighted I walked around the room a little bit and felt my breasts sway with each stepped I loved the feeling so much i could see my little clit start to get hard. I know looked over at the bed and stared at my outfit I will be wearing for the guests..... The only way I could describe it would be a playboy bunny costume but more erotic if even possible. I pulled the pair of fishnet stockings that lay on the bed onto my legs and up to my waist, I noticed though that front and back were missing exposing my sissy clitty and sissy cunt. I wasn't worred though because i saw the one piece bunny costume and new it would cover me up. So i grabbed the suit and pulled up all the way to breats and positioned it snuggly against my body. I began to blush as I realized this was no ordinary playboy bunny costume. My little clit was sticking out from a one inch cut hole in the front and i looked down and tailored right above the hole read "Sissy Bunny Clit." I felt a breeze on my behind and ran to the mirror I looked back and the back of the suit had an opening right were my sissy cunt was and above my ass read "Bunny Cunt" in much larger letters than the front. "Cassia! hurry up there here, don't make me come in there!" I panicked and said "One minute Mistress i'm just primping for you!" I felt so embarrassed but I know my mistress can be harsh with her punishments so I overcame my embarrassment and hurried finishing getting dressed. I ran over to the bed the bed and put on a pair of black six inch stilletto heels with an ankle strap. I put on my dirty blonde wig fixed my hair quickly and put on my bunny ears. I ran back over to the mirror to check make-up one last time, and said ok Cassia you can do this. I walked out of the room and facing me on the couch was my mistress sitting in the middle of the sofa, with two middle aged attractive white gentlemen at her side. She said Cassia this is Nick and Steve, they both smiled back at me and held in some laughter."So what can she do," Nick asked aloud. "Well she'll do anything I want her to do," Mistress said. "Watch this," Mistress said getting up she came over to me grabbed me by the hand and told me to kneel infront of the TV set so I did. I was within a foot from Nick and Steve from the sofa, my side was facing them so I hoped they couldn't see the nervousness on my face. Mistress put in a DVD and said to Nick and Steve, "this is only one trick she can do," She sat back down between Nick and Steve and pushed play on the remote. A very hardcore gay porno came on, it was two young fit me sucking each other's cocks and kissing very erotically. "Watch her.." she whispered to the men. "Cassia don't take you eyes of the tv set," she said to me. As I watched i tried to fight my clit from getting hard but i could feel it growing. "See how she likes cock.." Mistress whispered back to the men, look at her clit start to harden. "Cassia, what do you do when you see cock, show them, and don't touch your pathetic clit!" I bent down on all fours and started rocking back and forth in the doggystyle position. "wow what a great ass," Steve said. "do you wanit it?" I heard my Mistress say to Steve, I couldn't see him shaking his head but I knew he did because I heard him step to my behind, he grabbed some lube and squirted it in my pussy, he pushed hard into me and that was the first real cock I had inside me, I still kept rocking feeling the weight of my breats moving with his thrusts. Mistress got and kneeled next to me, "repeat after me"- I love cock, "I love cock" I said, " I wanted to be fucked like a slut," I said, fuck me harder, "fuck me harder" I almost begged. Mistress started laughing and layed down in front of me, Nick came and began to fuck Mistress right infront of me, he was so close I could smell him. I felt Nick's hands clentch up on my hips and held his cock in side me.. he was cumming inside me it felt so warm, but I felt so used but I enjoyed it. Mistress yelled for me not to move- so i didn't. I could hear Steve behind me taking photos of me on all fours with his cum dripping from my pussy, I felt embarassed but sexy at the same time, I felt appreciated that this man would want to fuck me like a real woman, it was a great feeling I can't deny it.  I looked up and saw Steve finally cum inside my Mistress as his buttocks clenched infront of my face. Mistress,"Ok thank you boys you can go now," and just like that they got up got dressed and left very quickly. I was still on all fours starring at my Mistress, "i'm so proud of you little girl, you do very well" she said, "thank you Mistress." She motioned for me to come over to her so crawled closer. She grabbed one of my breasts and began to massage it while she pulled my head in and gave me a deep passionate kiss. "you didn't come did you little girl," she asked coyly. "No  Mistress I did exactly as you asked." I said. "Now Cassia I need you to clean me up before I stand up I don't want that man's cum dripping down my leg," "Yes Mistress," I said. I crawled over to my Mistress's sweet pussy that I've tasted so many times before and began to lick and suck all the cum out of her pussy. I've tasted my own cum before so the taste didn't bother me it was just much thicker than mine. After I cleaned her pussy she said, "don't move your still sticky too." She got up and I thought she was going to wipe my pussy off but instead she brought over a plug and inserted it into my pussy. "I think you need to know the feeling of cum inside you for a little Cassia before we get you all cleaned up." Now cum with me to the bedroom and I'll finally give you your reward.......................

To be continued.

6/28/2009 7:33:01 PM

I was unable to meet with my Mistress today and truly disappointed her. I don't want to disappoint her at all. I came home to day after seeing my family and felt Cassia need some time out. I lubed my Mistress's pussy nice and wet and put on my pink lacy thong. I encased my legs with black pantyhose and put on my bra and breast forms I love so dearly. I got on the bed on all fours and positioned my ass against the headboard. I started to slowly grind my ass on the headboard while sucking my pink dildo, as my eyes closed I pictured my Mistress behind me taking me with her strapon, i then start bucking my behind into the headboard, practicing the motion of being taken like a real woman, as I did this i could feel the plug push deep and deeper inside me. The pain was minimal but did keep my clitty from getting hard, which was good because I did not want to come without my Mistress's permission. I closed my eyes and Imagined my Mistress's hands grippiing my waist and pushing deeper and deeper inside me while sucking on another sissy's clit, the sensation of it all felt amazing to truly submit like a sluttish woman..........


6/25/2009 7:08:45 PM

Well there I was sitting. I was wearing red ruffled panties, black pantyhose, black heels, and a pink bra with ample DD breast forms. I was in a black dress with a blonde wig on, with a butt plug up my Mistress's pussy. I was far from a man and still less of a woman. I had just finished chatting with my beautiful Mistress for over an hour who truly makes me feel like a woman, I've confessed to her my love for girlie clothing, my desire to be taken by a penis, my urge to have cock in my mouth, and for her to use me and make me her woman. I was reminded that my period would start soon (July 1st)and I needed to purchase my tampons. At this point buying tampons was only one step closer to feeling like the woman I want to be for my Mistress and something I crave to do. Still not being able to go out in public as the woman I went to undress but kept on my panties, pantyhose and butt plug in. I had to make a stop at the library and was off. After leaving the library I walked into the walgreens and walked slowly around looking at the make up, deodorants and other feminine care products. Feeling my heart beat a little faster I grabbed the Playtex gentle glide tampon box and walked to the counter. It was a young girl working who gave me a little look but not much. I felt like I could've gone in and bought all the make-up I wanted to everything girlie it truly was amazing, and I know my mistress will be proud of me :) I promised my Mistress I wouldn't play with my clitty without her permission so instead i went home and got dressed back up again and began to practice my cock sucking on a cute pink vibrating dildo I have. I loved the fill of being encased in women's clothing laying on my bed on all fours and having my mouth filled with ass in the air.... It was hard but I kept my Mistress's wish and did not release myself, more to come


6/9/2009 4:54:45 PM
The Beginning:

I'm coming to terms with my true inner feelings. I feel lost with who I am, and my manhood and masculinity. I've been lucky enough to find a beautiful, intelligent, and understanding Mistress to help me express who I am, and in turn I have promised to serve as her sissy slut whatever way she desires. I have promised to be and become the prettiest, sluttiest girl I can be for her. I want to embrace my femininity and be the best girl I can be. Til know, I have only dressed and pretended to be what I really am. Thankfully this weekend I will meet with My Mistress and she will help me to become what I am- a truly submissive slut who wishes to serve a real woman. My Mistress has also given me my girlie name, Cassia, and that I am grateful for oh so much. By her orders i have refrained from playing with my little clit until we meet and as well practicing on stretching out my pussy so she may take, which I pray she does. I confessed to my Mistress my desire to be a woman for her, so  she instructed me that after our meet, I like any other woman will need to wear tampons for my monthly period. This will be my real first taste of femininity and will know one aspect of what it takes to be a real woman, which i can't wiat for ;) I do have a cute pink dildo that I use when my plug is not in, its not that thick but I can't describe the feeling i feel when I use. I love to get all dressed in my girlie clothes, lay on the bed with my legs in the air and slide the dildo in and out of my pussy,  i love to rub my breasts like a real woman, while laying there with my pussy filled, I feel so real, and how I should feel. My mistress has also sought out the help of a more experienced cd who said would assist me in becoming more feminine, which i can't wait, I have so much to look forward too! So many things to wait ahead of me, manicures, pedicures, shopping trips, servicing a strong sensual woman, being treated like the submissive woman I am, so many things..... I want to be the best woman I can for my Mistress, and as by her request I have started this journal to keep a record of my progress, and I know there will be much more, much more to cum ;) 

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