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Looking for kinky playmates in my life and looking for a discreet mistress, master, or dominan
Bisexual Male Submissive, 47,  Underhill, Vermont
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Looking for kinky playmates in my life and looking for a discreet mistress, master, or dominant couple to serve as a submissive locally here in VT. Disease free, tested, and safety with partners taken seriously. I'm in my mid-forties, fit, 5'8", 160's, with a sizeable 7 inches cut.


Okay - here's the fantasy parts: Oral services, sexual slavery, cuckolding, sissification, forced feminization, pee-slavery with a female, and coerced bi-sexuality all wanting to explore in depth with a safe (disease-free) and discreet playmate (or playmates when/if it comes to that). Looking for a dominant to feminize/sissify with emphasis on OTK spankings, crops, crossdressing, pussy eating/cleaning, cocksucking, anal training/fucking, and bondage. 


With a dominant female this would include "forcibly" training this slave to directly consume female piss and serve as her toilet/toilet paper for this activity. This would thus maintain a regular ingestion of naturally expelled female hormones. With any sexual response of this slave noted during these activities, this slave would be displaying both an unspoken submission to and unspoken desire of becoming a "woman" and this of course would be immediately noted for humiliation/entertainment purposes, encouraged, enhanced, and further developed as a mistress saw fit. (Hard limit of fantasy crossdress play only - no desire for a real-life full sexual changeover - just a love of women & pussies too much & hence a fantasy to be/play one/experience sexuality as one). Mistress could conclude sexual responses of this slave's "clitty" during toilet services also displayed this slave's "innate desires" to serve cock.


On the palette for a mistress would be oral services (both ass and pussy), toilet service (pee only), serving as her sexual toy, including creampie eating, cocksucking, eating cum, being her cuckold, cumslut, and sissy-gurl anal fuck-toy for strapons or cocks of her choosing.


For a master or couple all the above would apply except no male to male watersport (hard-limit) and no oral-anal play with a male.


I've always been a switch and accused occasionally of "topping from the bottom" as a submissive. IMOP I just think it's good communication or perhaps in the situation it was not as much as an outgoing/aggressive a dominant as I would have liked. I have past experiences with all aforementioned activities in both private and to some extent at large events. In all seriousness, I'd like to find a playmate (or two if it is) who's enticed by such services in their sexual play for some fun times.


Let's have fun! Please comment, friend, or message as it's also fun to find others with similar interests. I will reply as soon as I can - thanks!

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