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Hetero Male Dominant, 51,  Florida
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Could it Be Real? CIBReal. First we would have to get everything out in the open. So here goes. I like fetish wear. To say that is not to really cover everything or to even say it correctly. ? I like fetish wear on you. Some fetish wear would not be on the list. However others would top the list if more than one could be on the very top. "Stockings", wow, You should have guessed that one. So, here comes the one right after that, "Heels" Yep you thought so. So, what is next? "Pantyhose" in all colors/tights. Now lets change it here a bit although basically the same. "Leotards and Tights." "Ballet flats" and of course the "Ballet Heels". So what would be next? I say lets choose "Corsets" tightly laced. There are so many more. That I will add. You of course get the idea. The clothes are the trigger. They transform us into that place/mindset/world in which causes us to be here in a group like this in the first place. ? I'm a Dominant you bet all the time. Can I switch, yes I can. Does that seem right/correct for a Dominant? Yes if I want to be. The same can apply to everyone. ? Now you see. It is easier to be truthful than to put up walls and be someone we are not. ? My question is? Do I have to look for cross dressing males to get what I want. What has happened to the women/females in the world? Why do you hate stockings/heels and nice sexy lacey clothes caressing your body? ? Why are you here? What are you seeking looking for?








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11/9/2010 9:32:40 AM
I received a message from a woman who said,"The clothes you mentioned in your profile are not fetish wear.They are items women should be wearing all the time. Not just for the bedroom." I could not agree more.However it is clear that we must feminize the natural born female. They appear to have forgotten how to dress.

10/29/2010 9:20:02 AM

Speak,Speak. Can't anyone write these days.I would think with the internet more people would be.WRITING. I still get messages that say, "Hello"Or, "Hello How Are You" nothing more. Why?

You can't think of anything to say.You did in your profile the one you typed yourself or did you have someone else do it for you. OR worse!!! You copied and pasted from another profile.

OH,OH,yes, I forgot some of you don't have anything in your profile.You just use the check boxes in the interest section. LAZY!!! If you are to LAZY to write something in your profile then I would think you are way to LAZY to be a slave.

By The Way, I do not look at the interest list in profiles.Most of the dominants I've talked to here on CM don't look at them either.

10/28/2010 4:31:57 PM

I know it is just down right crap.

No photos in the profile. Go ahead cry me a handful.

You think I have something to hide yes my face.

A couple of weeks ago  I signed a new contract at work.

In it was something new. Several pages stating that our image shall not appear on any site that the company deems inappropriate for its and its employees image.

Now after I signed that which I did not want to sign and I think it is very damn wrong. I did sign it because the new package was good and I wanted to keep the job.

So until I can have a sit down with a legal type.

I will N.O.T. Post photos here. have I made myself clear. 


If you want to moan/bitch about it. then go ahead speak,shout,go for it.

I may read them I may not.

 I might delete them.


10/28/2010 4:20:14 PM

The response has been better than I thought.

Not to be rude. Which I can be...I know how many  time wasters there are on collar me, telling me about it line,after,line,after line unless we have had least said hello seems rude with in itself.


So at least say hello first.

We could waste all night talking about the time wasters and if we do  they will still be wasting our time,because we are talking about them.


SO    DON"T.

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